What’s in your house? The prophet Elisha asked this of a widow in debt with two sons destined for bondage. She had only a pot of oil, and that oil God used to fill many vessels from all around town. She could then pay her debt and have money to live, The answer for temptation and subjective issues could be the objective reality of what is at hand. God takes it and makes you whole. (2 Kings 4:1-7)

A Pot of Oil and Borrowed Vessels


Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon  11764
7:00 PM on 10/9/2019


#Trials & Temptations








P. Schaller –

Praise God! I wanted you to stay standing but the microphone didn’t come on enough. Let’s stand up. Praise
the Lord! I didn’t swear, did I! I didn’t. You’re standing. Let’s praise the Lord. Pastor Ray last
year the Midnight Express had 48 salvations. Think about it. When someone is on the street
they are no different from you and me. I am one or two decisions away from making my life a
lot of trouble.

How many of you have made those bad decisions? These are people made in
God’s image. Fifty-three so far this year have been saved and 10 have passed away, probably
overdosing. Twelve are no longer in the woods. That’s because of this great team of people.
Praise you God! How did you do that? We’ll speak about it tonight. Where do we want to target
for summer harvest next summer?

Columbia was one of them, Latin America. Bring it to our attention because God uses you and me to think and pray and we can actually go to these countries. How many would like to go somewhere on a radical mission and preach the gospel in some mountain or desert…eating snake juice or something! We are still healthy in our bodies
and spirits. Send us Lord. Tell us where to go and through the Body of Christ. Before you sit
down, have an exchange with your neighbor.

Say glad to see you tonight. 2 Ki. 4, I’ve had a few thoughts in my mind. One is on temptation. How many of you have had some temptations in the last five minutes! How about it? Temptations. What are they and where do they come from? How do I handle them. I’d like our Wednesday night service to be we get a good sermon,
message, offering and we’re good to go. You can stay a couple hours longer and others get their
kids in bed and others get in bed!

We’re praying for our country and our calling and mission and work we are thankful to be a part of. We are honored by God to be alive and be here tonight as a gift and a blessing to us. This is a very simple story. It has to do with objectivity and subjectivity. Objective truth, we’ll explain that. And then my subjective experience and my
subjective life. Many times people in their personal experience in life internalize and think of
life on the basis of their experience and follow their heart.

They do what is in their heart. They also talk on the basis of what is in their heart and what they are feeling and how they are interpreting their life. The prophet came and gave her objective truth and instruction that was
able to change her life.

It happened many years ago in Lenox, when P. Stevens was teaching us. He was very concerned that the church in principle would lapse into a way of thinking and living where we would follow our own hearts. Prov 14:12 there is a way that seems right to a man. It’s in his heart. But the end thereof is death. How many can relate to what I am saying? Following my heart. Jer. 17 my heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. Who can know it?
There is something about me I can’t really trust.

Even though I may be smart, but that smartness may be my problem. It might be I’m experienced but that experience might be my problem. The men of God in the Bible often failed in their strong point. Elijah was very bold and then ran from Jezebel. Abraham had a lot of faith but then moved to Egypt during the drought
and didn’t believe he would have a son. He had faith but then he – Solomon was very wise but
then had a thousand women in his house which isn’t a wise thing to do by the way!

There was John the Baptist who was very confident but in prison he doubted. It happens to all of us as
people. In my subjective life, it’s there I need definition and direction. Our particular portion is
the result of objective truth. Not you and me being smart or strong or capable. It’s God that has done this. It’s God that gives you peace in your heart. God gives you wisdom as you walk raising
a family or going through school or making our way in life.

I want to encourage you. If I have a drug addiction, I’m here as a man and I have this experience and frame of reference. We can make a square there. My frame of reference is I have an addiction. In my self-consciousness, I
have an addiction. I have temptation. I have desire. Just push a button and immediately this
frame of reference is my subjective life. I say in my heart I can’t resist it. I have to go back to it.
That is how people live. They cannot handle their life because of their frame, their experience
and what they say in their self-consciousness. It’s very common.

The message – this is a precursor or preface for this message tonight. Another thing to say along a similar lines. A
woman is 30, married, and loves her husband. He’s the greatest thing. They live 30 more years
and then he dies. She can’t handle it. Her husband was prince charming. He was everything. The
husband was an idol. She loved him but where was God and objective truth in her relationships.
When her husband died, her life is on a downhill slide.

She can’t function. She lost her husband. I have met in the ministry people that have had a hard time processing the death of a loved one. One woman lost her 17-year-old daughter in Europe. And for 27 years she could not, it was
a constant plaguing problem in her heart. She couldn’t handle it. The subjective life is powerful
and strong and what you and I have found, we’ll see in a minute, the cross is objective truth
where we come by faith before God and something else happens.

There is actually a change. There is something that happens in our lives. It’s written here in many places. This is what I want to say tonight. 2 Kings 4. Another story maybe – temptation. A man gets angry at home.
He has a tantrum. He throws something across the room. His whole family is upset. The man is
so guilty for his anger. He’s so troubled by it. He withdraws. He’s troubled by his anger and his
subjective life is telling him who he is.

You should be ashamed of yourself and that’s the end of the story. He can’t deal with it. He lives in that for weeks and months. That’s an experience people have. 1 Ki. 4:1 he was a man of God and is now dead. That’s the reality. That’s the reality. That’s what I just said. My husband was like my idol. My husband did everything. He did
the dishes. Now he’s gone. The drug addict. This is me. What can I do about it? The man with
the anger problem. There is no change.

I’m very guilty with myself. I’m ashamed of how I behave. Vs. 2. Here it is. This is the key. Could a man of God speak and speak – could God minister to us and speak unto her. Could God give me divine direction and definition for my life. Is there a life bigger than me? Set me on a rock higher than myself. Life is crazy sometimes.
Elijah said unto her, what shall I do for you? Vs. 2. What a great word that is. It’s not like an
hour talking about her problem. He has something going on.

What is in your house? I love that about coming here. Pastor, you’re not going to talk to me about my stuff, but the living God knows all about my stuff. The living God has something for me that will have an affect on my
life. Why would you make me and leave me? Why would you make me, and I’d be cooking in
my trouble all day long. Could you tell me something fresh. Lead me to the Rock higher than
myself. Isn’t that good? Hey, Valentine! You stirred me up.

Could you stand up. This man from Guatemala by faith and loves God and prays and loves this church. Only reason he is here I believe in my heart he loves God and God’s people. He loves it. He’s spiritually sensitive. He’s a
treasure for us. He prays at night at 3 or 4 in the morning. He works wherever he can work in gardening and lawn keeping and Washington and sometimes Florida. He comes back to be with
us. The Spirit of God wants our church to stay alive for decades.

The Spirit of God wants our hearts for the next 50 years. We have our things, but he wants us to be beyond our
temptations. That the temptation gets small when we find objective truth as a habit, way of life,
meditation and by faith in him. He will take care of us. He will. You may not believe it, but he
will. He will take care of you. He will minster to you and me. Our living God has something going
on. I got my stuff, but I’m also drawn to faith and objective truth.

What is in your house. Vs. 2. Just canister. A vessel of oil. I don’t have anything. Don’t overlook it. You might say I don’t have anything. I’ve been an addict for 20 years. Look around. Half of these people been addicts for
20 years. Alcohol, drugs. I don’t have anything. You have a pot of oil in your house. That’s what
God can use. You got a decision you can make. You have a heart that came from God. You have
a mind. You can make decisions. You can set your eyes on Christ.

You have something in your house that can change your life. You got a Bible in your house. You got knees you can kneel down on. You got a heart like gold before God. Isaiah 13:12 gold of Ophir. We got something
going on. In my subjective life, I may not see it. I need objectivity and people like you. When I
first got saved, I was looking for Jesus doing miracles because my faith was week. I went to a
Pentecostal church and was reading the Pentecostal magazines.

I’m reading the miracles in those magazines. Is God on the move. Can God heal the sick and answer prayer and save souls. Yes, he can. I think I had a pot of oil in my dorm room. That was a pot of oil I had. Your desire to
get out of your trouble. Your attitude of faith. Have you been tempted. Sure. Have you sinned?
Yeah, but that’s not me. I have something now that God is saying to me. What is in your house?
Confess your sin and move on.

What do you have in your house? A pot of oil. I don’t have anything, but I have a pot of oil. Vs. 3. P. Stevens said on a tape recently that there are people in the church that believe they have a right to think above what God thinks at the cross. I wrote that sentence down. They feel they have a right to think I’m not going to go to my neighbor and
collect vessels. That’s going to solve your problem, but you got to do it by faith. That’s
ridiculous. I have a right to think in my terms.

You see what I mean. My husband meant everything to me. Why did God take him? Maybe it happened so you could find God. You could find something more than you. Why do we have problems in our homes and families and our temptations to go away from God. If I go away from God, what do I have? I have my stuff. Then
I wake up one day and say where is God. How did I get here? I don’t have any message. I go
hang out with my buddies that also left God. They didn’t just leave this church. It could be
another one.

They left the Bible, the prayer, the faith, the fervency, the meekness, the wisdom.
Go borrow some vessels. I don’t know what you are talking about. What I’m talking about is the
answer to your life. Borrow some vessels. It takes faith to borrow vessels. You don’t know what
I’m talking about but that’s the point. God isn’t going to explain it to you. He wants you to live
by faith. Go borrow the vessels. I’ll catch you later. That’s your life.

You can live as you please. You are swamped with others that don’t have any message. They don’t have any real change. There isn’t anything going on with God with them. That’s what I want. You have to be a little bit
of a fool to believe God. 1 Cor 1:21 he has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound
the mighty. When you get the vessels and the oil is flowing and you get giddy about it, you say God thank you God. You showed me you are God.

Now you have a visitation of God. You have a moving of God in life. You say I was a fool but actually I’m wise. I was a fool because I put my thinking aside and lived by faith. I heard what he said. I got released from my drug addiction.
The woman who lost her husband says I will meet him in heaven one day but I’m going to live
the rest of my days and I got a new life. I discovered my life. I found God in my life. Isn’t that
good? This is good. Go borrow the vessels. The new heart says Elijah couldn’t you just write out
a check for me.

My husband was in your Bible college and…could Greater Grace take care of
me? Could you do that? Greater Grace could say as Elijah could say, what’s in your house?
What does that have to do with anything? You need to pay me. It doesn’t really work like that.
Sorry to say. Even if we paid you something, you might be back knocking on our door again. It
might be a better idea to go before God and find what he has to say.

When you plan your vacation, do you invite God in the planning meeting? When you change your job, do you ask
God into the room? Do you ask God to be part of it? When you are raising your family, are you
asking God into it. Isn’t that good? Wow, it’s beautiful. Maybe the thing I need is something
coming from the mouth of the prophet Elijah. He says go borrow the vessel. Marriage troubles
go like this: we have our troubles in our marriage and that’s what it is.

I also have something more. I have provision where God could give me divine counsel. There is something going on
greater and bigger than my relationship problem. The joy I get from following God is the very
thing that can help me in my marriage. That fresh relationship with God will have a big effect on
my family. If I left out God, the results might not be…. could be if I followed God, he will take
care of the whole mess of stuff on a subjective level.

Someone said how did you do it? If I visit you, I think you have this high paying job and thing going on. I go I don’t know what you’re talking about. I do know God has taken care of us. How do you get the things that God – I don’t
know how it works. Nobody does. It’s hard to be alone someone said. I understand that. To be
alone in life I understand that. But I can make some decisions on an objective level. What’s in
your house. Pot of oil. Go get a lot of vessels.

I don’t know what you are talking about. Go do what I say. I go do what he says. I might be alone, but God is visiting us…vs. 4. There is something about our lives that God doesn’t want anyone to know about it. When we find Christ
like this, God says that’s between you and me. This oil is flowing, and you can’t buy it at Target
or Walmart. This thing is happening and it’s between you and me. You know where it is coming
from and I know where it is coming from.

This wasn’t produced by anything being a good man or woman or clever or skilled in the ways of the world. This happened by the cross. That’s how we go into the world and make disciples. I’m not sure how to organize my life, but I want to trust God, but I believe the living God is going to take care of me to the grave and beyond…I’m
saying there is something about your life that is different. I don’t know whom it will work out
good or bad, but I know God will be there.

This is a ride! I’m taking a ride. We said when we go to heaven we feel we’ll be flying like the angels and playing the harp, gentle, some ballet thing. I think it will be more like we could be flying in on a dune buggy covered with mud and dirt on the goggles and screaming into heaven! Where are we? You’re in heaven. I made it. I had quite
a ride. It was radical. Sorrow, tears, broken hearts but healed. Disappointments but hope.
Trouble but not cast down utterly. Sorrow but always rejoicing.

A mystery. If we don’t have objective truth leading us, your heart will lead you and you’ll be in temptation. You’ll say I got to give in. I always give in. This is my life. We’re saying this is not your life. God has a word for
you. You collect the vessels by faith. Your life is a different kind of life because of the grace of
God. You wake up and say I can do it. I don’t need those drugs anymore. I got power to face
temptation. I have a new frame of reference.

I got oil flowing. I obeyed God and it happened and here we are. That’s on a personal level. You are not living in your sin. You’re free. I met a woman married twice and both her husband died, and her daughter died of cancer. She was 75 and that woman was shining. A lot of heartache in her life but she could do it because of this
objective truth. Vs. 4-7, beautiful story. That’s it. Amen. Thank you Lord. God bless you.

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