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Love, Forgiveness, Recovery

Peter denied the Lord. Still, Jesus found him and forgave him and brought him back to his purpose. Christ will never stop coming after us. Learn the big thing called love. Have you fallen? Get back up like a just man loved by God. (John 21; Proverbs 24:16) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon 12459 7:00 PM […]

Win the Big Game with Love

King Ahab got a word of truth because someone loved him enough to say it. Was he open and vulnerable to hear? He was not. He could not love or be loved. To love is to surrender self and envy and to be free to give and suffer with others and for others. This is […]

The Arm of Love, Reality and Salvation

Jesus brought love into a messy world. He dived into where we are. He stuck His arm out to bring salvation. Hear Him and be drawn to the One who took the hit of wrath on the Cross. All life is evidence of love. Pain, fear, vulnerability are part of the picture. Enemies darken things, […]

Hear Gladly the Song of Love

God’s love – His Agape – is what carries us with something beyond us. Common ones hear Jesus. The love from Him meets our mess. Love thinks and suffers. Love stands before its dark enemies such as envy. Love is the operation of wisdom in our world. (Mark 12; Psalm 23) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon […]

Alive with Zoe Life

How much do we pay attention to our inner life? Weariness hits and we fall to tiredness. We can be paralyzed spiritually. God fuels us in well doing and we do not faint for He upholds us. It is the essence of ZOE life. (Galatians 6:8-9; Hebrews 12:12; Psalm 84:5-7) Speaker(s): Dennis White, Brent Hillenga […]