The angel came. Just Gabriel and Mary speaking of the Holy Thing to be born to her. The King who would reign forever. Elizabeth called the mother of her Lord. (Luke 1:26-43)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12214
11:00 AM on 12/12/2021

P. Schaller –

I love singing
those hymns. Aren’t they precious? And all the words and the spirit of the time, the age that we
live in. We have a lot of sympathy and empathy for the people in Kentucky who have just been, their
towns was – was it Mayfield? – has just been destroyed by the tornado that came through.
Incredible disaster. Believers and unbelievers and just think about them and help them and pray
for them in our hearts.

This is a feast time, the Christmas feast. You may have a card on your chair, and this is our
series of messages for the season. We have Donny Fisher with us here today, too. Good to
have Donny. We love you, Donny. That’s on the side. That’s not on the card! That’s on the side.
Today, A Small Feast is the title of our message. A Small Feast. This season of celebration in
the world that we have is extraordinary, beyond human imagination actually that God would
become a man and be here with us according to the prophets, what they said. What the Jewish
people were told, anticipated regarding the kingdom and Christ’s coming. That will be our theme
today, a Small Feast.

If you look over on that wall over there, we even painted it up on that wall there. Our folks did. A
Small Feast that’s number one and then we have A Family Feast. That’s next week. Then a
Feast for All. That’s over here. See it over there on the wall? A Feast for All. And then back
there, Church is a Feast. So, I want to introduce a thought to you today as we begin our

The extraordinary work of God in a sequence in history is first of all Creation. I’ll put it up there
on the screen. Creation. See it up there. God said, let their be light. And what happened? There
was light. He created.

#2. He created man in his image. Where did man come from? God took the dust of the ground
and he made a man, fully mature man, a man. Fully mature. Out of a moment. Maybe he
looked like he was 25 years old. We don’t know, but he was a man but he’s only five minutes
old. He’s five minutes old but he looks like he’s 25 years old. Have you thought about that?
When God made the world he took a fish out of the sea. How old is the fish? One minute. He
made it by fiat, by divine degree. He made the universe. He made man.

And then the Incarnation. God came into this world as a man. How do you explain the first
thought? The first reality, the creation? How do you explain that? You can’t explain that. You
know not how. It happened. We believe it. #2. God made man in his image. We. Us. We are
made in the image of God. Amazing. Where did we come from? God. #3. The Incarnation.
Christ came. He was born in Bethlehem, a miracle of God. A work of God. And on through you
can go. #4. The life of Christ in the Gospels. #5. The death of Christ on the cross. What
happened then? We died with hum. What happened then? #6. He was raised. The resurrection
of Christ from the dead. Absolutely dead. One hundred percent gone. Dead. Raised from the
dead. Who did that? God did that.

Now, let me say this. And on you can go. The Second Coming of Christ. The new heavens and
the new earth is coming. It’s coming. The church came into existence at Pentecost. Here we
are. We are the church. The church of Christ, the work of God. Absolutely. How about the
Rapture? It will happen. We’ll be gone. How will that happen? It will be God that does it. When
Jesus comes back, it’s God and the new heavens and new earth.

I want you to think of something. The world that we live in does not believe in any of this. What
do they say about Creation? It’s an accident. It came in through millions of years. It’s chance. It
just happened out of nothing. What do they say about man? It’s just chance. It just happened. Millions of years of evolution and evolving. There is no, there’s no God behind it. There’s
nothing like that happen. They don’t believe it. They make it up. Whatever story that they have.
They don’t know what they are talking about. What about the Incarnation? They don’t believe it.
What about the cross? They don’t believe it. What about the church? They don’t believe it?
What about the Second Coming of Christ? They don’t believe it. What about the new heavens
and the earth? They do not believe it.

But do you? Do you believe it? I did. It took me a while. I just looked at both ways of thinking
and I went with this one. I went with this one. I decided to believe this. Where is it written? It’s
written here. I decided. Did it take time? It did. I had a lot of questions, but I looked for God. I
sought for God. I believed God. I started to hear the Bible taught. And I became a believer.
Today, I’m so thankful that we have a feast. If you don’t have this feast, then what do you have?
You have a cematary, a graveyard. You have skeptics. You have unbelief. You have human
reason. You have a lot of words without any hope.

There is no message. There is no message outside of Christ. Christ is the message. If he is true, if this is true, if Christ came according to the prophets, if this is true, then we are the happiest people on the earth because the tornadoes
come and death comes and cancer comes and covid comes. And car accidents come. Losing
your job comes. Losing a loved one comes. Life happens.
And the only answer for this life is this, the living God who made us not by an accident but on
purpose to know him. This is our privilege and our joy. Amen. Praise the Lord!
Okay. You may be seated. Turn to Isaiah 51. Morning. Praise God! Wow! Christ. What a
message. P. Hadley, thank you for that word.

P. Hadley was in the Peace Corps down in Ecuador and came back to the states, and had a hunger in his heart for God and returned to Ecuador as a missionary with a message and lived there many years. Him and Nancy and they
were just now in Latin America at the Peruvian LAMCON – LAM is Latin American Missions
Conference every year with P. Scibelli and a small group. They had a conference and P. Hadley
comes back and says, wow! It’s the best kept secret to go to a country and preach the Gospel
and sense that God is with you.

Before somebody may do that, it’s important that they may also have a small feast. This is our
theme today. They can do it, but they need to discover God as they do it like all of us. We would
like to find God or God find us.

Look at Isaiah 51:2 please. That’s the phrase I want you to get your eyes on, “I called him
alone.” Were there other people involved? Apparently not. God called him and it was personal
and to his heart and he believed and left home. He packed up and moved on and the story is
fascinating. Abraham had a small feast when he was called. It was small because there weren’t
many people there. It was only him and God.

I feel this is important for us. Sometimes I’ve met people and asked them how did you get saved
and they will tell the story and it’s personal. It’s intimate. It might have been on the street. It
might have been in the back yard. It might have been in a house with an open Bible. It might
have been under the moon, on the beach. It went into their heart.
Billy Graham was on a golf course in the 18th hole in the night crying out to God, and God visited Billy Graham alone at the 18th hole of that golf course. He wrote it in his biography.

And he knew. God told him he was going to use him and he did.
I wonder when God spoke to Noah and God spoke to Noah and told him to build an ark and
Noah did it and worked for scores of years. Then when the storm came and the persistent rain
and the earth is flooded and he’s on the boat with his family, that he could say I remember when
God spoke to my heart. I believe it’s 120 years ago God spoke to me to build the ark and he did.
He could say I did not believe a lie. It was true. It happened.

I say this because it parallels Mary and the story of the angel Gabriel that met her which we are
going to look at. Turn there now. Let’s go there now to Luke 1:26. That was the sixth month of
Elizabeth’s pregnancy which is miraculous story. Zecharias and his wife could not have children.
They were both elderly, but the angel had appeared unto him and said his wife would have a
child. Zecharias apparently didn’t believe it. The angel said you will not be able to speak for the
length of the pregnancy. So Zecharias went dumb and could not speak.

I think of unbelief leaving me in speechlessness. I have no message. I’m in unbelief. I stop
talking. Maybe some withdraw, but what the angel said actually happened. Elizabeth had a
child. She’s pregnant six months with the child. Now she can see. People could see that she’s
pregnant. You know what she did? She stayed home. She was secluded. She did it on purpose.
She didn’t want – it was amazing that this was happening to this elderly woman and it’s strange
actually. But she secluded herself.

Mary did not know that her cousin, Elizabeth, was pregnant but she was six months pregnant
and at that time, the right time, the angel came to Mary and this is what the angel said. vs. 26.
“Espoused” meaning she’s engaged. The fiance, the agreement to marry. Everything
understood. You are my woman. You are my man. All of it clear that one day they would be
married though they are not married yet. vs. 28.

What I want you to see in this story is something that I hope could parallel your life. Has God
visited you? Has God spoken to you? Have you had a sense from God of a personal meeting
with God? Meeting God with his words. You are highly favored, he said. Gabriel said it. He’s a
messenger from God. But I am saying doesn’t have to do with angels per se. It could but my
point is meeting Christ. Christ saying to you, you are highly favored.

But I’m not highly favored. You don’t know, pastor, my secret life and how I live. Would God say
to you, you are highly favored. He would. On what basis? On the basis of his Son, Christ. You
are an object of his love. You are an object of his grace. You are forgiven of all sin, past sin,
present and future sin. All sin. There’s no more sacrifice for sin. It’s through the blood of Jesus.
Our sins are washed away. We are redeemed by the blood of Christ. We are saved. We are his
children. You are highly favored. Now, wait a minute.

There’s something about us that doesn’t believe that because we have what is called guilt. We
also have conscience. We have to pay for things. We have to earn them. We have to make our
way. We have to show our integrity, our sincerity. We have to make an effort. This is how we
live as people. This is only normal. Work hard at school. Work hard at your job. Work hard at
home. You kind of prove your way. You try to find favor and gain favor.

But this is different with God. It has to be. There’s no way that a sinful man can become a saint.
There’s no way. Out of an unclean dumpster. I like that illustration. Can you take something
clean out of a dumpster or an infected covid ward? Can you find somebody clean, you know.
That idea. If you are contaminated, you are contaminated. If you are a sinner, you are a sinner.
If you have failed, you have failed. If you are unworthy, you are unworthy.

There’s only two kinds of people. There’s a sinful person and there’s Christ. A great exchange
has happened and this is now you are highly favored. No, I’m not highly favored. Yes, God
wants you to know that. You are in Christ. You are forgiven. You are redeemed. You are loved.
You are loved with an everlasting love. This is incredible.

Well, so was creation. Creation was incredible. And the making of a man was incredible. And
the Incarnation is incredible. And the forgiveness of sin is incredible. The resurrection of the
dead is incredible. The Rapture is incredible. The Second Coming of Christ – when he’s about
to be crucified they said, tell us plainly. Are you the Christ. He said, I AM and you shall see the
Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven. What? Yes. On a horse, Revelation 19.

These are the things that are not believed in the world, but they are the things that you believe.
Do you believe them? Many do not. Many Christians that go through the motions of Christianity,
to them Christianity is morality. To them it’s being a good person. Many people are trying to
make the effort. They’re trying to be a good person and be a nice citizen.

Enough of that. I’m not interested in it. I don’t care about that. I do not care about that. That is
not my primary target. I’m not here in the world to be a good citizen. That’s not my primary
target. My primary target in life is to know God. If you know God, your life will take on another
dimension. It happened to Mary. I want God in my life.

So when I pay my taxes, I do it before God. So when I shovel my sidewalk or say to my
neighbor, have a good day! Have a good day! When I forgive – how about Christmas season.
Do you know that it’s a time of giving? Do you have anybody in your life where there is a
distance between you and that person. Your love could include them. Your love could reach out
to a prodigal son or a friend you haven’t talked to cause you’re angry or upset with them or a
relative far away. Could Christmas mean that God has done something extraordinary for us so
that we could express what? Peace on earth, good will toward men. Could that be my

Well, we can talk about it, think about it. The angel said to Mary, you are highly favored. Now
this is a small feast. We got it on the wall over there as you saw. It’s small because it’s only an
angel and Mary. But it’s something she will never forget the rest of her life. She will say as she
can tell it in confidence to her husband later in life or however that would work, whatever she
wants to do with it. But she can say an angel appeared to me. It happened. Thirty four years
later when Jesus is on the cross dying, she can say an angel appeared to me. Later at
Pentecost when she’s in the upper room with 120 people and the Holy Spirit falls down on the
whole group and they’re empowered by God, she can say to a friend or anybody, I had a feast.
A spiritual feast one day years ago and it happened. This happened. I cannot deny it. I cannot
explain it. It’s above and beyond but it’s changed my life.

I want you and I to think about the fact that we also have had or would like to have a feast with
God’s visitation. And carry it with us in our lives. It’s real. This is a story that kind of parallels
what we are thinking about today.

Look at chapter 1:29. I’ll make a list here. How this goes. Small feast, two people, if you can call
Gabriel. He’s an angel. Two persons. One is Mary and one is Gabriel. She’s troubled. I think
that’s a normal thing. Spurgeon said in one of his messages he said half of London is believing
a lie. This is in the 19th century. I’ll read it to you. He said, “there are persons in this place this
morning who believed that if they were religious they would be miserable.” I think so too. I think
there are people out there that are feeling if they came here and they became a believer, they
would be miserable. They think that way. He said, “it is the settled conviction of half of London
that to trust in Jesus and be obedient to God which is the essence of all true religion would be
wretchedness itself.

Oh says the worldly man. I should give up all my pleasures if I became a
Christian. Now this is one of the most wicked slanders that ever was invented and yet it has
current belief everywhere. It is the popular theology that to be an enemy of God is happiness
but to be the friend of God is misery.”

I wonder if you can follow that with me. When I was an unbeliever, I could look at religious
people and say I don’t want to lose all the things that make me happy and I have a good time
doing. I don’t want that to be taken away from me. Maybe if I trust God, I will lose the things that
make me happy. I thought like that. But then I thought again. I’m actually not happy doing all the
things that I want to do. I lie down in sorrow many times and further, I don’t know where I go
when I die. I’m afraid of death.

When Mary met the angel, she was troubled because she didn’t know what it meant. Are you
going to take away from me something? Are you here with a bad message for me? I don’t know that I trust you. I don’t know actually what is going on in this meeting.
There are people that need to like think again and realize that, wait a minute, maybe God has
something to say to me and maybe I should have the courage to hear what he has to say to me.
Maybe I should trust him. Maybe he will take the poison out of my life and give me the vitamins
that I need. Maybe he will take away from me death and give me life. Maybe he will instruct me
and teach me.

You see, when she met the angel like all of us, she was concerned about what it means. I think
coming to a meeting like this could also cause in the hearts of people some kind of fear, some
kind of worry or anxiety. Best I stay away. I stay away from reading the Bible. I stay away from
Christian people. I stay away from the church. I stay away. Maybe it’s better they could reason.
But this small feast is searching the heart and it’s valuable. God called Abraham alone. And
somehow in that meeting, God was saying to Abraham, I am for you. You have no idea what I’m
going to do for you. I’m going to help you. I’m going to preserve you. I’m going to speak to you.
I’m going to bless you. I’m going to help you. I’m going to make you the father of many nations.
I am God and I can do that.

Do you believe God could do something for your life like take away the stuff that kills you and
give you something that you really need? Something that will give you joy and give you peace.
And wisdom and guidance. Something that you really need? Yes, he will. But you have to kind
of decide on your own. It’s a meeting with you and God. It’s a small meeting in size, but it’s a
powerful one.

It’s like when I asked my wife to marry me. It was like a small meeting. It was her and I. But was
it a powerful meeting? Did it mean something? Yeah. It was powerful. Does she remember it
today, 44 years later? Yeah. I don’t know! I hope so! I haven’t actually asked her now that I think
about it!

Alright. Go back to the text. vs. 30. So Mary was troubled and I’ll put here the word “fear.” There
is a fear that is slavish or it is bondage. It is a fear that oppresses us. But this fear that Mary had
undoubtedly was something that she was troubled but then it’s the respect that she had. The
fear of the unknown or the fear of a mighty angel standing was a healthy fear. The fear of God is
the beginning of wisdom. Maybe it opened her heart. Maybe she – the angel said don’t fear.
Now comes this amazing ministry of comfort to this woman that touches our hearts.

Look at chapter 1:30. Again he repeats it. It’s okay. You have favor with God. It’s okay. I am for
you. vs. 31-33. That’s a word that would catch your – forever! What? Kings reign for two years,
ten years, fifty years. Not forever. But this one will reign forever. Obviously he is the one that
Micah 5:2, O Bethlehem, you’re one among the thousands of Ephrata but from you comes a
ruler whose beginnings are from everlasting. A prophecy about the eternal nature of him who is
born in Bethlehem whose name is Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Counselor.
This is his name. A virgin will conceive. Isaiah 7:14, unto us a son is given, a child is born. This
is extraordinary beyond and Mary is like you and I listening to these words that transcend our

We had the tornado in Kentucky but we need something to transcend our life. Could you
imagine. I thought about our church and the roof being ripped off this whole complex and this
tornado going through Baltimore city doing what happened out there and how tragic and sad.
But we would assemble and look at the devastation and have Christ who transcends everything
in this world.

“In the world you shall have tribulation. Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.” “these
words I have spoken unto you that in me you might have peace. In the world – tornadoes, lost
sons and daughters, broken promises, broken hearts, disillusionment, disappointment. But we
had a small feast once in our life. We had a small feast and God told us we are highly favored.

He is for us and not against us. He is the one that is from the Alpha and the Omega, the one
who is from everlasting.
Go to the next part, vs. 34. She has intelligence here. She has a mind. She has something to
say, something to challenge it. Something to say this could not happen. I do not know a man. I
cannot have a pregnancy. I do not know a man. That cannot happen. She’s able to talk, reason.
She’s sensible. She’s a person like you and I that can doubt and question things. We are
reasonable people. This is very healthy about us in life. Then in this small feast in this talk
between you and God, there are words of life. There’s the Scripture.

I want to say to you, you might be a very good person, a very nice person, an excellent
Christian. But I got to tell you something. You need more than that. You need this book and
read it and keep reading it and think about it. I’ve had problems in my life. I’m a good guy. I can
be a good guy. I’m a good guy. I’m not a bad guy. I’m a good guy. But it’s not enough. I got to
read the book here. These things help me in my life. Nobody could help me. Nobody. But God
could speak to me. God could give me a word. You cannot just be a good guy. You have to
have something more in your life.

Like Mary is saying, how could this be? I do not know a man. That’s like us saying, how do you
explain Creation? How do you explain the Creation of man or human language? How do you
explain my troubles? How do you explain the tornado that just ripped through the heartland of
our country devastating the lives of thousands of people. How can you explain my depression?
How do you explain my broken heart? How can you take care – my son is in prison somebody
could say or I lost a son on the streets of Baltimore. I’m broken hearted. How do you explain it?
Nobody. Nobody can help you like God can help you. I’m not kidding. I want you to have that
kind of life.

That’s why you come here. Cause we open the Bible and we make known things from the Bible.
We’re not smart people. We don’t have any special talent or ability or anything like that. But we
have God, the Holy Spirit speaking to us through the Bible to our hearts. This is a new way of
living. This is what happened to her. Read it with me.
vs. 35. he gave the answer. What? The Holy Spirit will come upon you. That’s what will happen.
You mean me? Now? 2022? 2021? You mean me now? Yes, the Holy Spirit will come upon
you. Me? Yes. He’ll take it away from you. He’ll take the thing away from you. The thing that you
feared. Listen. You cannot live in fear of covid. You cannot live in fear of cancer. You cannot live
with some bitterness in your heart. You cannot live with fear of a car accident. You cannot live in
fear of losing your house. You cannot live in fear of getting unhealthy or getting sick or getting
old. You cannot live in fear of any of those things. No, you cannot live like that. This is different.
The Holy Spirit will come upon you.

That’s how we want to live. All those things can happen to us and undoubtedly some of them will for sure, but the Lord
said, the Lord is my shepherd – David said it in Psalm 23 – I shall not lack. Yea, though I go
through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and
they staff will comfort me. And you will prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies.
And my head is anointed with oil and my cup is running over. And surely – listen to that – surely
goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the
Lord forever. Where is the fear in those? Where is it? That’s part of life but that’s not where we
are living.

Some day I want to say this to all of our young people who have been to GGCA. Sometimes
they get something in their head. I grew up on this campus. I grew up in this church. I’ve been to
the day school. I’ve been to the Bible college or I’ve been in this church. I need a new chapter. I
need to go do something new. I would say to them, be careful with that. Of course we want you
to go on and you’re growing up and we’re behind it. We’re behind that where God leads you
and what he does. But there’s also another leading and that is that even though this has been
my home for many years, it will always be my home because God is in this place.

It has nothing to do with whether I have been here my whole life or not. It has something to do with something
deeper, and that is God’s will for my life and where he wants me to be, what church he wants
me to be part of and what is he saying to me.
Okay. Go to the next verse, vs. 35. Notice he does not say “that holy person.” He says “that holy
thing.” Why? Because its beyond a man. It’s not just a person. Beyond. It’s even indescribeable.
He calls it a thing here. It’s beyond. It’s a man glorified. It’s the Christ, the God Man, 100% God
and 100% man. vs. 35. Mary, you are of the geneology of David’s seed who was promised that
his son would sit on a throne forever, and this is the fulfilling of it. vs. 36.
This I think is the most amazing word for Mary.

What it means in this little meeting here – notice we have this thing here, Small Feast.
She’s troubled and trying to figure out how this would go and the angel drops this word in there.
He goes, your cousin. Your cousin. That’s a key. Your cousin Elizabeth. Why is it a key?
Because her cousin lives in Judah and she could go see her. The angel said your cousin is an
old woman but she’s pregnant by a miracle of God. And just like she’s pregnant by a miracle of
God, so you are. You are now. This has happened. This is what is happening that that holy
thing in you is called the Son of God. And your cousin – you see. There is a linkage there.
That’s a beautiful thing.

There’s an angel that is going to be gone. What do I have on the earth? I have his promise that I
have conceived but I have a cousin. I could go see her. And the angel said she’s pregnant.
She’s in seclusion. These are in another verse. She’s in seclusion. Nobody knows it. But she’s
showing. She’s six months.

The angel didn’t tell her to do it, but she did it. You go see her. You can go see her, and you will
know what I’m saying is true. Let’s read it. vs. 36-37. Do you know that one day you will be
raised from the dead? Your body will be gone and glorified. Do you know that when you drop,
when you are gone, when your spirit leaves your body, your body drops but you will not be
dead. You will be with God. Luke 16, two angels took the poor man to heaven.

Do you know you will meet people in heaven that you’ve known on the earth? Do you know that
that is a reality that they are there now in a feast and we are now with a small feast being told
these things and we are saying, impossible. And the angel said, Mary, what’s impossible with
men is possible with God. This is happening. This is happening. Go and see Elizabeth. The
angel didn’t say that, but I’m saying it to make the point. Go, run, run to Elizabeth and check it
out. Go ahead. Run. Run down to Judah. It’s like a week of walking or a couple weeks to walk
down to Judah to see your cousin.

vs. 38. so she’s believing and she’s submitted. vs. 39. How did she go? Haste. Why? Filled with
curiosity. What? My old cousin, Elizabeth. What? And she goes.
That’s like us. I want to go to the church to see if these things are so. I want to go to a Christian
library and read about the saints of God and see if these things are so. I want to read the
testimonies of believers to see if these things are so. I want evidence that these things are so.
My Bible says it and I want to meet the believers that say it is so. I want fellowship with this thing
because I have a small feast that I’m going to carry with me my whole life.

I’m going to remember this cause this is nothing less than a supernatural pregnancy that is inexplicable.
Read it with me and we’re going to finish. vs. 40. Do you know where Mary’s eyes went right
away when she met her cousin? To her belly! Mary’s looking for the evidence. This is the sixth
month. Is it so?
But it actually goes the other way. Instead of Mary saying an angel appeared to me. No, it went
the other way. It was Elizabeth who is the first one and she prophesies. And she is saying
something to Mary that blows Mary’s mind. She said, this is a short version. She said you are
the mother of my Lord. You are the mother of my Lord. She’s a young woman not showing at all, right? Just a young woman visiting her cousin.

That’s it. This is a coming together of elements that are beyond us. This is true. This is true. This
is our reality. Let the world tell their stories. We have this one. There is no way to explain this.
There is no way this could have been invented. There’s no way to explain it. It’s unbelievable.
Let’s read it. vs. 41-42. I would think Elizabeth would be talking about her womb, you know.
That’s what she would do. My womb. I am showing. This is miraculous. I’m old. There’s no way.
She didn’t. She said your womb. Your womb. Blessed are you among women and the fruit of
your womb. Then it says in vs. 43. Now comes this part. That’s where we will finish right there.
You are carrying my Lord, Jesus Christ, my Savior in your womb. And how could that be that
you would come to me to visit me?

When you have a small feast in your life, there should be something about it that cannot
compare to anything else in this world. The fools that go to parties and celebrate things because
we have nothing else but our emotions, our lust, our passions, our sinfulness, our greed, our
arrogance. The dinner party filled with arrogance. The talk about money and power and
influence or privilege, the new things I bought, arrogance about our self life or something. All of
these feasts are empty and shallow.

But this feast, this one, is the one you want. If you’ve never had it, ask God to lead you and
guide you in it. It will happen because he is for you. You are highly favored. Once you have it,
keep it. Remember it. Mary all her life remembered this. She pondered it in her heart.
Everything she saw as Christ grew up as a child and then ultimately his ministry. She said at his
first miracle at the marriage supper, at the marriage feast, she said do everything he tells you.
That’s what she said in John 2. Do everything he tells you. I know. Just do everything he tells
you. That’s like us.

Do everything he tells you. Trust him with all your heart. He will help you. He will lead you. You
will have a feast like no other. It’s a personal, meaningful, profound exchange between you and
God cause he’s for you and he loves you.



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