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Our Prayers Rise to Him

Don’t measure life by circumstances. Learn to look to Him who is unseen. Our prayers go before the Lord as incense. Prayers are heard. God answers and things get down that we could never do. Sometimes the answers don’t come. Continue in prayer. Let Him get ahold of your heart. (Jeremiah 33:3; Revelation 8:3; Acts […]

How Powerful Christ Is

Christ the Son came into our world, in our likeness as a man to serve as a slave and to die the death of the Cross. He conquered death and hell. He came to overcome hatred so we may live in love for neighbors and enemies even. (1 Timothy 6;4-5; Philippians 2:6-9; Revelation 5:1-8) Speaker: […]

Prayer — Effectual, Fervent, Healing

A faith-filled heart can pray and see things change. Abraham, Elijah, David, Hannah and others knew the power of prayer. Are you in unbelief? Ask Jesus to help you with that. World needs to know that we are alive in faith . (James 5:13-16) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon: 12615 7:00 PM on 11/12/2023 P. Schaller […]

Prayer in Fellowship with the Spirit

Relationship and love form the pattern of prayer. Tell God you need love. Confess your problems in the flesh. Your true need is God. Forgiveness is the key to seeing answers in prayer. Forgive and reconcile and do not regard iniquity and be heard. (Matthew 6:5-6; James 4:1-4; Mark 11:24-26) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon: 12613 […]