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Jesus wanted people to get involved with what’s on the Father’s heart. Manage your means to be in the work of the harvest. The Great Commission is part of the sanctification process. (Luke 10:1-2, 16-24) Speaker(s): Gary Groenewold, Thomas Schaller, Arto Nousianen Sermon 12403 6:30 PM on 11/6/2022   P. Gary Groenewold – Good evening. […]

Get Back to True Value

Jesus entered into confrontation with the devil in the wilderness. Satan resisted all Satan offered. The Savior saw the value of us beyond the bread, the fame, and the kingdoms presented. He lived in worship and service and put the devil behind Him. (1 Peter 5:10; Matthew 4:1-10) Speaker(s): Peter Westera, Riisto Krama, Thomas Schaller […]