Description: Son was given to us to live in my heart. Our relationship with Him is real. We gain the Spirit of grace. We can live in liberty and not hypocrisy. Thanksgiving and prayer can bring living words in us.
Hebrews 13:8-10; Proverbs 28:26; Philippians 4:6-8

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 12630
Date: 2023-12-13
Time: Wed 7:00pm


P. Schaller –

Okay. Let’s begin our service just by coming before God in our hearts and just be loved by him. He loves
you. He restores us. He loves you. He loves you. He’s for you. He cares about us. He’s our Father
in heaven. He restores our soul. He forgives us of all our iniquities. Heals us of all our diseases.
He is our Father, our Savior.

Thank you, Lord. Love us, Lord. Fill us with your Spirit. (Prayer). How about this idea? Leave everything at the door. Just leave everything. Drop it. Bring it all to the cross, and just drop it and be loved by God. God is for you. Cast your cares on him. He cares for you. He calls you by name. You hear his voice and follow him. Yes, Lord. We follow you. We
follow you. A voice of a stranger we’ll not hear. We can’t hear the voice of the stranger. We just
don’t hear it. It doesn’t resonate with us. The voice of the stranger. No. We have the voice of
the Shepherd. Yes, Lord. And you tell us you love us. You care. You have more for us in your
will, in your work, in your way. You have much for us. Thank you, Lord. In our hearts, fill our
hearts, Lord. Lead us Lord. Thank you, God. You care for us. Thank you, God. Yes, Lord. Thank
you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

Can you talk to yourself like I’m talking to myself? Can you talk to yourself with God for a few
moments. And just say it with your own mouth. Don’t even listen to others in the room, but just
like you alone with God build up yourself in faith. And just pray to him and worship him. Do that
for a few minutes and talk to yourself.

Thank you, Jesus. You prepare a place for us. Yes, Lord. Thank you, Lord. (Prayer). Could you
pray a prayer so I can hear you guys praying? Just start praying out loud and pray with your
neighbor and fill this house with prayer. Okay. Pray. (Prayer)

One sketch that I want to share with you is there’s water and here is a block of – what is this
block? Ice. How much of the ice is under water? Yeah, I’ve read or heard that 90% is under
water. It’s an illustration of the way I think about life. My life on the surface, what you see, is
one thing and then what you really are and how you really are and what you really think is

There’s a Proverb on this. It’s a little different analogy but you get the idea. “Counsel in the
heart of man is like deep water and a man of understanding will draw it out.” Other words you
can use for this is the unconscious mind. This is largely where you live and then the conscious
mind and what you are aware of consciously.

But sometimes, the things that I do consciously are beyond my control. I don’t think I can really
control what is coming out of me because where I’m really living is deep in my heart, so what is
in my heart is actually what I will be, what will come out of me. That’s why Jesus said that who
we are is really coming from our heart. That’s Mark 7:21-23.

So, you have to guard your heart. You can on the outside have good behavior, but on the inside
be miserable. I can function on the outside, but actually who I am and what I am and how I
really think is where we are living.

Because the Lord said he requires truth in the inner part in Psalm 51:6. He wants that to be. Why?
Because he knows what’s good for us. He knows where we are living and what we need.
That’s why when I talked about prayer tonight and we prayed together and we say the words, it
really has an effect on you when you say the words and you embrace it in your heart, and you
respond. The word is just the word but it’s more than that. It is John 6:63. My words they are
Spirit and life. Hebrews 4:12, the Word of God is living and powerful. It is. Man cannot live by only
bread. He has to live by the words. They come out of God’s mouth and out of your mouth. Out
of our mouth they come.

So, let’s look at that for a second. Ephesians 5:19, speaking to yourselves. Now, speaking to myself.
Try it this week. Try it by yourself just speaking to yourself. Intentionally, deliberately with
quietness and worship in your heart. Speak to yourself, but not just the negative things that we
do say. They are very common. By the way, when you’re around negative people, that
negativity does get into you. When you’re around negative people and they are always
complaining and talking and so on, and even the news. The news can definitely. It’s so negative
and it’s so bad. The reporting of the nature of what’s happening in life.

So, this is Philippians 4. This is really where you and I can really excel cause we have unlimited
resource. We have God. Imagine hanging out with God. Imagine being with God and in our
heart that God would be speaking to us in our hearts, and we would be worshipping him. Those
words would be in my subconscious or unconscious mind and actually have an effect on my

So, this is Proverbs 4:26. Help me. “Guard your heart with all diligence.” Anybody know it? Is it 23?
Okay. Thank you. Proverbs 4:23, guard your heart. Guard your heart with all diligence because your
heart can take you. Is it Proverbs 28:20? He that follows his heart is a fool. Isaiah it 28:20? Check it out.
Actually, the screen will check it out. No, the screen will prove me wrong! What is 28:20? Nope.
Okay. I don’t have it. If you’re quick, anybody? What does it say? Where is the Proverb that says
that he that follows his heart is a fool? All right. Let’s go. Let’s pray right now and we’ll have P.
Randy come up. (Offering).

Turn in your Bibles please to Hebrews 13 for a message. Hebrews 13:8-9. It’s Proverbs 28:26 by the way the
verse I was looking for. Proverbs 28:26. Yeah. Actually, let’s look at that proverb. They can put it up
on the screen. Proverbs 28:26. We have been born again by God’s grace and we want to emphasize
that gift part. The Christmas season is the recognition that God loves us and gave us not only
eternal life, but he gave us his Son to live in us in this life. That we have a new heart, and how we live in that is our choice. How we decide. How we think. What we put in our hearts and in
our minds.

My heart can depart from God. My flesh. My heart. I can trust in my heart. I can trust in my own
heart, and it will mislead me. It doesn’t show me God. My own heart doesn’t reveal God to me.
It doesn’t show me grace. That’s another one. It doesn’t show me grace. It shows me law. It
shows me hypocrisy. Hypocrisy. That was one of our themes this week in our lunch rap.
Hypocrisy. Matthew 23, hypocrisy is a big part of life.

What is hypocrisy? It’s when I am able to project to you an image or project to you who I am,
but I am not what I project. I can pray but it’s not in my heart. I can behave a certain way but
it’s not in my heart.

Jesus when he came, he goes to the heart. He calls them hypocrites in Matthew 23. And that’s a
great series. Matthew 23 is a big chapter on hypocrisy. It’s a good chapter for us to think about
because we are not hypocrites. I wanted, I thought of it this past week to preach about I am not
a hypocrite. To be able to say that is incredible when we masquerade and put on masks. We’re
afraid of people. We speak a certain way in front of people. We do what we do in front of
people because they are watching. We are afraid of people. We are afraid of rejection. We are
afraid of judgment.

But liberty, real deep personal spiritual liberty is amazing. This is promised in John. 8:31-36. And it
is if you continue in my Word, you are my disciples, and the truth sets you free and you’ll be
free indeed. You’ll be able to say I am not a hypocrite. You have the authority to say it because
if you go to that ice berg picture – this one – because who you are on the surface is who you
really are on the weekend or at night or on a desert island or when nobody is watching. That’s
who you are. When nobody is with you or nobody knows anything about you, this is who you
are. Who are you? That’s amazing. Who are we? Jesus came into our hearts, and we have Jesus
as our life. Not perfect, but more or less authentically we are who we are by the grace of God
and the Spirit of God that is in you and the fellowship of God.

That’s why this family is closer than a natural family. I have my natural family, but the family of
God is actually deeper. You are closer. You are in fellowship because it is the Holy Spirit. Now, if
your natural family is saved, born again, and they walk in the Spirit, then you have fellowship. It
is the same.

Mark 3 – is it? – yeah, 3. Who is my mother, my brother, my sister? He’s with a group and on
the edge is his mother and sisters and brothers. On the edge of the group. Somebody came and
said your mother is here. Who is my mother and my brother, my sister? They hear the Word of
God and do it. Another way of saying Spirit filled people who walk by faith have this as content
in their heart and it’s who they are and that’s our new family. That’s amazing. Okay.

Go now to Hebrews 13. Okay. I got to show you one more part. Philippians 4:6 regarding the ice berg
here. Lesson. The word is anxious or anxiety. Don’t worry about, don’t have any anxiety about
anything. What? No anxiety about anything. Woe! Isn’t that amazing? How can that be? No
anxiety about your children, your money, your health, about the day you’re going to die, about
losing a house, losing a family. Whatever is precious to you. Have no anxiety. No anxiety. Isn’t it
amazing? About anything. No, Lord. Come on. Really? Yeah. He’s saying it to us. That’s amazing,
isn’t it?

Look at Philippians 4:6. Here’s our way of life by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. I have to
believe this relates to this talking to yourself. I really believe that you may be missing something
in your spiritual life and in your walk because you don’t do that. You don’t talk to yourself.
You’re not worshipping in praise. You’re not worshipping in thanksgiving. You’re not giving
thanks. You’re probably like me which goes like this. That’s great. Oh, that’s great. I wonder
when it’s going to end? I got this. I wonder when I’m going to lose it?

I’m always able to put in the negative thing. I’m always able to add what I would call the reality.
You are so blessed. Yes, but there’s a day coming when I’m going to die. I’m going to die one
day. Do you see what I mean? We process our life with a lot of negativity and what we would
call reality. But this is another way of life. To get rid of anxiety and worry is actually by having
thanksgiving and prayer and talking to yourself in faith and that the Spirit – some of the things
that you say will take on life. They will live in your heart. They will be living words for the Word
of God is living. It’s quick. It’s powerful. It’s a way of life for us to be thankful, to be joyful, to be
rejoicing a lot. It says rejoice always, doesn’t it?

Go to vs. 7. That is amazing, isn’t it? How do I go crazy? Just go away from this. Go away from it.
And this iceberg picture is a powerful one because you don’t have the control over what’s
under water there. If you go away from this, that will get filled up with trash, garbage, worry,
fear. It will get filled up with bad movies and bad thoughts and gossip and common talking not
about things that are sinful but about things that are common. And the common life is how
many people fill their hearts. Then, on the surface we are Christians but deep inside we don’t
have the joy and the liberty. We don’t have the thanksgiving and the worship. We don’t have it
because we’re not living like the way we’re reading it here.

Vs. 7. I will add from going crazy. From depression and going to the doctor for medications and
going to counseling to get help or to go to a therapy session or something. Back up and realize
that if I am a child of God, then talking to myself and having a certain way of approaching life
with God and listening to God. When Mary pondered it in her heart, she was putting different
things together and realizing she’s in the middle of something extraordinary. An angel appeared
to me. I said let it be unto me. I went to see my cousin Elizabeth. The baby in her womb leaped
and she said I am the mother of the Lord.

Then, the shepherds come and say the angels appeared to us. A little later, the wise men came following a star, and she’s putting this together in her mind and she realizes she’s part of something extraordinary. We said Sunday
morning that you are to think in a similar way about your life. That you ponder your life also
and what God is doing and has done in your heart and in his Word. For it’s in his Word that we
see his grace and his love toward us.

Go to vs. 8. When the devil challenges you on what’s true – let’s say, Christ has risen from the
dead and the devil says no, he isn’t. Then, what do you do with that? No, he isn’t. He isn’t.
Maybe he isn’t. Yeah, maybe he isn’t. And I’m just kind of not active. I’m not resisting. I’m
playing a passive role. Like the lie dominates my soul. The lie starts to control my life. I have
some temptation, but I don’t have any decision. I’m not making any decision about it. I’m not
talking back to the devil. I’m just passively letting it happen, and he is filling my heart with lies.
But I believe he is raised from the dead, but I’m not acting in it.

I believe he is raised from the dead but I’m letting the devil do the talking. I’m letting my heart be subject to the atmosphere. I’m letting the world talk to me. I’m accepting the values of the world, the ways of the world,
the spirit of the world, the philosophy of the world, the way of the world. That’s how
sometimes we live.

So, let’s look at vs. 8. Watch. My heart and then I have my heart decides how I think. My
thinking and my heart go together, and I say – I think on these things that are good, virtuous,
and pure and true. And even it will happen to you as you respond to it. I don’t know about you
but for me I get this yeah! I get this feeling of yes! Amen! I get fighting about it.

get some vinegar in me. I get this yeah! I get serious about it. It becomes part of my spirit. I get really – I
can actually get, it’s just in you and you go yeah! Amen! Maybe holiness. Maybe that’s what it
is. It’s the Holy Spirit. Maybe that’s what it is. You end up having the same spirit as God. The
Holy Spirit. You can actually say you got to be kidding me. You’re nuts. You’re out of your mind.
I’m not like that. I don’t believe that. That’s not the way. I don’t accept it. That’s ridiculous.
Don’t even – that’s not even close. That kind of thing that happens because you’re relating to it
in faith. That’s what keeps your heart and mind healthy.

Do you worry about anything? Not really. Not worried. How can you not? What are you, stupid?
Don’t you know the world is on fire? Don’t you know we could have a meltdown? Haven’t you
been listening to the news? You go, yeah. Well, I know what you’re saying. I know what you’re
saying, but you have to guard yourself from just kind of letting the world run over you and they
can say anything they want to you and there’s no fight back. There’s no relating to it. I know
about it. I’ve seen it. I’m sorry for what is happening in many ways, but Jesus Christ came into
the world and the angels said, peace on earth.

Wait a minute. There’s no peace on earth. Yeah, there is. You’re looking at him. Do you get it?
Remember they said to Jesus, why haven’t you gone to other parts of the world? And he said
cause if a man loves me my Father will take up his abode in him. That’s why. What? Yeah. If a man loves me, my Father will live in him. And that’s why I didn’t go to other parts of the world,
because Koreans and Russians and Chinese and Burmese and Indians and Latinos, Christ will live
in them. And they will be in those parts of the world. So, that’s amazing.

This is so good. Let’s finish up by looking at Hebrews 13 and we’ll finish here. Vs. 8. Again, I don’t know how it will
work for you and it goes in different ways all the time. But I just believe if you have this word in
your heart and in your memory and in your mouth, then it will live. It will live in you, and it will
affect you. Vs. 8-9. So, I just explained to you how the truth goes inside in your heart and the
fruit of it, the Holy Spirit, is love and joy and peace in your heart. Not anxiety. Not fear. Not
worry. But healthy. You might say what about – I understand how life can be.

I understand it. Nobody here is saying that we have some mechanical methodology. We’re not saying that.
We’re saying that the relationship between you and God is real. We’re saying that the
relationship that God has with you isn’t invented by you. It’s real. Your heavenly Father knows
you and he loves you. And has given you grace so that you have the Spirit of grace in your life.
You have a new heart and you’re able to think with God. You’re able to talk to yourself and be
thankful and be active in this relationship where you hear from God and speak back to him.
Where you receive from God, and you worship him. And he’s filling you with his Spirit and
carrying you. Carrying you in your life. Carrying you and I in life. Okay.

Vs. 9. We’re not carried about with many different weird things. A lot of different, strange
teachings and fads and temporary fashion and moods and nuances and philosophies and trends
in our culture. We are filled with it in our country in the time we are living. Vs. 9. It’s a good
thing the heart be established with grace.

Grace is a very important word for us. I’ve got to finish here but I want to show you something.
Grace is extraordinarily unique. Nobody would ever come to a heart of a person. They would
never do what God does. Listen. David commits adultery with Bathsheba. The baby dies. He kills
Bathsheba’s husband. They have another baby. What’s the name of the baby?

Solomon. And God says Solomon is to be the king. And I step back, and I go, woe! Wait a minute. No, no, no.
This is all wrong. God is saying, yeah. It is. It’s all wrong. It’s all wrong. You would never choose.
You. Tom Schaller. Yeah, you. You would never choose Solomon to be the king over Israel to
succeed his father, but I do. I’m the God of all grace. I’m different from you. I give grace.
You judge people. I give grace to people. I save people by grace. I put prostitutes in the
genealogy. I call people. I save them by grace. I take mass murderers like King Manasseh. I take
him and I change him.

Fifty-three years as a murderous king and the last two years he’s a saint.
I am God. I am the God of all grace. That’s me. I am God. I save you by grace. I save – anybody
that I save is all by grace.

It is a good thing at Christmas time that your heart would be established in grace and stop
judging people. Stop judging people. You and I are not policeman for God. He doesn’t need it.
He doesn’t need you to be his policeman. Stop being a judge. It’s a good thing that the heart
would be established in grace.

Why do you love people at the kitchen table? Grace. Why do you speak about people in a good
way? Grace. Why do you stop judging them? Because you give grace. It is a good thing that the
heart is established in grace. It is.

Okay. Vs. 9-10. The cross is the altar. We have an altar. It’s a unique one. It’s the cross. It’s
where the sacrifice was given. It’s where we meet God at that altar. There’s only one place to
really meet God every day at that altar. Go to the cross and bow down and just say you are who
you are and surrender your heart before God and let him search you. The big x-ray machine.
The big cat scan machine. The whole thing. Let him go through your heart and bring to him our
heart and then be built up by his grace. And say neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.
I am for you. I am the God of all grace.

Not only did I give you grace once, but you grow in grace. Not only are you growing, but you’re
standing in the grace. I saved you by the grace. I keep you in the grace. And you’re going to
finish by the grace of God. And I’m going to show the angels what I can do with a sinner. What I
can do with people that believe me and embrace it and respond to it and what I will do for
them in their life. I will build them up in their inner man.

That’s why we don’t know any man after the flesh. We’re not talking about our flesh. We’re
talking about his grace and his Spirit and his mind and his way and his way of thinking. We’re
talking about who we are now in Him. Okay. We have an altar, vs.10. We are at the feet of Jesus
receiving grace. Amen. Pray with me please.


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