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The Cross, the Old Path, the Good Way

Walking with God means the way of the Cross. Jesus wants us to learn the Cross and bring all things there. Paul kept pressing on after Jesus. He always moved with God. Keep yourself in the way. (Jeremiah 6:16; 1 Corinthians 1:18-21; Philippians 3:10-13) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon 12400 6:30 PM on 11/2/2022   P. […]

Divine Economics and Real Faith

The sacrifices we make reaps rewards that form a ministry. Lose your life so the life of God can flow out through you. Let God be big in you. This like precious faith brings real unity. Don’t be captivated by illegitimate faith that is fake. (2 Peter 1:1-11) Speaker(s): Gary Groenewold Sermon 12353 9:00 AM […]

What we believe about God is what will guide our behavior. There seems to be much chaos in our world today. Our best-laid plans get disturbed. Storms blow through our days. God, however, remains on His throne. Rejoice. Let joy be cultivated in you as the fruit of the Spirit. (Philippians 4:4-7) Speaker(s): Peter Westera, […]