Description: There is much empty religion in our world. It serves the outer man, the natural, surface part of the person. Spirit of the Lord brings liberty. A ministry is given to us. We give and go by faith. The Great commission brings power, message, purpose, and results.
2 Corinthians 3:6-7, 13-14; 2 Corinthians 4:1-7; Romans 7:25
Category (checkbox style): Heart, Mind & Emotions, Spiritual Life
Tags (separate by comma): Outer man, inner man, heart, liberty, free
Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Date: 2022-11-27
Time: Sun 11am

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12412
7:00 PM on 11/23/2022


P. Schaller –

Wow! It was sweet, huh? Different style. What’s the name of that style of music? Blue grass? Okay. It was
good. And do you do a song for the offering to? Do you? Okay. Great.
2 Samuel 6. Glasses. I don’t have any. Anybody have reading glasses? Two and a half or
something? Okay. May I do it? That will work. We are 2 Samuel. 6:12-16. National holiday and this
is what we are looking at tonight. Thanksgiving. And the fact that our country decided like the
Jewish people were instructed by God to have three festivals a year. Exodus 23:14. Let’s put that
verse up. I think I got it right. Is it up there? There it is. Feast of Unleavened Bread. That was
one of them. So, three times a year. What is the meaning of the nation having a feast together?

President Washington, December 8, 1795 “join with me in profound gratitude for the author of all
good, extraordinary blessings we enjoy. Is it too much to say that our country exhibits a
spectacle of national happiness never surpassed if ever before equaled. With sincere
acknowledgement to heaven and pure love to our country to unite our efforts to preserve our
immense advantages.” I love these historical statements and this being at the root of our

So, when we think of Jewish people having these festivals and in their history times when they
stopped and they came together and this is one with David in 2 Samuel 6:12-13. Why food? Why
food? Why oxen and fatlings and why bread? Why did they do this? Vs. 14. I think we are
generally thankful people. This is the work of the Spirit in our hearts. I believe being thankful
can change my life. I believe if I am kind of hurt, kind of negative, complaining easily, blaming
others, – I believe all of that kind of life can happen to any of us. Also, I know that if I can change
that, and the Spirit fill me and it will be the spirit of Thanksgiving.

We have praise, thanksgiving in the psalms. We have it in our New Testament. We are always
taught in 1 Thessalonians 1, Paul said he was thankful for the Thessalonians. Thankful for the
Philippians. Praising God for the Ephesians. Very thankful for the churches and so are we. We
can go through the world tonight and say names. Actually, I said to a few folks here by phone,
could you have some names ready. Five or ten names and I’ll call upon you during the message
and I just want you to read off the names of people. We could go through a hundred names of
people without a lot of trouble around the world and here in our auditorium.

My granddaughter Mika is here from Finland. That’s good to see her over there. My other
granddaughter, Lulu is here too from Hawaii and so on. We have family members that are
visiting tonight from different places. Being thankful for people. Thankful for the days that God
has given us. Thankful for our purpose in life. Thankful for our work. To think that God, we
watch God working. We have so much.

So now, collectively when we are together and we have a feast like we have tomorrow. What’s
the meaning? Look at vs. 14-15. This is really very cool that God is saying be emotional. Be
excited. Dance. Blow trumpets. Make some noise. What I have done and who I am in your
midst. Vs. 16. Not everybody is in the game. Not everybody is into it. Not everybody
understands it. This is another type of person. This is a person on the outside and despising the
joy, the freedom, the thankfulness. That is there written there, isn’t it? That’s a reality about
life. We don’t have to pay much attention to it. But we have our celebration with our hearts.

I want you to see another one is Esther 8. As you know the story, the Jews were delivered. Esther
8:15, Mordecai is delivered from Haman. Haman is executed. His sons are executed. The Jews
are delivered from this oppression. Royal apparel. Blue and white. I love it how the ladies really
do the dinner table and they put things out. I love it in the holiday season. I love it our
Convention here. Isn’t the patio out there, the brick patio or what is it called? Courtyard, the
fence the lights up on the hill and so on.

Vs. 15. They were delivered. They were delivered. What was the word that they used when
they came out of Egypt in the Passover? Help me. Come on. They dance around the table. What
do they say? That’s it. Come on up. Do we have a microphone cause I can’t here. Who knows it?
Raise your hand. Go ahead, Kathy. They have the Passover table and the Jew is dressed up with
real nice clothes and they dance around the table. What is the meaning of that phrase? Dai-Dai-
Yenu (Dayenu)? Thankfulness and praising the Lord. I once was a slave but now look at me. I am
free. And actually, maybe you could say he is taking care of me. He has made me rich. He has
blessed me. It’s a festivities. A festival. It’s a statement. It’s like really thankfulness. Really to be

When you have little – sometimes I think this is a simple, little illustration but if you are on the
moon, what would you have on the moon? What you don’t have is water, air, nothing green.
What do you have when you are on the moon? You’re going to die if you don’t have your suit
on. What do you have on the moon? Virtually nothing. But on the earth what do you have? You
have air. You have green. You have blue. You have water. You have food. You have plants,
insects, birds. What do we have here? We could have nothing.

Even worse, we could go to hell because of our sin. As the angel left their habitation and are
judged by God, so man committing sin could be judged by God without a life. But he gives us 70
years as an unbeliever. Seventy years of blessing as an unbeliever. God gives rain to the just and
the unjust, sunshine to the just and unjust. This is called common grace. Oh, to be thankful and
to live in a country like this.

We were in another country a week ago, and the last night the police came and shut it down. I
was thinking is it because of covid. No, it wasn’t. It happens. You get shut down. But we are not
shut down. We have our freedom. We have our books. We have our church. We have our food.

We have life. How about our health care. What an amazing thing that we have in our health
care. I don’t need to remind you of all this but why not say it? And celebrate what we have and
be thankful for all we have. Our refrigerators are packed. Our gas tanks are full or will be. We
travel miles. Fifty five million people traveling this weekend. What a kind of wealth is in this
country. What kind of things do we have. What kind of freedom and education and choices that
we have.

Oh, I think it’s amazing but not only common grace but we have saving grace. We have been
redeemed, washed in the blood. Our name in the book. Called by God. Remembered by
heaven. Never forsaken. Never left alone. Even when we die, God is sending angels to take us
away in Luke 16. Even when we die and we pass through the valley of the shadow. How about
this? All things work together for the good to them that are called. What about that promise?
Exceeding great and precious promises. This means that Thanksgiving is a way of thinking and a
way of living and celebrating.

Let’s go to one more. It’s in Nehemiah 12 I believe where they built the wall in Nehemiah’s
time. Let’s see, Nehemiah 12:43. Just rejoicing. Every graduation we have. Isn’t it kindergarten
graduation? High school graduation. Bible college graduation. All the kinds of weddings that
happen. All the times of festivities and the things that we do and the way we think. Why? Why?
Because God has given us his favor. He has blessed us in so many ways.

Tomorrow, think about people and all the things that the Lord has done for us and be thankful
with each other. Believers and unbelievers alike. Be kind to each other and encourage each
other. I’m sure off to the side somebody in the family will get in a little talk off to the side. It
might be searching their heart or talking about something that troubles them or a question that
they have. It’s a time of rejoicing and of connection with people.

Finishing up here, vs. 44. You see, the Jews had been far away from God. They went into
captivity in Babylon. A small percentage. I think 3% returned. Now, they want to get their act
together so to speak. They want to get right with God. They want to return to God. They want
to not worship idols but come back to God. This is what Nehemiah and Ezra are doing. So, it
says here, vs. 44-45.

Alright, so in closing. I asked Jen Lynch; do you have a few names? Come on down front here.
Avery, come on down up front. Then I asked Avery, Gary Groenewold. Who else did I ask?
Randy Rollins. Just come down and say the names of these people that’s in your heart.

Jen Lynch –

I was thinking back in my life and who I’m thankful for. So of course, it starts with
my mom for without her, I wouldn’t be here. More than that, without her I wouldn’t be here
probably. I wouldn’t be saved. I wouldn’t be in this ministry. I wouldn’t know God like I do. And
then I thought of P. Morrison who was my pastor as a teenager, and just his investment in my life.

And then P. Doug and Beth Wumbolt. The same. They were my first youth leaders. P. Love
who was the youth pastor for my husband, myself and both my kids. He’s still a youth pastor.
He’s timeless. And then I thought of my husband who is the most unselfish person I know. And
just his poured out life for the kids and the school and just his ministry to so many that we saw
on display last night. I’m just really thankful for him. And my kids who are grown up now and
are my friends and their love for people and their friendship for people.

And then I thought of all my friends. I’m so blessed with so many friends especially Bree Weir
cause she’s just like the most unselfish and giving person I know. And then I thought of P.
Schaller and I got the great privilege of working with him and he is like the most incredible
person in the world. His, just his love and care for people. It doesn’t matter who you are. He
genuinely cares and loves and shepherds this flock and we are all grateful for that.

P. Randy Rollins –

I think I got your glasses. Okay. I have my list of heroes. I have Jim and Val.
Over here. Jim and Val and Georgianna, her daughter. I have Pat Calise. Yeah! These are heroes.
How about Steve Sherman. How about P. Jeff McKuen. People I’m thinking of. Heroes. How
about Olivia Veader. How about John Odahara and the three: Bonnie, Evi, and Lorraine. And a
good friend, Harry Weiskopf. P. Harry. I love you guys.

Avery Powers –

I was supposed to come up with some names, too. And I wrote them down. I’m
so thankful for so many people and I just writing them down I was like oh, man. This is just
going on and on and on. If I can come up with the people without looking at it. So, my parents.
My mother and my father and brother are first. My wife, Karelia of course. Actually, she was
first. I’m going through my memory here. And then of course, her parents. My in-laws. Marijka
and P. Mike Walsh.

And then there is my family that is down here: my aunt Mary, my aunt Kathy, my uncle Gary,
my uncle Jerry and their children. My cousins Liz Orsey and Nick and then Matt LaFlamme, Dave
LaFlamme. Love those guys. And then I am so thank for so many people. I work with Amanda
and LeAnne and Amal and P. Bill and they’re just amazing. And everyone else I work with are
amazing. Scott Dubay and Wes are housing me and my wife right now. I’m so thankful for that.
I could go on. Steve Dymond, Ryan Greene, Jesse Feyers. Everyone in classes that I take classes
with. Anu and Emma. Ryan Reagan. Now I just look around and I’m like oh, man. Billy Pilfer. The
outreach team in Perry Hall. Bertram and Noella Perreira. It just goes on. I’m going to stop
because it think it was ten! I don’t know where I was with that.

P. Gary Groenewold. –

Okay, I got ten too. As I saw P. Love on stage tonight, he says when I
think of you I think of Faith Promise. I wonder why? I’ll tell you about that in a second. P.
Renaldo calls me the face of Faith Promise. Can you say that three times without stuttering?
The face of Faith Promise. Three people I was thankful for – about ten people I was thankful for

and I’m excluding my family but I’ll give a little reason why. Paul Lipsett just totally – is that Tim
Roberge over there? Pay attention. Okay. Pay attention. I’m thankful for you. The miracle that
happened in his life in GGCA when his parents moved down here. I got to see the
transformation in his life and what happened in his life in GGCA. It was amazing what happened
to him.

Paul Lipsett just his love for the Word and his gentle spirit. My dear friend Steve Devries. What
a guy. And John Waylon. His face and love for truth. Tom Donnelly the way you greet us. Tom
Donnelly. Thank you. Dan Dunbar, the way he at his age and his career or whatever, the way he
went to the mission field. It speaks volumes to me all the time when I think of him. Bob
Schwartz, the way he continues. Stephen Stein. What a man. Stephen Stein. The guy loves
truth. Lorraine Micciulla. The way you doubled up tonight. I don’t know where you are but I’ll
tell ya. You’re confession is amazing.

Ara Shismanian the way he edifies. How he edifies anybody I know. And he’s the only one that
knows how to handle his sister-in-law! There’s a tandem here that extremely blesses me. It’s
Sedrick Tanksley. He’s on one bookend and the other bookend is his son, Jayden. I don’t know
what it is but I see them and I’m comforted. Jayden is this young guy and it’s like you know he
gets his share at the dinner table. He’s confident, joyful and you feel secure around him. If I see
him, I just feel secure. I’m serious. He just makes me feel secure.

I wrote down but I crossed it off but I want to mention it. The security greeting. The way the
security greets us. It’s amazing, friendly, with authority. I’m so thankful for that. And then the
Missions office. If you ever had a chance to work in the Mission’s office, it’s extremely dynamic.
It’s extremely dynamic and just all the personality and the spirituality. It’s a roller coaster ride in
the Missions Office. It’s so diverse. I’m so thankful for what I’ve learned in the Missions Office.
It’s amazing. Those are just some people I’m thankful for.

And then the reason I came up here is to talk about Faith Promise. You can see I have the
sweatshirt on. This is to prepare us for this Sunday. Sometimes we just spring Faith Promise on
the church. We want people to think about it prayerfully. Think about it. Not just like well,
Sunday we are doing it. It left my mind. Maybe it will leave my mind until the next year. That
type of thing. I don’t have to think about it again. We do it before Convention.

But Faith Promise or supporting missions – our missionaries that’s the way our church works.
We don’t have a great big tidal wave of funds that are just throwing our missionaries out to sea.
We have faithful supporters like you that support our missionaries. This Sunday hopefully it will
– I want you to think about it being personal to me. That’s something I want to talk about this
Sunday. It should be personal to you. If you don’t know our missionaries, You can go to Church
Center. That’s the ap. Everyone should have Church Center ap. You can simply go on “donate” to missions and it comes right up there. The whole list of names of people and places you can
donate to.

Let’s just define Faith Promise for a second. It’s not your offering. It’s not your tithes. Set that
all aside. It’s something where you believe in the Great Commission. You believe in the gospel.
You believe what our church is doing with missions. And you by faith, – Faith Promise – you say
God, it’s beyond your tithe, beyond your offering. You say God is this what you want me to
give? I’m going to give it. And you can do it on a monthly basis.

It’s not an abundance that you have even. It may be something that you don’t have and you
give it to missions. You watch God be faithful. You watch God be faithful. That’s the part of it.
That’s the excitement of it. You watch God be faithful. And it can be a small gift, a big gift. I
suggest even monthly donations. Not necessarily one time donations, where you are actively
involved in it all year. You’re thinking. You’re personal with missions all year. You’re writing that
check out or you are making a reoccurring commitment to missions.

Stir your heart up to missions. Think about it. Talk to your friends the next couple days about
Faith Promise. Your spouse about faith Promise. The sacrifice. You don’t get that. You support
Faith Promise. Okay. Someone. Some place. Think about it. it’s a joy to do.
And then just the other thing is we have a general missions fund. You don’t know what to
support. You like the church. You like what we do. We have a committee that meets and we
decide where money goes to the greatest need. Okay. So, you can support the general Missions
fund, the greatest need. Okay. You can do that if you don’t know where to give. And you just
want to give. Sometimes we have needs that arise that are places that we want to support for a
conference or for people to travel or people to do something special in the church.

That’s what Faith Promise is. Think about it. Let it be something that doesn’t just pass this next
Sunday, okay? Don’t let it just – don’t say I missed it this time. Maybe I can keep missing it
every year. Say, I want to be a part of it. And this Sunday, we will talk about it more and you can
think about the commitment you want to make. It doesn’t have to be because you have an
abundance. It’s called Faith Promise. Something you might not even have. You don’t know
where it’s coming from but you give. That’s Faith Promise and it will be this Sunday. Thank you.


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