Scheduled by Love

Does your schedule regulate your expression of love? Are you too hurried to stop and care for the needs of others? Do you count the opportunity of ministering to the least of the brethren as an opportunity to minister to Christ Himself (Matthew 25:40)? To please God is to exercise a faith that works by love.

Many are so caught up in their own religious exercises that they are void of the substance of God's love. Their priority is fulfilling a duty for God instead of being directed by God to bring fulfillment to others as an ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). The Levites exalt the Law. This law reveals the character of Christ yet has no compassion with which to redeem them. The Levite looks at the need, but judges it by the same law he fails to live by and passes by on the other side of grace.

The Samaritan came to the dying man and expressed love. His heart was filled with compassion. He was neither hurried nor slothful. His schedule was constrained by love. When he arrived on the scene, love took a risk because love works by faith.

We don't encounter people in need by chance; rather, we come to where they are in the purpose of God. Instead of being hesitant and delaying God's plan, love takes a risk in the boldness of faith and reaches down to give to the half-dead the wholeness of life.

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