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A Gospel Manner of Life

God has called us into a citizenship of a higher city, a polis to cite the Greek. Our values and culture are derived from above. We have a status and identity in Christ. Let us act accordingly. (Philippians 1:21-27; 2:10-11; 3:20; Acts 16:9-13) Speaker: Justin Schaller Sermon # 12626 Date: 2023-12-02 Time: Sun 6:30 PM […]

Minded and Marked to Serve

Love slave to the Master is what Jesus came to be. He was pierced to be devoted to His Father’s will. We should have our minds conformed to His mind. This mind is not blown about and tricked by sleights and craftiness. (Philippians 2:5; Exodus 21:2, 5-6; Psalm 40:6; John 20:20) Speaker: Justin Schaller, Thomas […]