Jesus got in the boat and it immediately arrived on the other side. He lived the life we should have lived and He died the death we should have died. At salvation, we are at once in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit. We are taken beyond processes and brought to our place in His presence. (Romans 7 and 8; John 6:16-21; John 1:17-18; John 17)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12493
11:00 AM on 4/16/2023

P. Schaller – P. Sturge,

would you like to come up here for a moment? Just sit over here. Thank you. Good morning. John 1 is
our introductory verse for today. So, John. 1. And I wonder how many folks have come from maybe
the play. This is your second Sunday or you came into the church by looking at the Easter play
and maybe you are a new Christian. Maybe I could ask the question, do you consider yourself a
new Christian. Could you just raise your hand if you consider yourself that? Okay. So, we’ll
leave it at that. Not many hands.

If you consider yourself an old Christian, would you raise your hand?! Wow! There’s a huge
reaction! Oh, wow! Okay. So, we are wanting believers, old and new, to listen to our message
this morning and realize what God has for you and how you can live this life. There’s nothing
greater in life than I believe in Christ, Christ has come into my life and it, he has an effect on my
life. He actually changes my life. He actually is in our life. He is God. And God is real. We’re
excited about it and learning about it.

I want to share with you this morning that sometimes we have a wrong starting point for our life.
We start with ourselves. Very easy to do that. I start with myself. How are you doing? Usually we
would say not bad. Let me write a diagram here. Here I am. How are you doing? Not bad but I
think I could improve. I could pick up my game if I could do one, two, three – these things. Then,
I would actually be better. That’s a general diagram for life that people live by. That’s how they
think. They start with themselves. What they can do to pick it up. Be a better Christian or be
more victorious or have more joy or be happier or more effective or more successful or peaceful.
I want to say, this is all changed. We’re going to teach something totally different from this
diagram. Totally different from that diagram. You are either going to love it or you’re going to
hate it. You love that diagram. You like that diagram. That’s how you want to live. Well, I don’t
and the Bible teaches us something else.

This will be a five minute introduction just to get your wheels turning in your heart and mind. John.
1:17-18, you want to read it out with me? Ready? One, two, three. John. 1:17-18, This is two
different economies. One is law. One law. Moses came with the law. And basically, it’s like this
diagram up on the screen. You’re in a minus. You need some improvement. You need to work
on it a little bit. You need the law or rules. You live by rules and law and disciplines and you
become something else, something better or more.

But now we have something different. Christ came and he is grace and truth. So, this will be
different. I’m just going to draw the Trinity here. Actually, we have Sturge over here and me. Wait
a minute. vs. 18. Has declared him or exegeted him. Taking out from the Father. The Son
brought out from the Father what was in his bosom. The Son is in the bosom of the Father.
When he came to us, he brought to us the heart of the Father. The bosom and the heart, they
are like synonyms. This is what it’s about. He’s very close to the Father. He is in the bosom of
the Father. He cannot be closer for Christ is God. Christ is with the Father. “In the beginning was
the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” And “the Word became flesh and
dwelt amongst us…”

I want to show you something here. We can use the two brothers, P. Steve and P. Sturge. Come
on up. This is the Trinity over here. P. Steve you can be the Father. He’s the Father and he’s the
Son. And where is the Son. He is at the right hand and he is in the bosom of the Father. And
then we have the Holy Spirit. Always have been. Always been in unity. Never fighting. Never
hating. Never jealous. All those human things that are very common with us are not in the
Father. Another thing that is common with us is condemnation. We condemn ourselves. It’s a
very common thing. And guilt and there’s darkness. But it says about God that in him is light and
what? No darkness at all. This is light and life. This is freedom and joy and peace. This is a
relationship. How long has it lasted? Where did it come from? Eternity past. It’s in eternity. It’s in
God. God always has been and will be forever and ever.

Now, the Son became flesh. Come on over here. At the same time he’s flesh, he’s also in the
bosom of the Father at the same time. Okay. Come on over here for a second. Now, wait a
minute. Wait a minute. As he is exegeting or taking from the Father’s heart and bringing it to us,
declaring it to us. When we see the Son of God, we see the Father. This is what Jesus said.
Remember, Philip said at the Last Supper, show us the father. What did Jesus say? Have I been
with you so long and you don’t know that if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father? Right?
What do you mean? He is the express image of his person. The brightness of his glory. Christ is
the manifestation.

Now, here comes the amazing thing for us and it’s in John 17. Stay right there for a few minutes
if you can hold up. Okay. They need water and refreshments! Okay. Listen to this prayer. John. 17.
Are we reading the Bible? Are we reading the Bible? Are we getting something from the Bible?
Not the thoughts of men. Remember Isaiah 55 says, “my thoughts are not your thoughts; my ways
are not your ways.” We’re going to have some thought here that doesn’t come into the mind of
people. They don’t generally think this way, but I want you to read it with me. John. 17, he’s saying
I’m going to return, Father. He’s praying to the Father. This is the prayer of Christ that John the
apostle writes down here.

We don’t know where it is happening exactly. It doesn’t matter. The content is incredible in this
prayer. John. 17, God allows us to easedrop on a prayer that the Son is saying to the Father. Wow!
And they’re just the two. And the Son is talking to the Father in this prayer. He’s saying I finished
the work that you gave me to do. I’m coming back. I’m coming back to the glory that I had with
you before the foundation of the world. He’s saying this. Read it with me. It’s in vs. 4-5. I’m
coming back but I’m not coming alone. I’m not coming alone. I’m coming back. Where to? The
bosom of the Father. He’s coming back.

Look at John. 17:24, who are they? They are the believers. The disciples and the believers that will
also come later. vs. 24. Right? They may have it. Yes. vs. 10-12. And so on. This is clearly about
us. About those that believed in Jesus and those that will be believing in Jesus. And this is what
he says about us. vs. 24. That they would be with me. Do you see that? vs. 24.

Now, when Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead he went to be with the Father. And
where is he? He is with the Father. Where are we? With him. We are with him. No, no, pastor. I
know one day we will be in the future with him. Yeah, I know that. I go to prepare a place for
you. It will be in the bosom of my Father. That’s heaven. I go to prepare a place. That day is
coming. But no, now. Now is what we are talking about. I really want you to think about this,
because it says it in the Scripture. “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but
Christ lives within me. The life I now live I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and
died for me.”

Ephesians 2, we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. We are with the Father. We are with the
Father. God is for you, not against you. God saved you. Put your name in the book of life and
sent the Holy Spirit into your heart so you would have another starting point. This is our
message today. This is your starting point when you are left to yourself. You start with yourself
like this and say I need to get better but this is another message. It goes like this to make a
picture. God the Father, God the Son, and the three of them and we are with them. This is
where we start here. We are with the Father, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit now speaks to us
and this is the ministry of the Holy Spirit and he does not condemn you. No condemnation in
Christ. There isn’t any. Is there any condemnation with the Father for you? For you? Yeah, you.
The guy that messed up. The guy that’s lonely.

The guy that is empty, hurting, guilty, afraid. Yeah, you and I. What does the Father say to us? What does he minister to us? He sends the Holy Spirit to minister grace and truth and build us up in who we are in the Father.
You see, this is a – we go to processes and God goes to a person. Follow that with me. We
think of processes. How do I grow? How do I improve? How do I change? And we say it’s the
person that changes us. Just hang around Jesus long enough and he’s going to change your
life. He’s going to say I love you. The disciples said when he said I’m going to the Father, they go we’re going to go with you. I don’t want to lose you. You’re the best thing going on in my life.

You are grace and you are truth. You are the answer. You are awesome. You are refreshing. You
are encouraging. You are edifying. A few minutes with you and I sense the Spirit of God giving
me grace and saying you are forgiven and I am loving you. You have power with God. I am for
you and not against you. That’s Romans 8. That will be our message today. Amen. Thank you,
gentlemen. Yeah.

Okay. Before we give the message, it’s just so, a privilege to be in an assembly where the Spirit
of God ministers to us like int hat song. And just the quietness here in the room and the
sweetness of God speaking words to our hearts and building our life on what he says to us. It’s
so beautiful.

But I also like to think that people that come here, they have their private life. Everybody. We
have our private life, our personal life, and at the same time we are members of the Body of
Christ and there are gifts in the Body. Sometimes, somebody ministers to you in a special way
like we heard in the song. And sometimes a word in season or a prayer or even a word of
encouragement. I don’t need to know much about your personal life. Nothing actually. I don’t
need to know you. I just know you in Christ and who you are based on the revelation of the
Word. Really. That’s amazing. In other words, we are with God and God is here with us in our
hearts and we are growing in him. And yet there is also that ministry that happens in the Body of
Christ. The gifts of the Spirit.

That was Wednesday night. Encouragement that is needed in my
life. I don’t really need the flesh of man to encourage you. I don’t care about that. I want the
Spirit of God to encourage me and build me up in the faith. I don’t want to know people after the
flesh. I’d like to know people in Christ and that’s what our calling is.
Let’s look at John 6. This will be a short piece that will complement the whole. We have little
pieces. You got the first part in the beginning. Now this is the second part and we have three
parts. So, this will be the second part.

This is a story from John. 6:16-21. And when I was preaching this in Hungary, I was learning the
Hungarian language a little bit. This word “azonnal.” We have a couple Hungarians here.
“Azonnal.” It means immediately. Immediately. Azonnal. I use that word here cause it’s fun to
use it and think about those years living there. vs. 16-21. Immediately. That’s the word there.
Immediately the ship was there.

From the story, we can use our imagination and think of the actual event that they’re in a storm.
They’re rowing. They’re struggling in a storm and they see Jesus walking on the water and then
they receive him in the boat. What happens? What happens? Yeah, I know we mix it up with
other stories about the Sea of Galilee. But this is a unique story. What happened? The ship is
immediately at the other side where it was going. It was transported. It went – how long did it
take? Yeah, there’s no process there. You know process of time, process of effort, of intention.
Process of I got to work at it. I got to do this. I got to improve. I got to change things. And this
was different. Jesus came on the ship and immediately, “asonnal,” immediately the ship was at
the other side.

Now, what do you think those guys were thinking when the ship was immediately there? It would
be like, what? What? How did that happen. You’re in the reeds here at the border of the Sea of
Galilee. And you’re in a storm and then immediately you’re standing here at the shoreline. You’re
asking or maybe you’re not asking anything. You are just in wonder and saying, Jesus is
everything to me right now. I have a person who not what, what happened.

Many Christian people, many of us, we think what can I do? It’s kind of like this sketch here.
This one. What rules will I follow? How do I get there? How do I make the improvement? How
does my life change? Tell me, pastor. What shall I do? I sat with these precious people and I
have been one of them myself. I sit with somebody who has been a believer and say tell me
what are the rules? What am I supposed to do? Tell me how does this work? I’ll do it. I’ll do it.
Just tell me what it is and I’ll do it, because I want to change. I want to get there. I’d like something to go on here. And God wants to say something to us this morning about that and
change it. And it’s pretty cool. It’s actually awesome. It’s unbelievable. But it goes to the first part
of our message.

Jesus went to the bosom of the Father and he prayed that we would be with him in the bosom of
the Father. That would be our starting point. That’s why he came to bring us to God. And that we
would be there now. Immediately. Like forget about process right now. That’s not where we are
at. We are at another place with another mind where it is the Holy Spirit and we’ll teach it from
the Scriptures in a few minutes. The Holy Spirit comes into you and I to show us the Father. To
show us the person. To show us Christ. He came into our hearts to give us another life. A life
that you just kind of are in the reeds saying what happened? You just, you’re looking at Jesus
and you’re saying that is awesome. That is awesome. You are awesome! You are just straight
up awesome! You are God. You are the living God. You are the living God. You did that. You are
Jesus Christ the way, the truth, the life, the person. You are amazing. You are God. Praise you,

Now, listen. The Christian life has to be – that is what it’s about. This is, this sketch up here you
put in here, we do it all the time. This is how you grew up. I’ll explain it to you this way. You go to
kindergarten. You clean up your little area. You behave. You stop swearing. You go to, you
graduate from kindergarten to first grade because of your behavior and effort. First grade, you
do your duty. You do your job. You are rewarded. You go to second grade. And third. And it
doesn’t change. You graduate from high school and you go on in your life. You get a job and you
behave. You do the right thing. You are honest. You are rewarded for your good behavior and
you go on and get a promotion or you get a paycheck or you keep your job cause you are doing
what you are supposed to do. You are behaving and rewarded and some of you love that

I say, go for it. And with God, go for it. But I got news for you. You’re not good at it. I got news for
you. Even when you do it, you’re lousy at it. You might say I don’t commit adultery. And Jesus
could say, yeah, I’ve been meditating about that. It’s been said of old time, you shall not commit
adultery. But I have a meditation I want to share with you. If you think it in your heart, you’re
guilty of it. You say, okay. Okay. I’ll do my best. I’ll try it. I’ll try it. I’ll do my best. What other rules
and laws do you have for me? And the Lord will give you 600 – is it 623 laws of Moses?

I was on the airplane with two othodox Jews and I asked them what the number was and I think they
said 623. Okay, go for it. You and I can do it. But you know after there was a story in the gospel
where a man said to Jesus I have done, I have kept these laws all my life from childhood. What
must I do to have eternal life? It seems like those two things should go together. If you have
kept the law, wouldn’t you be thinking that you are doing very well and you would have eternal

But there is always one law like you know you really didn’t hit it right. There’s one day, week,
month, year. Lifetime. You’re not really as great as you think you are. You are not as great as
you think you are, and we are not as great as we may think we are. Hypocrites. Lonely. Empty.
Critical. Nasty at our spouse. You know. Grumpy. You know. Sometimes. We doctor ourselves
up. Kind of give a boost. Kind of improve a little bit. But come on. The Bible is filled with
teachings that we don’t have what God knows. He’s the good doctor. He diagnoses us. He says
in the storm on the boat, hey, guys. I’m just walking by. Walking on the water. I see you got a big
job to do. You got to go out. You have to try to get to the other side. You know. Carry on! And
they said come into our boat. He did and immediately and they realized him. That’s the Christian
life, isn’t it? Understanding he is God. We get too focused on our stuff automatically.

Okay. I’m going to finish right now. I got one little, one third part but we’re just working that a little
bit and thinking about it. You know, it amazes me how shallow we can be in life. And I was
reading recently about some young men not wanting to – teenagers. The typical scenario of the
person like playing golf. They play golf once or twice and say they are not good at it. So, they
stop playing golf. They don’t golf anymore. Teenager. They might play basketball a little bit or
play a musical instrument a little bit and then they make a decision I’m not good at it. I don’t

want to play it. I’m not playing the game or I’m not playing the instrument and that’s the way they
What’s lacking in that perspective? What’s lacking in that way of thinking? It’s like behind every
process there should be actually something deeper. Let me draw it this way. Here’s a teenager
playing golf, okay. Here’s his golf game and it’s bad. It’s bad. But that young man needs
something more than an immediate experience of a golf game. To interpret it for him his life. He
needs to see something bigger beyond him. I don’t play golf good but you know maybe I will one
day play good. Maybe, you know, I messed up but maybe there is something beyond me
messing up. Where is the in our vocabulary would be what’s the doctrine? What’s the world that
defines for me the bigger picture? What’s the idea behind my miserable life? Like why, who is
going to tell me what’s bigger than me. “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I” the psalmist

We are saying Jesus came from the bosom of the Father to show us the Father and brought us
to the Father, to the bosom of the Father, and that’s big potatoes. That’s big stuff right there. You
can’t get anything bigger than that. God. So, your golf game is lousy, but I got God to define for
me my life. Do you follow what I mean? My life is not that great. I know. I know. It isn’t. And it’s a
very good thing for you and I to realize that. That we can’t actually live – we’re not smart enough
to live the life that God wants us to live. You’d be out here rowing and it’s all messed up, and
you’re out there and Jesus walks by and you just let him go. He walks by and you just say I got
to get to the other side. I got to get to the other side.

I got to get – yeah, when are you going to get over there and how are you going to get over there? And when is that going to happen? You
just have a miserable life. Your life is defined by you and me.
But Jesus came on and what happened? Woe! What happened? Woe! Woe! How did I play
such a good golf game? I mean as a teenager I was lousy. But there was something bigger in
my mind and in my heart. I’m not saying what it is. I’m just using golf to say a very common
thing that anybody could be part of. But you could also say and I would understand – just follow
it with me. Use your imagination and understand that your life should not be defined by you. You
see that? Your life is not defined by you. The Holy Spirit has been sent into the world so that our
life is defined by God. Okay. Boy, that’s amazing, isn’t it?

Third and last point is Romans 7 and just because of the flow of the Spirit, I’ll just keep going
here cause you are in tune and listening so well. Romans 7 is the chapter about sin. I’ll put it like
this and use that illustration for it. Sin. Sin is really just who we are because of Adam and Eve’s
sin in the Garden of Eden. We became sinners and you and I we have no idea how blinded we
are to God’s reality. Also, what God had intended for the world, we have not yet seen. We see
now through the mirror darkly like in a bathroom all steamed up bathroom. You look in the mirror
and you can see you are there but you can’t see very clearly.

That’s a metaphor for the kind of world we are living in today. We are not seeing God’s reality
very good, because we interpret it through our eyes. We interpret it through our pain and our
guilt. Because of sin, the consequences are many in our nature. We are condemning ourselves
a lot. I think that happens quite a bit with us. The condemnation is because we are yearning for
a way. Like we condemn ourselves. Why did I do that? Why did I do that? Why did I do that?
Regret. Regret is a big part of life. I’m so sorry I did that. I wish I’d never done that. And these
kinds of thoughts that are common for us as people.

Loneliness is another one. Loneliness. I’m alone. I feel it. I feel the alienation from people. I can
be in a midst of a group of people but feel like I’m by myself. I can feel like nobody understands
me. Actually, I don’t know if this is true but I was walking to school when I was in fifth or sixth
grade and it occurred to me – I even know where I was standing on the road. I walked a quarter
mile or so to school, and I remember when it occurred to me that maybe even mom doesn’t
know me, you know. Mom. My mother. She knows me but actually maybe she doesn’t know me.
You know. Who knows you? Who cares about you? Our sin nature says I’m alienated. I’m alone.
I’m alone from Eve, my wife. I’m alone from God. I lost God and I’m even detached from myself.

I don’t know my own self. This is the sin that we live in. Every day, we have a sin nature that
talks to us. And much of our sin nature condemns us. This is condemnation. It’s a word in Romans
8:1. Condemnation.

So, why am I saying these things? Because I want to drive home a point. I want to make a point.
I want to get you – I want to leave you with something that is absolutely awesome. It’s
absolutely awesome. I don’t want you to believe that you can manage your sin nature. That you
can operate here in the sin nature and manage it so that you can be a Christian. I’m going to
manage my sin nature with my determination, my effort, my work. I’m going to manage my
Christian life. I can do this. I can do this. Romans 7 says you can’t.

Look at vs. 15-18, to will is present. I would say for all of us, I don’t want to sin. I don’t want to
live in that effect of sin. I don’t want to condemn myself. I don’t want to be lonely. I don’t want to
be empty. I don’t want to be guilty. I don’t want to be afraid. I don’t want to be doing things
outside of God’s will. To will is present. That desire is there with you. To will is present. But how
to do it? I can’t find it. And it’s the illustration of the stormy sea with the disciples kind of working
to get to the other side. To will is present but how to get there, we can’t get there. That’s the
idea. That’s the Gospel. The Gospel is Christ does this. The Gospel is Christ.

You say, yeah, I know he saves me. Yeah, I know. I’m not talking about your salvation alone. I’m
talking about how to live. I’m talking about yes, he saved me. But he saved me so that one day
we will be in heaven with him. Doesn’t it seem reasonable that he will in this life time give me a
way. Like he would be present with us, and that he sent the Holy Spirit. This is the second part
of that text. We have Rom. 7 is our sin but Rom. 8 is the Holy Spirit. And the chapter is packed
with the Holy Spirit. I think it’s 36 times mentioned in chapter 8. Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit leads you.
Holy Spirit. The mind of the Spirit. Holy Spirit. The minister of Christ. The nature of God. Christ
in us. The Holy Spirit teaching me. The Holy Spirit leading us and not condemning us.

Now, you wake up one day and you are condemning yourself. When that happens to me, I’m
condemning myself. All my failures or at least some of them or my emptiness or my kind of
weirdness or I condemn myself. I’m not interested in reading the Bible or saying a prayer or
being humble or being obedient or going to the church or being with my sisters and my brothers.
And I condemn myself for that. But this is different now because I know this. I condemn myself.
And all my shortcomings.

I remember I was living in Hungary and I looked out the window one morning, early one
morning. It was my prayer time and meditation time and I looked out the window and I just
realized I’m a missionary and I don’t love God. I don’t love God and what am I doing here? How
am I doing what I am doing? I’m not a real, I’m not the real thing. I’m not filled with love and truth
and wisdom. I’m just an empty, an empty bag of clothes. That’s all that I am.

But you know, because I was taught in this church, that didn’t surprise me. Because I always
knew that. Do you follow that? Some other Christian might collapse with the whole thing. My
gosh, I don’t love God. This whole thing has been empty and phony and I don’t even know what
I’m doing. I’m out of here. I’m leaving the country. But if you’re doctrinally – the doctrine is such
an important part of your mindset, because it defines for your life in the very realest terms.
When I go, I don’t love God, I go I know that. I don’t. Because that’s my – I have a sin nature.
I’m a rebel. I’m an enemy. I’m without strength. I am a sinner.

But you just say listen to Jesus and what does Jesus say? You are crucified with me. I go – you
see. Here’s the key. You start to be a listener. You know, when Jesus is in the bosom of the
Father, you know, in a way we could say he’s listening like John was in John. 13:23 at the Last
Supper. It says his head was on the bosom of Jesus. Like to be a disciple is not a strong
person. A disciple is not a strong person. A disciple is somebody who is listening to the strong
person. The one that is available to the grace of God.

I didn’t come to Hungary because I was strong and capable to do this work. I went to Hungary
just as a follower of Jesus and the grace of God that is able to build you up and teach you and
be obedient and follow him. Cause he does that. In other words, the bosom of the Father, the
love, the humility, the nature, the grace, the wisdom is in Christ. Christ brings it to us by the Holy
Spirit and we are able to be in fellowship with the Trinity. We are in fellowship with the living God
and then in a few minutes I processed the whole thing as I look out the window. I said, thank
you, Jesus. You are awesome. What an effect it is. You are receiving him on the boat where is
your disaster. That’s your mess. That’s our mess. We are receiving him on the boat and
immediately we are in another place. We are saying, thank you, Lord. You sent me to Hungary.
And here we are as a team and we are experiencing you in the Holy Spirit. You’re building us up
and we love you with all our hearts.

The rules aren’t there in front of us. The rules are there in our back pocket kind of they’re there
still in our lives. Of course they are, because they are rooted in love. They’re rooted in the heart
of God. They’re rooted in “thou shalt not commit adultery.” Why? Why? Why would you not?
What’s in the heart of God? And God would say it will ruin you. It will ruin a family. It will ruin
your kids. It will ruin your way of thinking. You’ll be condemned. You’ll condemn yourself. You will
not forgive yourself maybe. It will lead to other problems. You will passify yourself. You will kind
of medicate yourself from the guilt and the loneliness and the emptiness and the bad self-image
you have. As a result of destroying something that is supposed to be precious and sacred and
beautiful like marriage. And many other laws that are in our hearts because they are from the
heart of God.

But you can’t get it backwards. They shouldn’t be I start as a sinner and I take the rules and I try
to improve. It’s more and definitely not more but radically different economy. You did that when
you were in high school. You behaved and you got rewarded. We think if I behave, God, you will
reward me. The Lord will say, nothing that you can do would be worthy of any reward from me.
You are filthy from the inside out. It’s only my Son that satisfies me. He lived the life you should
have lived, and he died the death you should have died. Let me repeat that. He lived the life you
should have lived but didn’t, and he died the death you should have died but you didn’t. He did it
all for you. Huh? Yeah. It’s amazing.

So, what does this mean? You start to read the Bible because you have love. You come to the
church because you want to think these thoughts. God has given us this grace in our lives to
talk about these things and give you when you – follow the illustration – when you are a lousy
golfer and you just say I quit. And then you have a coach that says forget about your game.
Let’s go play golf and talk about things and who you are and who you are and what you are
capable of. And you are a fine young man and you have an amazing future. I don’t care about
the golf. I’m thinking more. That’s not the primary thing. The more important thing is that you
would understand there is a bigger message than your golf game. There’s a bigger message for

If you use that as kind of an illustration for context just to repeat what we already said. The
bosom of the Father. That’s the biggest world we could ever live in, and in that world there is
nothing that can separate you from his love. In that heart, in that mind, he is so for you. He is so
much with you. He is the key to everything we will ever face, good, bad, or ugly or beatiful and
kind and sweet and awesome. Yeah. We need it. That’s why we believe we should be together
and fellowship and have the Holy Spirit speak to us from the Bible. That’s why you get your own
personal Bible and start to read it and think about it little by little. Be patient with yourself. We’ve
had folks here that don’t know how to read. They need to learn. They learn to read and we’ve
had all kinds of folks that have challenges but I just say to you, you get your own Bible. You start
to read it. You start to delight in it. The Holy Spirit is saying to you I am for you. Amen. Would
you pray with me.

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