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Have Room for Jesus

Many do not see Christ as He is. His humility stuns the fleshly mind. There’s no place for Jesus in such hearts. He reached to us though He made all things and is in all things. (Colossians 1:15-20; Luke 2:7; Matthew 23) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon # 12635 Time: Sun 9:00 AM

From God, Through God, To God

Christ is the Lord, the Son is One with the Father. Not everyone sees this reality. The fleshly mind and heart refuse Him. Jesus made God visible and He peace and reconciled us to Him. He fought a real war amid a brood of vipers. (Colossians 1:15-20; Isaiah 9:6) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon # 12636 […]

The Signs of the Son

The sign most spoken against is the Cross. Christ was born for that sign. The sword of His true life revealed the thoughts of many hearts. Another sign was the calming of the wind and waves. What did the disciples witness? How did they think? He raised dead ones. He healed in the midst of […]

Zoom Out and See the Glory

Creation came according to the pleasure of God. Zoom out and see all that’s going on. Can we see God in it all? His ways are perfect. The Son came in flesh. God, angels, saved men, demons, and unsaved men are part of life. His incarnation was manifested to give weight to His work among […]