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Submission, Thankfulness, Peace

Vision and submission are what makes our lives effective for Christ. Sense of faith can move us. As believers, we care for each other and our hearts cleave together to live under the authority of God. We can live as a team in purpose. (Acts 11:23: Ephesians 5:21; Psalm 133:3; Matthew 18:20) Speaker: Thomas Schaller […]

Visitation: This is Our Day

Reality hits in the timing of the Lord. God shows up as Jesus did in Jerusalem. He visits in care and also in judgment. May we see Him. He is here to bring His victory. Our time is now to tell of Him. (Jeremiah 10:15; Luke 19:41-44; Ruth 1:6; Exodus 4:31) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon […]

God honors His righteousness, even the righteousness He has given to people as He gave it to Moses. The Lord has rigidity and merciful flexibility. He hears prayers and relents. He builds relationships and extends new mercies. (Numbers 23:19-20; Exodus 32:9-14; Amos 7:1-7; Isaiah 38:1-3; Mark 7:26-28) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon: 12589 11:00 AM on […]