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Our Burden of Prayer and Fasting

Are you serious about your heart being changed? Are your serious about God bringing changes in our cities and nation? God asks us to stand in the gap and carry the things that are on His heart. Only the Spirit can give us the sense of God’s heart. (Nehemiah 1:4; Acts 6:4; Matthew 17:21) Speaker(s): […]

Your Life is a Mission of Faith

Video Clip by Pastor Stevens – Message: Noah saw a lost world and interceded. Even though our world is in such darkness, we go forward with the Lord. God’s love for the lost should fill us and move us to tell the Truth. He does not expect much of us. Go out into the highways […]

Introduction by Pastor Garry Groenewold – Message: Many just hold on to excess baggage. People are trapped in a mansion of guilt. We need a revelation of Christ’s righteousness. Goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives. Whatever the days might be like, God sends us His escorts. (Matt. 11:28-30; Psalm […]

The Cross was disgraceful so we could receive grace. Grace and pardon give us the courage to move beyond failure. Jesus did not take up His deity to solve His problems; He lived as a man to die for us. We are on the highway of holiness. (Isaiah 35:8-10; Heb. 12:2; John 8:1-8) Speaker(s): Thomas […]

The Storms Bring Us to Worship

Jesus told the disciples to get into the boat. A storm came and tossed them about the sea for hours. Then, they really saw God in the midst of the wind and the waves. For the first time, the worshiped Him together. (Matt. 14:33; Psalm 71:20) Speaker(s): John Love Sermon # 10055 7/24/2011 (right click […]