NEW Convention 2020 Date - Aug 4-8

Follow the Perfect Plan

Speaker(s): Pastor Bob Colban Sermon # 11712 7:00 PM on 7/10/2019       P. Bob Colban Good evening. This is the message. Notice I’m not clapping! Okay. Wow. It’s like all day long you think about this moment with great dread, kind of, knowing it’s going to come. Okay in three hours I’ll be […]

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Words with the Fragrance of Peace

World is full of words. Wicked people have strength. They are energized. We are hidden from the strife of tongues. Be still in your trials. Let God manifest the savor of His life in us. Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller Sermon # 11199 7:30 PM on 1/25/2017

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