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Rest at the Goodness and Mercy Table

The things we carry — even subconsciously — weigh us down. God calls us to His rest. A seat at His table is ours by grace through faith. Even in faithlessness, the faithful One sends goodness and mercy after us. This is true for any day that we might encounter. (Matthew 11:28; Psalm 23:6) Speaker: […]

Watching Over Our Hearts

Do we know our hearts? We do not realize what we could do. Opportunity presents itself and we must know how to say, “No.” Let us beware of hypocrisy and human reason and conceit and lazy ways. (Proverbs 26:12, 16; Jeremiah 17:5-9) Speaker: Justin Schaller, Barry Quirk Date: 2023-11-26 Time: Sun 6:30 PM

Rooted in Gratitude

Paul’s conversion meant a lot to him. He repeated this story. He established faith roots and spent time with God in quietness in Arabia and a season with Peter. This readied him for the mission he entered into. He was a grateful man who lived by the Spirit. The roots in life keep him steady. […]