NEW Convention 2020 Date - Aug 4-8

We are All X Men

C.S. Lewis wrote of the X people in our lives — the lame, halt, dysfunctional ones who bother us and get under our skin. But God has made a great feast for just these ones. He asks us to compel them to come to His table for we are all X’s, people who need the […]

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Salute the Feeble and the Faint

Feeble members are so important. It’s fun to honor and love each other. No schism is in the Body. Body has been framed together. Body sees unity. Care is there, one for another. If we get Christ right in our heart, all else doesn’t matter. 1 Corinthians 12:22-26; 1 Samuel 30:8-22 Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller […]

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Made Strong

The Lord lights our candle, makes us leap over walls and run through a troop. He strengthens us. When we are weak, He remains with us and makes us triumph. (Psalm 18:28-44; Judges 16:18-22) Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller Sermon # 11355 7:30 PM on 10/25/2017     P. Schaller (Ps. 18) Powerful verses we will […]

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