Secure Your Anchor

Hope becomes an anchor for the soul in the storms of life (2). It involves the certainty of prospective and glorious realities that are insured absolutely by the retrospective reality of Christ’s finished work and accomplished redemption! Hope is based on the immutability of God — His inability to change (3); (4); (5) and on two immutable things (6). The first one is, God has promised, and the second, He has sworn an oath that He will save us to the uttermost (7); (8).

This hope is based on Christ’s entry into heaven as our forerunner. Thus, it is located not in men nor in our own abilities, but it has entered to that which is within the veil of the heavenly holy of holies, where Christ Himself is appearing for us (9). He is a living guarantee of our certain entry and final glorification. It is no wonder that hope is called “strong consolation,” referring to that which does not succumb to resistance and buckle under pressure.

Hope is essential to our lives. It is a fortress against fainting, cowardice, withdrawal, and fear. We need only look to the word of God that stands forever (10) and see that a life built on it will stand the test of time.

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