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Clarity, the Word and Worship

Religion saves none. We all need the Savior. Jesus makes this clear. He declares that He came from the Father above. By His Word, the Son makes us free. We are in Him and shall not die in our sins as the lost do. (John 7:52; John 8:23-59) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon 12700 Date: 2024-04-14 […]

The Victory of Easter

Darkness came. The earth shook. The veil was torn. Graves were opened. He came alive. Live in the objective reality of the empty tomb. (Mark 15:38; Matthew 27:51-52) Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Steven Scibelli Sermon 12691 Date: 2024-03-31 Time: Sun 9:00am

Free to Fail and See Him

Judas seemed like a guy who had it together. He had skills and connections. Peter blundered again and again. Women were much perplexed, but the tomb was open. Jesus drew near to two discouraged followers. He met them and revealed Himself. (Luke 22:3; Luke 24: Matthew 27:3) Speaker: Thomas Schaller, John Love Sermon 12690 Date: […]