NEW Convention 2020 Date - Aug 4-8

Born Again Out of the Tomb of Sin

Easter on our parking lot. Our sins were packed upon the Body of Christ. He died and our sins went on Him. He was put in a tomb, one that was known, a wealthy man’s place. Joseph of Arimithea, a quiet believer. But when He came out of the gave, we were put into Him. […]

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Born Again for These Days

There are powers in this world. They promote shameless evil. But God has made us a great force of righteousness and truth. We speak the redeeming power to this world. (John 14:22-31) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller Sermon # 11560 7:30 PM on 10/17/2018   P. Schaller Jn 3. Good evening. Praise God! We go to […]

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