Sanctified in the Word

The Word will release me or place me in bondage. It will set me free or bring contention into my moral conscience, as it is exhilarated with pressure. Faith gives me liberation as it is mixed with the Word, but without faith, the Word convicts my moral conscience without any release of the life of the Word. It pounds me with guilt, exercising righteousness without the experience of imparted righteousness which gives me the complementing provision. The Word either blesses and edifies or becomes a bone of contention, because it is always faithful to reveal the truth. It consumes sin or it convicts of sin. How I treat the Word of God reveals how the Word of God will treat my moral conscience (John 1:9).

The moral conscience has nothing to do with salvation. It can ultimately lead me to the Creator if it is not seared, but it is not a substitute for redemption. It can lead you to the truth, but in itself it has no saving quality. It is only through the Word of God that we are redeemed and our spirit is released in Life instead of held in bondage to our soul in the desires of self. It is so important to be quickened with the Word daily, that your soul and spirit might function in God’s order. We eat manna daily and fellowship with God continually, so that the Word can discern our thoughts, reveal life or death, and separate the soul from the spirit so that we do not have to live in our flesh. The Word fills our minds with His thoughts that are forever settled.

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