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Love Makes New

Love by the Spirit brings a renewed mind and heart. Joy and peace can fill us. We can show long suffering and gentleness to our neighbors and enemies. We can also take the smiting of Truth. (Galatians 5:17-23; Romans 12:2-3) Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Steven Scibelli Sermon # 12659 Time: Sun 9:00 am

How Powerful Christ Is

Christ the Son came into our world, in our likeness as a man to serve as a slave and to die the death of the Cross. He conquered death and hell. He came to overcome hatred so we may live in love for neighbors and enemies even. (1 Timothy 6;4-5; Philippians 2:6-9; Revelation 5:1-8) Speaker: […]

Come See the Man

A woman got the message of deliverance and told everyone about it. Jesus went to a woman in Samaria. It was odd for Him to be with her. But He had a message of salvation for her. He told her of the living water and she received this. He was bold to point out her […]