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The Cross, the Old Path, the Good Way

Walking with God means the way of the Cross. Jesus wants us to learn the Cross and bring all things there. Paul kept pressing on after Jesus. He always moved with God. Keep yourself in the way. (Jeremiah 6:16; 1 Corinthians 1:18-21; Philippians 3:10-13) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon 12400 6:30 PM on 11/2/2022   P. […]

Get Back to True Value

Jesus entered into confrontation with the devil in the wilderness. Satan resisted all Satan offered. The Savior saw the value of us beyond the bread, the fame, and the kingdoms presented. He lived in worship and service and put the devil behind Him. (1 Peter 5:10; Matthew 4:1-10) Speaker(s): Peter Westera, Riisto Krama, Thomas Schaller […]

God Puts Your Enemy in Your Hand

Faith must be in the most important Person imaginable — Jesus. David carried the head of Goliath, the giant he slew. Jesus carried victory death in His resurrection life. David lived with an inner life of conviction rather than in ego as King Saul did. (1 Samuel 7:57-8:9) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Cedric Tanksley Sermon 12386 […]