Seek the Lost

The Bible says that believers who witness, minister, and preach the Gospel introduce people to the prospect of an eternal destiny with God. The seriousness and the reality of hell should motivate us to live a serious Christian life. Daily devotions should be a practice in the home. Prayer and evangelism should be priorities in our schedules. We should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We need to be bearers of the Good News. Knowing what we have been saved from should cause us to be occupied much more with Jesus Christ.

For this reason, so many Christians are dedicated to serve God. Many are willing to give their time and to go out seeking the lost, not counting the cost but esteeming the value of a soul. This is why Christians need to be more than Sunday morning Christians. We need to take our walk with God very seriously, allowing it to affect every area of our lives.

Jesus Christ cannot lie. Hell is real. I thank God for those who are saved. May God bless you and motivate you in your call. Don't be condemned by these words. Receive them. Be thankful that you know the truth about hell, and let this truth transform your life.

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