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Renewed and Kept in Enduring Faith

The stories of everyone listed in Hebrews 11 was personal and specific. Moses, in particular, decided to follow the way of God rather than enjoy the way of Egypt and power and privilege and pleasure and sin. He chose Christ and endured. Hebrews 11 Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon: 12601 11:00 AM on 10/22/2023 P. Schaller […]

God honors His righteousness, even the righteousness He has given to people as He gave it to Moses. The Lord has rigidity and merciful flexibility. He hears prayers and relents. He builds relationships and extends new mercies. (Numbers 23:19-20; Exodus 32:9-14; Amos 7:1-7; Isaiah 38:1-3; Mark 7:26-28) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Sermon: 12589 11:00 AM on […]

Our More Sure Word

Words in the heart shall be fitted in the mouth. Lies and fables are everywhere. Be stirred in the remembrance of what’s been made known in the power and glory of the Son. Let the Holy Spirit move us in the objective messages that came by holy men. Avoid private interpretation and proof texting. (2 […]