Let us not view Christianity in natural terms. God does things that are above and beyond anything that we could think of. He takes far beyond our own understanding. He heals and delivers according to the Word that has life and power and authority. (Romans 1)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon 12011
6:30 PM on 12/20/2020

P. Schaller –

I wonder if anybody has a testimony from caroling. (Testimonies). I like that sentence, “this is the best time
I had all year.” What a tough year! This is the best time I had all year. Isn’t church a good time?
Wow! It’s just awesome. We had it all year. It’s amazing. I want to thank the Body for all the
giving because of all we’ve gone through in terms of attendance, but the online giving keeps
coming and we keep going. More or less we are making our budget. I want to give a salute to
the online folks. Praise the Lord. Could you keep it coming and double it. Thank you so much.
The year has been very unique, hasn’t it? It’s like a school, like a class. The Lord is saying you are
passing the grade and I am with you. I am preparing you and one day we are going to meet him.
I wonder when that is. Jesus didn’t say he knew the time and the angels don’t know the time,
the day or hour but we kind of know the season and the season looks something like what we
are looking at today. How many feel we are in the end times?

I guess we have to teach more about that. Here’s a good question. How many want to hear more about the end times from this pulpit? What do you think? Maybe this coming year. Let it rip. I think it’s amazing what we
learn in the Bible. Isn’t it amazing what the Bible is telling us. This is from God. It’s amazing.
Precious. And we are anticipating. I wonder how long we are going to live? (forever). Oh,
forever! I didn’t know that! That’s good! In the summer, normal summers, our family went to
Cape Cod. During that week, David LeBlanc is a Greater Grace pastor in Sandwich,
Massachusetts on the Cape. We would have a picnic and I would slip away from the family and
go. I met this couple, David and Dawn Grabowski, and they were a little older than me, precious
people. We did the picnic. I got a call this morning at 1 in the morning she wasn’t feeling so
good. She said to her husband, can you get me a glass of water? When he came back, she was
gone. Where did she go? Heaven. How long do you have to live in this life time? Turn to your
neighbor and ask them how many days do you have left?

How many? We got 365 days in a year. How many days is that? Ten years is 3,650 days and add a few for leap year. How many days do you have left in your life? All of them. Maybe. Hey, what if you took a jar and put 3,650
marbles in there and every day take one out. At the end of the nine-year mark getting toward
the ten, you look at the jar and you realize I lost my marbles! Who stole my marbles? The Bible
says we don’t count our years. What do we count? Our days. I wonder how many days. We
don’t know but these are the days to live like this way. We have a good time and God is with us
and helping us and financially we are okay. Praise the Lord. How are your home finances going?
Cheryl and Herold. Let’s be transparent in the congregation. Keep talking! How many have
found that tithing is a very real thing in life? We believe in tithing. Those in other places of the
world don’t believe in it, you argue it. You got to use some number. Bible says give the first
fruits. I need a number. I need to take a percentage off the first pile, off the top. Why not use

10%. And then pay all my bills from the rest of it. The Lord says in Mal. 3 test me. Prove me and
see. How many have proved God? I am a firm believer in it. I thank the church for what is
happening here. It’s beautiful.

P. Scibelli –

Wasn’t that great? Romans 1, thank you for being here tonight. It’s good to be here.
Church is a miracle, isn’t it? I’m going to talk about miracles tonight. I’ve been thinking about it
all day. The message this morning, the miracle of the Incarnation. Romans 1:16, the power of God.
Sometimes because of the overemphasis in some movement on miracles, what happens is
people go in the opposite direction and view Christianity in a natural way instead of
supernatural. We don’t see the great possibilities of God doing miracles. Can God do a miracle?
The world says no. The flesh says no. The devil says never. Religion says no. Carnal Christians
say no, but we say yes and amen. We say God has done miracles, is doing miracles, and will do
miracles. Power, DUNAMIS, means God has the ability and power that goes beyond the natural.
As we view our lives and situations that occur in our lives, through human reason we try to
come up with ways of seeing things change or take place or new beginnings or whatever, and I
can find myself not looking to the God that does miracles. It’s incredible. Think about it. A virgin
shall conceive and bear a son. What do you call that? A miracle.

A virgin, Isaiah 14, 700 years before. A virgin shall conceive and bear a son and his name will be called Emmanuel, God with us. A virgin conceiving. A miracle. The star comes and guides the wise men over where the babe
is. What do you call that? A miracle. The wise men coming from the east with gifts, gold,
frankincense and myrrh. What do you call that? How did that happen? That was a miracle. I
know there were people talking about the prophesies and Daniel and what not, but it’s a
miracle they came all the way. The shepherds praising God, glorifying God. The angels. The Lord
looks at it as something that occurred but to us it’s the miracle of the Incarnation. Can I ask
myself, can a miracle take place in my life? Say to yourself, I’m a miracle. I’m a miracle. I’m a
miracle. You’re a miracle. The miracle of salvation. Being born again. What happened? I said yes
to God and was translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his dear Son. Colossians
1:13. That a what? A miracle. I made a decision to receive Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit came
into my life and translated from one kingdom to the another. That’s a miracle. That’s a miracle.
It’s incredible. We pass by these things.

Oh, yeah, someone raised their hand in church. I can become familiar with those kinds of things. It’s a miracle you are sitting here tonight. The church is a miracle, set apart, called of God. Acts 2 in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit came. There’s
120 men hiding for fear of the Jews, John. 20. Hiding, and the Holy Spirit comes, and they get
power in their preaching in the city Jesus was crucified. What do you call that? A miracle. Can
that happen in my life with my health and my finances and marriage or reconciliation or friends getting back together? Yes, not through natural thinking but through the supernatural miracle
of God. Jan 6, 1976, I asked Jesus to come into my life and deliver me and I got delivered of 17
years of narcotics in one second. No programs. Nothing like that at all. You know what
happened? It was a miracle. My wife praying, my brother praying. Will this crazy person ever
come around? They believed and prayed, and a miracle took place. We pray to Jesus Christ our
intercessor. Hebrews 7:25. Maybe we don’t see anything happening. But are we having an
expectation of a miracle? Two young people go to the Far East from Springfield. I don’t know
where you were from. All of sudden things were happening in China. It’s a miracle. I just
experienced in the Dominican Republic a miracle.

P. Bill Cannon goes to Haiti and in a short time of a year or so and you know what happens. He gets very ill. Here they are in Haiti with 12 churches and I go to the Dominican Republic and there are 100 people there and the people
that started the church are from P. Bill Cannon’s ministry. That’s a miracle. Try to figure that
out. Well, okay, let’s sit down and have a board meeting with an organizational emphasis about
how we are going to get a church started in the Dominican Republic, and what we are going to
do for finances and how we are going to do it, how is it going to take place, and how are we
going to get visas. What about the money, the finances and all those things? I’m not against
those things taking place but I’m looking for a miracle. I’m looking for a miracle. That’s a miracle
Someone coming from Maine. A man who sold bread. He gets saved and delivered and he
starts a church and the church starts a Bible school. And someone comes from New York, all the
way from New York and becomes a student at the Bible school. How many students were there
then? Thirty students.

God raises up people from that Bible school and these people go into 80
countries now with 768 churches. What do you call that? I call it a miracle. That’s miraculous. I
can lose the flavor of that sometimes. I begin to think it’s Christmas. That’s what my checkbook
says. I don’t know who is going to get a present and who is not. What am I getting for
Christmas? What’s going to be under the tree? What is going to take place? I’m not saying
that’s what we do. The world doesn’t know anything about the miraculous. The flesh doesn’t
know anything about the miraculous. Carnal Christianity know nothing about the miraculous.
The devil hates the miraculous. Where did Josh comes from? I don’t even know. He gets up
there and he sings. I love his singing. We have great musicians and a great band. How did he get
here? It’s a miracle. Miracles take place. Where did P. Love come from? A miracle. From
Boston? Is that where you came from? Who led you to Christ?

Bill Cannon. P. Bill Cannon leads him to Jesus Christ and look at the miracle we have with us. It’s a miracle. Halleluiah! Look at the person next to you and say you’re a miracle. If there’s nobody next to you, I don’t know
what to tell you to do. Look behind you. You’re a miracle. It’s miraculous intervention. Salvation
is a miracle. The church is a miracle. Healing is a miracle. We’ll have prayer for the sick tonight. I always go up there for prayer when I’m sick and get anointed with oil, but it’s the same old,
same old. How about expecting a miracle from God? God can do a miracle. It’s amazing. We
went to Ghana and I didn’t know you were supposed to have a visa. The guy said you’re going
home. I said like heck I’m going home. I ain’t going nowhere. And then we started. There was
about ten and then there was fifteen Then the church began to grow, and the churches are 48
now in Ghana and the churches spread to 25 countries. And they grew and men of God went to
countries like P. Renaldo and there’s P. Sam and P. Luigi.

It was a miracle. You can’t evaluate it or look at it through human reason and try to figure it out how did this actually take place and begin to develop a pattern of the natural when it’s a supernatural miracle. It’s a miracle of God.
I went into a room one day and they said there was a man there who was a very good friend of
mine. He was very close to me, my cousin but also in the church. I loved him. This man was
incredible. He actually intimidated me. There were two people that actually intimidated me.
One was Curley Owens and the other Randy Bertacki. Randy Bertacki said come with me to the
Catholic church. I said okay. I’ll come along. I wasn’t really into it, but I went with him anyway.
He gets up in the middle of the church and starts preaching. I’m like, what the heck is he doing?
He says let’s go now. He preached for about ten minutes, so we got to go. A miracle took place.
They said he is brain dead. They said there is nothing on the machine. Look at him. He’s brain
dead. He got in a car accident. He was brain dead.

There was nothing there. The nurse said are you one of those Christians that are going to go in and pray and I suppose a miracle will happen? He’s walking around today. He got healed. It all came back. He got delivered. He got
healed. I don’t care what pattern of sin there could be in my life or in your life. God can take it
with a simple miracle. Well, you know, I got to go through 81 hours of counseling. I got to go
through this and this and this and this. God could take it in a moment of time. For a brief
moment grace has been shown us from the Lord our God to give us a remnant to escape. It
happened in a moment when Jesus spoke. It happened in a moment. A woman is delivered
from an issue of blood she had for 12 years. A demoniac with 6,000 demons, at least 6600 some
say. My name is legion, and we are many. Come out. She becomes an evangelist. It was a what?
Miracle. Jairus’ daughter raised from the dead. A miracle.

I know you know all these things, but I’m amazed at the miraculous that God does. One time we were doing a baptism in Liberia. Maybe you heard this story. The water we were doing the baptism in is not any water most
people wouldn’t want to go in. It was murky and dark and couldn’t tell what was in there. I’m
thinking snakes. We bring this girl in. I don’t know who she was. We put her down in the water
and she comes out a demon. Excuse me? It’s another thing that comes out of the water. It’s
insulting, blaspheming, speaking against God. It’s got power and strength. We held it down. P.
John Jason cast three demons out of the girl. We led her to Christ. She got saved and she got baptized. That was a miracle. That was a supernatural – I know these stories are crazy, but they
are the truth. It was a miracle of God. God can change your financial situation miraculously.
God can put two people together that are struggling in their lives. I’ve been with my wife 55
years. Stand up. She’s an amazing woman of God.

She’s not going to want to stand up. I know her. She’s the one with the mask on. I met her in 1965 and we had 10 years before we got married. She said is anything going to happen here? Amazing being with me 55 years. That’s a
miracle! That’s a miracle. I can’t stand myself more than an hour or two. It’s a miracle. Every
one of you is a miracle. God initiated to you. Pre-salvation work is a miracle. The Bible college is
a miracle. Having the word of God available to us in Bible school and raps on Grace Hour and
the pulpit. Don’t take it for granted. That’s a miracle. I’ve talked to people sometimes. I’ve been
with people. There is no church allowed. There is no preaching allowed. Everything has to be
done in secret and hidden in some places in Asia. Many places. Even in eastern Europe there
were places like that. It’s miraculous we have a country where we can do this. Let’s not take it
for granted. It’s a miracle. I was thinking of P. Duane George today. He’s a miracle. His parents
are definitely a miracle to handle him all those years. That’s a miracle.

That’s a miracle. We had so many things taking place. We crossed lakes in Uganda with crocodiles following us. You see their eyeballs. They’re just there. I know what they are waiting for. They’re waiting for the ship
to go down. But you know what happened? A miracle. We made it all the way. Then they said
to me you can’t fly back. You got to go back on the same boat. I’m like you got to be kidding
me. All P. Duane is doing for 20 hours sings one song. I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning
back, no turning back. He kept saying that phrase for hours. No turning back and smiling. I
wanted to hang him. You know what I mean. Having him with me was a miracle. It was
miraculous. What God is doing and will do in the ministry and in your personal life. Look for the
miraculous. Halleluiah. Don’t look at your financial situation. God can do a miracle in financial
situations. He can do a miracle in making sure that you got more grace that will operate much
more powerfully than any thorn in your flesh.

God can do a miracle and remove besetting sins that plague people. Are you with me? God can save people in this city. God can take a drug addict and deliver him. We had a home called the Light House. I had nine or ten of some of the
most interesting characters you ever want to meet in your life. But you know what God did with
them? He did a miracle. They got saved and delivered. Everyone is trying to figure out how to
deal with drug problems and crime problems. It’s going to take a miracle. It’s the miracle of
God. It’s the power of God. It’s salvation. It’s deliverance. It’s Christian growth. It’s receiving
from God. It’s trusting God. God doing miracles. I need a miracle in January to go to four
countries. We do four conferences in four different places. You say how? I say miraculously.
What about the covid? Miracle. I got a shield of faith. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I don’t care. I just don’t care. If you get to be 73, you count your days. At this point, whatever.

One night I had a calculator counting how many more nights I had to sleep. My wife said would
you put that stupid thing away and go to sleep? I was figuring if I lived to be 93 like my mother,
I thought 20 years from 73 times 365, and I figured how many days and all that. I was driving
myself crazy trying to figure out how many more days I had to sleep. I thought to myself, this
could be the last night for all we know. What do we know about that, right? But God
intervenes. God does miracles and he’s continuing to do them. This is the power of God. The
woman at the well. This is a miracle of salvation. Sometimes I can be a little bit intimidated
about evangelism because I don’t realize God is miraculous. God will put somebody in front of
me that has been ordained before the foundations of the world and what will take place even if
they say no right now is a miracle. It’s a miracle to communicate the Gospel to someone. To say
at Christmas, God loves you and you can be born again. Someone said to me I don’t want to
hear that word “born gain.” I said, born again, born again, born again, born again, born again,
born again, born again. They said, okay.

Tell me about it then. You got to know how to wear people down. Really. I wore them down. It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle, isn’t it? The person next to you is a miracle of grace. Having the word of grace is a miracle of grace. Having doctrine is a
miracle. Having a mission. I want to see us have a thousand churches. You say, how? We just
planted two this weekend in Liberia. I’m talking about us worldwide. I want to see a thousand
churches. How is it going to happen? A miracle. The miracle of Bill Cannon and what is taking
place in the Dominican Republic. God can do it. We can’t do it. Without me, you can do nothing.
Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. DUNAMIS, achieving
power, ability from God. I don’t look at situations and say I can’t do that. I don’t say, can God
furnish a table in the wilderness? I don’t ask that kind of question. I say God can and God will
furnish a table in the wilderness. God saved us. It’s a miracle. He brought us to a church. It’s a
miracle. The church has a mission.

That’s a miracle. We bring this message. That’s a miracle.
What God is going to do year after year and if the Lord tarries the next generation and the next
generation, and the heritage God has. That’s miraculous. Don’t look at the natural. Don’t look
at sight. Look at the miracle working God. We used to have a song in Ghana called “He’s a
Miracle Working God. He’s the Alpha and the Omega. He’s the miracle working God.



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