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Rooted in Gratitude

Paul’s conversion meant a lot to him. He repeated this story. He established faith roots and spent time with God in quietness in Arabia and a season with Peter. This readied him for the mission he entered into. He was a grateful man who lived by the Spirit. The roots in life keep him steady. […]

Light and Life in Right Worship

We come to church to hear what’s needful. This good part shall not be taken away. Jesus emptied Temple of the distractions. Worship allows the Lord His place of authority in us. We can avoid the venom of the world in sensuality and see the Light of life. Matthew 21:12-14; Ephesians 5:14-16; Luke 10:38-42; 1 […]

The Word and Worship

Worship is about entering the courts of the Lord with praise and thanks. We follow after Him who worthy of praise and honor. All might and dominion is His. (Psalm 63; Psalm 100:1-4) Speaker: Mark Miniciello, Thomas Schaller Sermon: 12574 6:30 PM on 09/3/2023   P. Schaller – We have a special service tonight, a […]