There are so many things that make us prone to wander. The world and the devil desire our hearts. But when give our heart to God, all of Heaven rejoices. Flee from the wrong things, follow righteousness, and fight for truth. (Proverbs 23:26; Jeremiah 14:10; Proverbs 17:16)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11771
6:30 PM on 10/20/2019

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P. Schaller –

Praise God! Before you are seated, turn to Proverbs. 21. Good to have P. Chris and Gosia and the folks from
Houston. That’s amazing. Proverbs. 21:16, Les, thanks for your letter. Could you read that with me.
He wanders out, and then he wanders out and then he’s out. He’s wandering out of the way of
understanding. His son wandered out of the way of understanding. Don’t wander. We have a
tendency in Houston. Look at the Houston guys.

Wait a minute. How do you wander? In the mind, in the heart, wandering out of the way of understanding. Look at the proverb again. Wander – it must be I already know I’m in the way of understanding. I already got it but
wandered out of it. How did that happen? Vs.16. shall remain in the congregation of Greater
Grace World Outreach? Oh my! Did I say that the wrong way? The congregation of the dead.
Where is the congregation of the dead?

This will be our text for tonight. I’d like it to help us and encourage us in that our heart is affected by the message and built up in grace and learn to walk by faith. My heart is fixed, O God. My heart is fixed. There is a way to live. Turn to your neighbor and say I got a verse for you, Proverbs 21:16. We had a retreat. First night we prayed for
an hour or so. We had table talk. We were looking for the Lord to speak to us. I was so
refreshed and came home happy.

My wife said where have you been? In the congregation of the living. She said it’s about time. I got in my head that the service tonight is at 7. I’m at home making this clam thing, noodles with clam in it. My wife said, what are you doing? Aren’t you the pastor down there? Isn’t the service at 7? She looked at me like – one of those looks like
when you get older! Do we have a problem here? I had to hustle and get going. I asked P. Chuck
Brookey to share with us tonight.

His life and Stephanie mean a lot to us. The love, the humility, the desire for God. We haven’t been together for a number of years. He has a great testimony. We love him very much. We had a great couple days at the pastor’s retreat. He’s the pastor in Clearwater, Florida. They have Bible studies. He has a desire for God. I love the heart of faith. It’s beautiful.

P. Chuck – Greetings from Clearwater, Fla. My whole message just got changed just like that.
That’s God. Wandering out of the way. The same instructions were given to Joshua. He was
instructed not to turn to the left or the right but keep his path straight. We have seen this
happen. What happened with me and my wife. We were with the crowd that departed from
here, maybe 14 years ago.

What we have seen is we kind of wandered away from the faith.
We’ve seen so many things in people’s lives. If we wander from truth and the word, we are left
with the old sin nature and to be carnal. The Bible tells us clearly it’s the word of God that
quickens us. My soul cleaves to the dust. We are quickened by the word of God. what happens
was we wandered away and I started to get back into the word.

I started intently studying the Bible, like the book of Ephesians which starts about the church. We need a church. It’s
important to have a church. It’s important to have a pastor teacher, someone that teaches you.
Heb 13:7 says remember those that have the rule over you, those who have spoken to you the
word of God, whose faith follow. Consider the end of their conversation in the KJV, their life.
We follow men as they follow God.

The minute they don’t have faith anymore, we don’t follow
them. I started studying the Bible and now we have a Bible study with our neighbors, the neighbor next door, two houses down, one neighbor and two across the street. We have a Bible
study with them. Some have their own churches. They love getting together. All of our
neighbors because they didn’t know each other that well, one lived since 1979 and another
never talked to each other.

But now they do since they come to the Bible study. Second thing is
this church demonstrates Christ’s love. Both my wife and I have seen this with all of you. We
have a men’s prayer meeting where United States pastors get together and pray for me and my
wife and for God to add to our Bible study. P. Schaller’s personal investment in me. This goes a
long way.

This is a demonstration of Christ. How shall they know we are disciples unless we love
one another in John. 13:5? How would I know it’s real? This is my testimony. I think that’s it. I
want to thank you all for loving us. We feel so welcome here. You know what I’m saying. Thank
you so much.

P. Schaller –

There are a number of verses I’d like you to look at before we start preaching. Jeremiah.
14:10, there it is. They have loved to wander. In life, there is so many pulls on us in many
directions. It isn’t that our hearts are wrong. It’s just that our disciplines and how easy it is to go
with our desires and wishes and notions, impulses, and feelings. There is a battle for our hearts.
Proverbs. 23:26, my son, give me your heart.

When you think of the universe, you have the stars and planets. We have found nothing out there but dirt, space, gases, all kinds of things in the physical reality of the physical universe but have we found a moral element? Have we found life, conscience out in the universe. In this planet, there is a lot of conscience. Every human
being has conscience, Romans. 2:14-15. God made us in his image. Sometimes I feel the whole
universe is looking at us.

The angels look in, 1 Peter 1:10. God says to us, give me your heart.
But why? God got mountains and planets and animals and fish and birds. My son give me your
heart. God, if I give you my heart, do you increase in any way? No I don’t change, Mal. 3:6. I
gain nothing but there is a mystery. I made you in my image. I want your increase and I want
my wisdom and my heart in your heart. God’s heart.

I’ll give you the sure mercies of David in Acts 15:44. The heart of David was a heart after God. I don’t have a heart after God until I’m born again. He gives me a new heart and spirit and this heart is desired. I think people desire
your heart. I think girls, guys, moms and dads want our hearts. I’d like to have the heart of my
grandchildren. I have the heart of my wife, but I also think people want our hearts and the devil
wants our hearts.

The world wants our hearts. The world wants our money, our gifts, intelligence, hands, feet. The world wants our hearts, but God said my son, give me your heart. In our little sketch here, it’s up on the screen. It was. Now it’s the Berkshire mountains! Is it up there? The heart. I wandered. It says Jeremiah. 14:10, you know what stops you from wandering? When you find value. When you find the presence, the value of wisdom. The value of a heart
after God.

The value of grace. The value of truth. Prov. 17:16, this is one of my favorite
proverbs. It’s great. He has no heart for it. It’s kind of like actually like I have some money and
I’d like to buy wisdom, but I have no heart for it. It’s like I want to get in good shape physically,
so I go to Walmart and buy a chin up bar and some weights. I pull out my money and bring it

home and use it for five or ten minutes and it sits in the garage or attic or cellar. I had money to
buy it, but no heart for it. It’s like a man with – bear with me – a man with prostitution. He has
money but no heart for the woman. He has no respect. There’s no heart. He has money in his
pocket. He can buy gym equipment, a woman, some friends and have a party but he has no
heart for it. The same with God.

There is religion where people function, and Jesus said with your mouth you worship me, but your heart is far from me. Why do you even say the words? Why is there a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom when he has no heart for it. He doesn’t care about it. Maybe we were brought up in a religious church and when teenagers saying I
have no heart for this. I don’t care about what is going on. I have no heart for it. When I have no
heart for it, I wander out of the way.

This is a very simple message. My heart is fixed oh, God.
My heart is fixed. How did it get fixed when there is such a contest for the heart to pull. Paul
said to Timothy, 1 Timothy 4:15, meditate upon these things, give yourself wholly to them. That’s what you folks have done. I know you have because I’ve known you for decades. When we give ourselves wholly, God says
give me your heart and we make a deal. In the court system is a plea bargain. I don’t know the
legal terminology, but some deal is made.

God doesn’t look for a plea bargain. He looks for our hearts. Wholly. When we have it in our mind that maybe this is real. This works. Maybe it affects my life from my bones way down in my toes, all the way up through my whole being. I find the reality of God. Now it becomes so precious. 1 Peter 2 unto you who believe, he’s
precious. Do you know what precious means?

I was in Hungary in a village and someone said one of Mozart’s pianos is in that museum. Do you want to see it? No, that’s okay. Thanks. I’ve seen a piano before. When something is precious, it means you can’t replace it. It’s unique. When that piano is destroyed, and any other piano he had, they are irreplaceable. When you find something precious and your heart. That’s what we have found with God. Of course God would be incredible, and God’s
work of grace would be so much.

If we are made in his image, we have found the most incredible person we could relate to. I will fill you with my Spirit and give you wisdom. Give me your heart. I will direct your footsteps. My heart is fixed oh, God. 1 Timothy. 6:11, it’s speaking about money. Vs. 10. Love of money. Vs. 11 but thou oh man of God. At our pastor’s retreat, I
had them turn to each other and poke their finger into their chest and say, but thou oh man of
God! They enjoyed inflicting pain on each other!

But thou oh man of God! I love the phrase. Loving money. What about who has woe and babblings but they that stay long at the wine when it is bubbling up. But thou oh man of God! Who wanders out of the way of understanding
and goes to the congregation of the dead? They’re the old folks from high school in your
graduating class telling the same old stuff. Haven’t grown any, haven’t changed any, haven’t moved anywhere, done anything. They don’t have much to say. Lincoln said he met someone and had a talk with them. He wasn’t a critical
person, but he said they talk so many words about the most meaningless things.

They are in the congregation of the dead. They have nothing to say. When Jesus Christ comes into life and we
are worshipers of him, he becomes so precious. My heart is fixed oh God. My heart is fixed.
Give me more. Help me. How does it get fixed? Let’s say a few things about it. 6:11 flee these
things. I’m going to use you to do a little preaching of the message. I need your help. Flee these
things. Flee. What am I fleeing?

Some things in life I run away from. I don’t want to have a discussion with it or entertain it. I don’t want to look at it. Some things I flee. I don’t have any association with it or connection with it. It’s not on my phone, my computer or TV set. There are some things I straight up flee. Can you for a minute, you may not want to do it, give your neighbor sitting next to you. If you are not comfortable, put your head down. Give three things worthwhile fleeing in life. Who was fleeing in the Bible?

Joseph. He left the woman. The woman is seducing Joseph. He’s in the
house with her. That’s not a good thing to happen to you. Be alone in a house with a woman
who is not your wife. He flees. Wait! I forgot my coat. I got to go back and get my coat. What
did Joseph do? I’m not getting my coat. I’m out of there. That’s a good story. Did that help

That’s all on video. You raised your hand! Then it says follow in vs. 11. Blood hound.
Their nose is a thousand times more strong than a human. They can follow through the woods.
They are good followers. Are you following anyone? I’m on my own. You’re following your own
heart. You got your own heart. If you got the heart of God, you’ll be following. Thou oh man of
God. Not me but I am.

I’m saying don’t follow your own heart. Follow God. There are plenty of
people that follow their own heart right out and end up in the congregation that’s not doing anything.
They hang out but no Christ there. They are doing something, but it doesn’t have any eternal
purpose. They have words but not the word of God. Do they have any heart for what they are

The devil would like to take our heart. He said my son give me your heart. It’s beautiful.
My heart is fixed. We have flee, follow, and fight. How is it fixed? The Holy Spirit will fix your
heart on God, the Bible will give you. Then the pastor teacher and the Body will help us, so our
heart is fixed and we’re not wandering anymore. We are wanderers maybe. We are wanderers
but no, God is good to us and wants our hearts to be fixed.

He will help us service after service and fellowship after fellowship where we can be edified and built up in our hearts. I believe our hearts are this soft stuff that can expand. In 2 Corinthians 6 our heart is enlarged. How many elephants fit in a Volkswagen? How many Chinese people fit in a telephone booth? How many people can fit in your
heart? 1000, 100. How big is our heart? I’m touched by people who have a big heart for God
and love for people.

They are sensitive and loving. When I meet them, I want a piece of that. Because I see in your heart.
Like P. Chuck Brookey and Stephanie and P. Stan Collins and P. Ken Fyers. Its beautiful. It means a lot to us.
When you discover the real value of it, there is going to be a pull but in a way there is no
contest because God has gotten your heart. Feed it. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and
don’t lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he’ll direct your path. I love Ward and Becky came from Washington State and the Rodriquez family and others come to be with us and grow in the faith. P. Chris and the guys came up from Houston. We are a fellowship of heart and that’s why our wanderings, our distractions and confusion and
waywardness is not happening. Because we have found the sweetness, the truth, the peace
that comes from God.

Why aren’t you a drug addict? God. Why aren’t you depressed? God.
Why don’t you talk like a fool? God. Why don’t you live like a fool? God. How come your friends
are like this? God. Why is God so happy with his people? He says Have you seen what I’ve done when
they give me their whole heart and I can feed them and take care of them and engage them in
divine purpose. That’s what we love.

God did it. Decades are rolling by. We don’t know how many we have left. People are asking me when I will retire. I say I don’t know. I don’t know how that all works. I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t read in the Bible at 65 you’re done. But I see Moses at 120 said okay, I’m finished. Psalm 90 and 92 is a good psalm for that. We bear fruit in old age. Who knows what God will do with your life when you trust him. And you give him your heart. I say
we are way down the road.

It’s the same thing. Just don’t wander out of the way of understanding. You might find yourself in the congregation of the bitterness of life, the congregation of the dead. I have a lot of hope for our future. It will get better and better. We
want to multiply and see more happen. We want to see God raise up servants. We are praying
for new countries for this coming summer: Panama, Uruguay, Columbia, and somebody said Laos. Training people to take over when it is time for transition to happen.

It’s a detail in life when our heart is fixed. God is going to take care of us and show us his grace. He’s going to anoint us with fresh oil, bring fruit in old age, raise up a new generation, bring a revival. Come on, give me your heart. A whole universe and mountains and rivers mean nothing compared to your heart. God could say I get
all goose bumps when you give me your heart. Luke 15 one sinner is converted, and all the
angels are rejoicing.

That’s one way of saying God gets all fired up and goose bumpy. They have given me their heart!  He gave me his heart! Watch what I will do when he gives me his heart. I will make a man like the
gold of Ophir. I will bless him abundantly. I remember when I was water baptized in Maine and I
went to my trailer and I laid down. All night. I was so filled with joy and Christ was so real to me.
I could just touch him.

He was with me in the trailer. He was with me in my aloneness. I didn’t
know anybody. I’m in a town in a trailer park in Maine and I don’t even know where I am, but
God is real. He’ll take you out of the woods and set you on a rock higher than us. Give him your
heart everyday no matter what is going on in your life. You are precious to God and you’ll get
everything you need.



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