Seeing the Risen Savior

The foundational truth of the Christian faith is that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world (2). He shed His blood for mankind (3), and imputes His own righteousness to all who believe (4). It is this truth that saves people from everlasting punishment and makes them heirs of salvation – life eternal with Christ Jesus. But there comes a time after a person has trusted Christ as his Savior, that he must make a choice to go beyond just a nominal Christian life.

Mary Magdalene looked at the cross and said, “He’s my Savior.” But soon afterwards she went to the empty tomb; she saw the resurrection life of Jesus Christ (Luke 24). And one day, Peter, as frail as he was, said, “I will follow you wheresoever you go” (John 13:36-37). Jesus said, “You will not follow me now, but afterward you will.” Thomas knew Jesus as the Savior, but it was not until he saw the resurrected Christ that he could proclaim, “My Lord and my God” (John 20:28). It was then that Jesus became his personal deliverer and his personal healer.

First, we must trust Christ as our Savior for eternal life; then, we have the opportunity to experience His resurrection life if we make Him to be our Lord.

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