The Lord gives freedom through His Word. God delivers us by His Spirit. His Grace takes away all of our bondage. (Galatians 5:1, 13)

Speaker(s): Pastor Glen Cannon, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11259
7:30 PM on 5/10/2017

P. Glen Cannon

You’re a beautiful audience. Just looking at you is such a joy to my heart.

I told my wife she says honey, P. Scibelli is here, encouraging me. It’s only five minutes!

I’m so thankful our pastor tonight is in India. I wish I could be a fly on the wall there. The growth there all these years. Amazing to think what is happening there.

S.S. I was struck on Sunday night by P. Scibelli’s message. At one point, he mentioned Peter after denying the Lord and meeting Jesus he brought out that wonderful question. Can you imagine meeting J.C. and if he asked you that one question, do you love me? What would our response be? Oh, I do Lord. I love you. I’m growing in that love but when we are face to face with him, it will be crystal clear that is the most important question and the greatest love. Do you love me?

Funny thing my wife and I. We will have our anniversary on Friday. 16 years together. Usually when we go to sleep, the last thing she says to me is do you love me. Yes, honey, I love you. One time I was tired or something, out of my mind when she asked that. I said more than most. She said what? More than most? I don’t know why I said that!! Now that is our joke. Do you love me? More than most? Amazing.

I think we could speak to the Lord that way. Familiar with him. How can we be familiar with him? That’s why we come to church. I thank God for this book Song of Solomon. With great joy I thought how I am going to teach this book without blushing every page. Rabbis used to keep this from young men until I think they were 40. It’s a picture of our response to the Lord’s question do you love me. Song of Songs. This is poetry, a love song. This is the greatest one, the Song of all Songs. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. This would be a provocative t-shirt. Your love is better than wine. Wow. Why don’t you drink? I don’t drink because his love is better than wine. That’s mentioned twice in this passage. The bride speaking of the bridegroom.

The Puritans had a verse, Rom 8:16, it talks about the Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of God. They called that verse the kiss of the Spirit. To think a verse could be a kiss to us. The H.S. witnesses to the deepest part of me telling me I am a child of God. God, kiss me with the kisses of your mouth. Your love is the greatest love.

Because of the fragrance of your good ointment, your name is ointment poured forth, vs. 7. Isn’t it fun in worship when the worship leader says just say his name. Even the clapping tonight or singing a certain phrase. To be focused on him. His name is like a fragrance. Think of a perfume filling this place. It’s poured forth. Therefore the virgins love you. Draw me away and we will run after you. P. Scibelli had that beautiful message on being drawn. This is bold of this woman to speak this way. Isn’t this intimacy we long for? I remember speaking at my father’s funeral. He was an incredible evangelist, a great servant for many years. He said I want my funeral to be in the Catholic Church. We worked it out in [city?] in Massachusetts. My brother gave the message you must be born again. I did the eulogy.

1 Cor 8:3 God gave me this verse about my father. Remember that? The way I took it was if we love God, it will be known. People will know it, see it. Isn’t it amazing to say to the devil, I love God. I love God. I say draw me and I will run after you. That verse is saying if any man love God, it’s not that others will know it but God knows that. This one is known of him. That’s one of our greatest desires, the deepest need to be known and cherished and loved. God knows that we love him and knows us better than ourselves and he loves us. He knows everything and he loves us. There is a day when we are going to be face to face. We love as best we can in these bodies but a day we will be able to love him fully as he loves us and know him fully as he knows us. That’s what we are longing for.

Last night in the class – we usually have a party the last class. We passed the mike around and so sweet to hear testimonies from students. The class was on grace. P. Ralph Roe believed the greatest revelation of grace is our adoption. We are children of God. Then one gentlemen named Gerald, he came to our open house. He came by and sat in the class. He loved it and signed up. He gave a testimony and said there was a situation in my life where my son committed a crime and is in prison. I was so upset I would not speak with him. He came and heard about the prodigal son. He said that was it. That was what I needed to hear. God was calling me to be a father to my son. His son got out of prison and went up to him and hugged him. He said I’m proud of you.

That’s our God. That’s our God. That’s his love. He knows everything about us but is for us and loves us. Amazing.

P. Scibelli

Gal 1:5, 13, Woody, you taught me today some sign language. This was “bondage” and this was “freedom.” He’s a great man. Don’t you love Woody?

I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of days. If you’ve ever been in prison, – I remember evangelizing in Qatar and they jailed me when eating a chicken sandwich and left the sandwich there. I was unhappy. I said if you are a jail with integrity, you will get my sandwich back. He went and got it. You forgot the fries. He said going too far. When I got out it was so great to get out. P. Love, I know you’ve never been in jail. Did someone bail you out? P. Glen’s father. Sorry for unveiling that!

I remember P. Glen how many years ago we made that trip to India with P. Robinson. 34 years ago. That was great. I remember Johnny’s hut. Bombay Ray. They put us in a hut and the bathroom was the shower. I woke up one night and I was lying next to Ray Eman. We had a sheet and I looked over and he had a beard and there was a rat in his beard. I didn’t wake him up. That rat has to eat, too! That was a crazy trip. P. Robinson was preaching on the train about the thief on the cross and someone stole something from him. That was an unusual trip. When I went from India to Greece, I thought I went to heaven. If you are watching this and from India, don’t be offended.

I said to someone I miss you. They said you notice I haven’t been around. I said come. I’m preaching. They said in my face, for sure I’m not coming. I thought I’m not going to be in bondage to that. When preach on liberty and bondage all kinds of things try to bring you into bondage. It’s to make the message real. Practical and personal.

Paul is saying to the Galatians, stand fast in the liberty where Christ has set you free. Be not entangled in the yoke of bondage. This idea of bondage is the bondage that causes me to have no ability to move. I can’t experience God, who I am in God. I’m saved positionally but not experiencing the joy and peace and fruit of the H.S.

As P. Glen was talking about God’s love, Gal 5 mentioned liberty and love of God 4 times. It says by love serve one another. All the law is fulfilled by one word “love.” The fruit of the Spirit is love. Love is connected to liberty. Knowing who I am and what I will do in my life gives me liberty. Some people use messages on liberty to sin. It doesn’t say liberty to the flesh but liberty to serve. Not this. (He’s making the signs). Bondage or liberty? That’s why I don’t do sign! My granddaughter said your fingers are a mess. You shouldn’t do anything with your hands. It can creep in. The enemy is in bondage forever. He will spend eternity in the lake of fire. He would like to get Christians and people in general in bondage.

One of the great bondages is fear of death, Heb 2:15.

Paul is saying to the Galatians 2:4 and 4:9 don’t fall into bondage again. When you were lost and controlled by evil and unsaved you were in bondage. Don’t go back to that again experientially. The person that God delivered goes back to something they were delivered from. They are incapable of movement. No freedom, movement, joy, or peace. God wants us to have liberty. Liberty. Freedom. I don’t think pastor T. J. thought I was going to preach on this. You’re saying we’re free, we’re free. Was he in my room today? To be people that are free. If we walk around in bondage, why would I get saved to be like you? You look so miserable anyway. God says I want you to have liberty, the liberty of grace, love, and mercy. To live in liberty and freedom. The enemy and the world and flesh are trying to put us in bondage.

Rom 7 I’m sure you read. Oh wretched, – I’m miserable. He’s an apostle and he’s miserable. Could it happen to any of us? I bet no one here is miserable. You got your tax bill? A doctors report, something someone says? You become miserable. Oh wretched miserable man that I am. Who shall deliver me from this body of sin and death?

Rom 7 uses “I” 27 times. He’s in bondage to “I.” He’s in bondage to himself. Rom 7 to end of the chapter you see 27 times he used the word “I” or “me.” He’s focusing on himself and bringing him into bondage. The law of the Spirit of life of Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death. Will set me free from me! Some talk about idolatry in India and Africa. Do you know how big idolatry is in America? Look in the mirror. The idol of self. Be in bondage to self. In bondage to who I think I am or should be. It’s a bondage. We get caught up. Someone said if you weren’t pastoring. Is pastoring my life? I thought my life was Christ? Some people derive their identity from their title. Is that my identity? I’m the coach, pastor, teacher, businessman, or computer specialist. Who I am is not what I do. Hello? I’ve heard someone say oh you’re just a mother. A mother is the highest calling on planet earth. She has to raise children. Right Tootie? I’m thinking of P. Duane. Mrs. Veader, how would you like to raise 9 Veader’s? This woman is a saint. They’re interesting. She’s as close to God as you can get and she prays for me all the time. She tells me all the time when I go away. She says it strong. I’m praying for you. In bondage. I am what I am by the grace of God. I’m not what I do. I’m P. Scibelli’s secretary. That’s bondage. You are Oula or Pirjo by the grace of God. I don’t want to live in bondage. It’s amazing how they can come in. God wants us absolutely free.

Lk 4:18-24 quoting Is 61:1 was all about freedom. Poor get the riches of grace. To heal the broken hearted. They get abundant mercy. Set the captives free. They get the word of truth. Blind spiritual get the eyes of God’s faith. To set up them that are bruised. Those that are down get the finished work. He quoted from Lev 25 to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. The year of God’s profuse favor. This day the Scriptures are fulfilled in your ears and they tried to kill him, throw him off a cliff. These men are on the road to Emmaus and a stranger on the road comes. They are in bondage to the Jewish Messiah. We thought it would be him who would redeem us from the Roman Empire. In bondage to what Messiah is supposed to do. In bondage to something religious. It could be scriptural. I remember preaching in some denomination and there can be denominational bondage.

I was in a church and they said remember you are given 15 minutes. They want to make sure the pulpit is close so they can pull the back of your jacket so you know the time is up. I moved it forward and out of their grasp. The mike screwed in. I think these people are screwed. Tremendous bondage. I got set free. I started to walk the aisles with the mike. They lost it. We didn’t know you were Pentecostal? I preached grace, finished work, eternal security and doctrine.

We put chickens on the pulpit and hold them by the neck. What is your will like?

Someone told me they left the church in Ghana because they had coke cola on the pulpit. If drink water, I live in the bathroom and run to the bush and come back sweating. Are you ok? Until the next glass of water. At least I know coke hasn’t been open. I’m leaving church because you put a coke bottle on the pulpit? Have a great week! Love you.

Great song girls. They are incredible. I was listening to them when they were practicing. God’s Spirit is on them and in them.

I want to live in the liberty of God to walk with God and serve God. How easy to fall into bondage. The devil and demons love to get us into bondage. They had a hard time with the Apostle Paul.

We used to minister with a Bible study and heroin addicts. Go out on the break and smoke on the porch. Some of the church leaders drove by and saw them smoking. They called me in the office. Stephen, what kind of Bible study are you running? People smoking cigarettes and cigars? Two weeks ago they were smoking heroin. Would you give them a break? They went from heroine to smoking a cigarette. You can’t come to church because you smoke? That’s really helping them a lot. What gives us liberty?

Jn 8:31-36 truth will set you free. Why should I come to church? So you can be free. You want to be free once a week or three times a week? There is another P. Scibelli. He’s preaching in Massachusetts. He was saying to the church you’re just going to be here Sunday morning. I thought I was listening to you! He’s my brother. He’s pastoring a church in Massachusetts.

I was watching someone today for 35 minutes (looking at the phone). Come up for air! Addictions. In bondage. I’m free because of the Word. We hear preaching and we become free. I want to hear the Word of God that cuts my flesh. It’s good for me. Why did he say that? Because I plan to say it. You want your flesh to keep existing? The Word of God is quick and powerful…sword. I need to be free from this miserable person outside of Christ. Freedom because of the Word. We are free. We go to Bible school to be free. What’s the next source of freedom? Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. When I’m living in sin, I have no liberty.

1 Jn 1:9 I have liberty from the H.S. I’m being filled, led, walk in the Spirit, and bear the fruit of the Spirit. We have liberty. Spirit gives liberty. Doesn’t place people in bondage. What else gives us liberty? The grace of God. Stand fast in the grace of God. Be not entangled again. That silly string for some people is bars. All over and can’t get out. Finished work, grace message and love of God set me free. Imagine being in bondage in Egypt for 400 years and come out with the arm of God. God set them free. They are having an awesome time. We’ve been freed. We are free from the OSN, from the past. What are you going to do? Live in that the rest of your life? I know a lot about psychology. I ran a counseling center and have degrees but it all put me in bondage. Are you going to live in that? Imagine if Paul lived in his past. He was a murderer of Christians. Forgetting what is behind, press on to the mark of the prize of the high calling in Jesus. One time I was walking and heard “Scibelli.” I know who you are. I thought it was a voice of the demon. In bondage to your past. In bondage to the future. Worry about what will happen five years from now. What will take place in America. Will I ever get married or have kids? Bondage to the future. I’m free. You can have the future. I’ll take forever. How about in bondage to people’s expectations of me. This is what you should be doing in your life. When did you become God? How about in bondage to health. All the health fanatics are dead. All those who eat green things and peanuts. I eat candy bars.

My mother was 93 and still eating Snickers. I never ate a green thing until 35. I put them in the hole in the table and that’s why the kitchen smelled. I hated green things: spinach, beans, peas were my worst enemies. I had pockets of peas. What’s in your pocket? Gum. It was peas.

People are in bondage to diets. How about in bondage to you rage. Someone asked me we expect you to stop the traveling. I’m not stopping until I’m dead. You figure that out. I’m not in bondage to my age. I’m not in bondage to how I look. Your pants are wrinkled. What do I care? I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m married. I don’t even know what goes together. My wife says that tie doesn’t go with that shirt! In bondage to how we look. You want to look nice but not drive yourself nuts over it. How about in bondage to finances. Reason I work three jobs 100 hours a week. In prison, when they clap your feet together they call it the duck walk. You are financially doing the duck walk. In bondage to your finances.

I want liberty from God. Spirit of God, Word of God, truth sets me free, Son makes me free indeed. Grace gives me liberty. Finished work, God loving me, gives me liberty. Liberty to walk with God. I said to Dr. Stevens once I could never think or imagine doing what you do? He said I could never do what you do. He set me free.

I was living a little insecure to a certain idea I had of what a pastor should do. I went to him and said a lot of pastors can settle in and be in one place. I can’t do that. When I go to a place I am looking to get out. I was condemning myself and beating me up. He said that’s not your gift. Yours is pastoral/evangelical. I was free. I didn’t see it. Freedom.

I want to live in freedom and liberty, capable of movement, not being a slave to something. Paul said I, Paul, the prisoner of the Lord.

Eph 3:1, 4. The only truly free person is the prisoner of the Lord.


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