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Unwrap the Gift – Scapegoat

On the Day of Atonement, the priests of Israel slaughtered one goat, shedding its blood for the forgiveness of sins. The second goat had hands laid upon it and then it was sent away to the wilderness, never to return. Our sins are gone. They were conferred upon the Scapegoat, Christ. They aren’t coming back. […]

Unwrap the Gift – Incarnation

There is a great mystery about the coming of Christ. God sent angels to tell the shepherds about the Son who came to save the world. The shepherds went to see Him and spent the rest of their lives pondering and rejoicing over what God had revealed. (Luke 2:8-21) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon # 10555 […]

Unwrap the Gift – Lamb

Introduction by Pastor Scibelli – Message: What Christ does is quiet and powerful. He is the Lamb, still, consistent, gentle, pursuing. He gave Himself to take away the sins of the world. Even in triumph, the Lamb reigns in humility and honor. (Gen. 22:8; Luke 23:39-43; Rev. 22:3) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon # 10553 12/18/2013 […]

Unwrap the Gift – High Priest

Christmas is about Christ reaching into us and also reaching into the Father. He stands for us. He made us holy. He cleansed our conscience. He now communes with us. The Baby born is the ultimate answer to our deepest need. (Heb. 2:16-17; Heb. 9:24-28) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon # 10551 12/15/2013 (right click -save, […]