Is Satan Educating Your Child?

The first people to be educated in human history were Adam and Eve. They were created in God’s image which means they had minds to know God, emotions to love God, and wills to choose God’s thoughts and ways. God gave Adam very clear teaching about his responsibilities in the Garden of Eden and gave him a wife so he wouldn’t be alone.

Satan came to Eve and taught her that she should not take God at His word and that disobeying God’s word would be good for her. Through subtle lies, he deceived her into believing him and partaking of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam also ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and his and Eve’s eyes were opened and they knew they were naked. They experienced spiritual death and felt guilt, shame, and fear. Sin came into the world through Satan’s re-education of Adam and Eve.

Doctrines of devils

The Devil has been an educator since before time began. As Lucifer the covering cherub, iniquity was found in his heart, and he used his words to persuade a third of the angels to rebel against God. The angels who fell with Lucifer were re-educated through lies and accusations to believe that serving him as their god was better than believing and serving the One True God.

There is nothing Satan would like more than to be your child’s covering and teacher. Click To Tweet

There is nothing Satan would like more than to be your child’s covering and teacher. He would like to teach your child the doctrines of devils through his seducing spirits and cause them to depart from the faith. This is why Christian education is so important. Christian education is a covering for the souls our children, and parents and guardians must intentionally cover their children with Truth.

Covering children intentionally

If we are not intentionally covering children with Truth through Christian education, which begins in our homes, by default we are leaving young hearts and souls exposed to the lies taught by the Devil, his world system, and their own fleshly natures.

Let’s on purpose, teach our children the Truth about God’s character and nature through our words and the testimony of our lives. Let’s on purpose teach them the Truth about who they are and their eternal purpose for living.

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