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Grace, Truth, Reality

Jesus showed truth in the activity of grace. Justice happened as God the Son paid the price due for sin. The wrath fell upon Him. Now He writes His Word on our hearts. (1 Peter 1:18; Hebrews 9:12; John 1:17; Jeremiah 31:3; Hebrews 9:12-14; 10:16) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Date: 2024-07-21 Sermon #12755 Time: Sun 11:00am

Freely Given Grace and Truth

Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. Sin required payment and God made that payment. Therefore, we have been freely given all things that pertain to godliness. And we speak comfort as His Voice in our wilderness. (Romans 8:29-32; John 1:14, 17; Isaiah 40:1-3) Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Peter Westera Date: 2024-07-21 Sermon #12754 Time: Sun […]

A Disaster Psalm of Joy

The troubles in life are not greater than God. These trials we face, can we see them in joy? We can if we will learn patience and wisdom and confession even. We love and serve the nature of God. (Psalm 38; James 1:2-5) Speaker: Thomas Schaller Date: 2024-07-17 Sermon #12753 Time: Wed 7:30pm

Paul wrote to Philippians about how to have stability and standing firm. Through unity in the Body and rejoicing always and prayer and thanksgiving are steadied and anxious for nothing. (Philippians 4:1-7) Speaker: Justin Schaller Date: 2024-07-14 Sermon #12752 Time: Sun 6:30pm