Seeing Others in Christ

In John 21, Peter is asked by Jesus, “Do you love me more than all the things of the world?” Peter replied with emotional affection. Peter could only love the Lord with conditional love, which produces a conditional commitment and faith. The life of Jesus exemplified an unconditional commitment – He always gave of Himself – no strings attached. This kind of love takes care of all of the roots of yesterday. Behind the shame, failure, reason and cowardice of Peter, Jesus knew the disciple loved Him. So our Lord taught Peter a lesson about the type of love that the Father had – the type that never stops giving. He told Peter to feed His sheep.

It is sad that many treat others as things. They love money, jobs, and possessions more than people. Because people have been treated like things, they are lonely. They have never experienced a relationship with another based on unconditional love.

How many times do we love and encourage people around us? We are to overlook the old things and see people as they are in Christ. “Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh” (II Corinthians 5:16a). If we realize that all were in God’s mind before He laid the foundation of the world (2), we will understand the great worth of each person.

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