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Small Things Do Count with Jesus

Mustard seed and leaven are such small things. Jesus uses these to illustrate how faith makes a difference. Slings and sticks and string and needles, loaves, fishes — small stuff made great by God serves Him and reveals His power. (Matthew 13:31-34) Speaker: John Love Sermon 12545 11:00 AM on 07/16/2023 P. Love – You […]

God’s process of Promoting

Speaker(s): John Love Sermon 12477 11:00 AM on 3/19/2023 P. Love – Good morning. As I look out over this crowd, I cannot help but think how God has translated us all from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son. Isn’t that amazing? It’s incredible. It’s incredible. And on top of […]

God’s Piece of Work

The Lord made us to glorify Him. We are saved for the purpose of God’s service. He never wastes any seasons of our lives. It took us 40 years of preparation to get Moses out of Moses. Have a vision—a mental outlook toward a desirable future. Mark 10:42-45 Speaker(s): John Love Sermon 12404 7:00 PM […]