Seeing God in My Darkness

I have gotten to know God more in darkness than I ever did in the light. I have gotten to know God more on my knees, weeping and very near to despair- living in the paradox of faith but trusting God, not situations. Then, as I have trusted Him, God has imparted His character through His promises.

God has never let a person down. Jesus Christ will never leave us nor forsake us-not one single time. Not only is God waiting in thick darkness, but also He is waiting to enlighten our darkness. He is waiting to help us walk through it. He is waiting to teach us to go from faith to faith into a new stage of supernatural trust, a new stage of reliance. He is waiting for us to enter a new stage where we are divorced from the things that are by sight, and we enter into intimacy with the things that are strictly from God. We must not forget this, because every single one of us will face the most unusual adversity.

God is in the darkness. Don’t withdraw into your flesh. Don’t withdraw into despair. Don’t eat the fruit of lies, and don’t feed on ashes. That is not God’s will, it is not God’s life, and it is not God’s light.

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