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Psalm 73 Treasures in Heaven

Psalm 73 High praise comes from high thinking. People like the thought, God loves them. Christians are often highjacked by there emotions. When they are feeling good there walk with God is good. Envy is evidence of insecurity. Dont compare yourself with other people. Our treasure is in heaven. Col. 3:10 God is the strengh […]

Fellowship Part 2

If something is a gift then you dont pay for it before or after you get it. We are now living in a gift. Rom. 5:2 The result of the gift God gave us is fellowship with Him. Our heavenly Father has made it possible to fellowship with the grace of God. 1Cor 1:9 Speaker(s): […]

Pro 11:5, Heb 2:17, 2Cor 5:21, Holy Spirit, Wicked shall fall by their own wickedness, David, Bathsheba, Ex 15:26, Righteousness through Romans, Breastplate, Integrity, God&s eyes are everywhere, Prov 12:17, Offended?!, Meditation Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Carl H. Stevens Sermon # 8873 11/27/2005 (right click -save, to download)