Seek for Wisdom

There is one thing that I am seeking as I am growing older, and that is wisdom. All of us need it. The one thing that is so crucial in knowing God is wisdom. I can’t begin to tell you about how many men I have met who are very gifted. They are very bright and very smart-people love to hear them talk, and love their sharpness, but their wisdom is lagging way behind their gift.

As a young pastor, I learned the value of prayer in asking for wisdom. I would go to God and pray every day. I said, “Whatever You give me, I will preach. I study hard; I am obedient to your mandates; but I don’t have wisdom. Please give me wisdom.”

Please remember this: Knowledge is subordinate to wisdom because wisdom is the living Word, Jesus Christ, manifested by the written Word of God with the Holy Spirit applying the knowledge of the letter. Knowledge must submit to wisdom. When this is understood, then wisdom shall be the stability of our times, bringing a godly fear or reverence for the Lord.

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