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Let Us Work Together in Christ

We are together in work of God. Tearing down is easy. People need much encouragement. This is how God builds His House. Let us draw near, let us hold fast, let us consider for we have a High Priest. (2 Corinthians 6:1; Proverbs 14:1; Ephesians 3:8; Hebrews 10:21-24) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon 12424 7:00 PM […]

The Love Code of the Bible

Are you sure of your faith? Paul, Peter and the other early leaders preached Christ crucified and resurrected. We live in the revealed mystery world of the Gospel. (Acts 13:1-3, 26-50). Speaker(s): Kim Shibley, Barry Quirk Sermon 12423 6:30 PM on 12/11/2022 P. Shibley – You are such a friendly crowd. Nothing like the people […]