Our great High Priest has made a way for us to come to the throne of grace. This Priest knows our infirmities. Mercy and grace can be ours in all times of need. Come to Him with courage and confidence. (Hebrews 4:14-16)

Speaker(s): Steven Scibelli
Sermon 12175
6:30 PM on 10/3/2021


P. Scibelli – (Hebrews. 4:14-16)
Thank you. You may be seated. Great messages this morning. Aren’t we so privileged a people
to have a pulpit like we have, Pastor Schaller and these men. Really. Thank you for being –
you’re a great pastor. You really are. We have a great ministry around the world. Maybe you
know it, but I like to keep repeating it because repetition helps especially for some of us – I won’t
say that word! We have churches in I think between 75 and 78 countries, 768 churches. Isn’t
that amazing?! All from Maine, and Massachusetts and Maryland. It’s all the world. It’s really
amazing. I have a great privilege to speak to so many different people in so many parts of the
world all the time. You wouldn’t want to know my phone bills. You wouldn’t believe it. My wife
said to me – I have three in my office and one in my house and sometimes the house phone
could be a thousand dollars if nothing. I don’t even know the ones here are. I don’t even want to
imagine. I love to talk. My wife says I talk in my sleep.

I don’t know whose listening! Maybe somebody! It’s just encouraging to speak to people whether they’re in India or South America or they’re in Africa or Europe or other parts of the States. Really, it’s a great privilege we have
communication with them. This is a great portion of Scripture. I’ve been thinking about this for a
couple of days actually, but really when we think about Hebrews 4:14-16; it’s almost like a hallmark
set of verses for our ministry. I think I heard P. Stevens preach so many times on Hebrews 4:14-16
and the throne of grace. I love – there’s one word when he read it that kind of struck me. We
have a great high priest. This particular word in the Greek language means we have not just
temporarily, not just for a little while but we have eternally a great high priest. The Bible says we
can come boldly. I love this. That means every single one of us. If you notice, there’s two things.
We are coming to the throne of grace to get, to receive. One is mercy. What is mercy for? My
what? My sin. Okay. Mercy, you get mercy when we fail or sin. We get grace when we are weak
and we are operating in ourselves but not operating in the person of God.

Now usually, a person who is sinful and weak is running away from God like in Ge. 3. When they sinned, what did they
do? They went what? They went and hid. If you talk with different religious people around the
world that are not saved and many who are saved, when they either backslide or do things
before God something that is not of God but sinful, they usually run and hide or they go away
from God or they won’t come to church anymore because of what is taking place in their life. But
we have this incredible throne of grace and we have an opportunity to come boldly. I pray that
by the message is through that we will understand and I think we already do but just to kind of
like build on this, that coming boldly means I come with courage. Amen. We are a courageous
people, amen. Hello? Okay. We are a courageous people. We are people that have security.
The word PARASIA, come boldly, means you come with courage and confidence before God.
You come courageously before God.

You make an approach to God. You are not intimidated at all. You’re coming boldly to the throne of grace and you come seeking grace and mercy. And the reason we can come boldly is because I thought of a number of things why we can come boldly. #1) The Word of God is sitting on the throne. Hebrews 4:12 says the Word of God is alive
and quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword. So we are coming to he who is
called the Word of God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the
Word absolutely is God. We are coming to the one who is on the throne and he is the Word of
God. #2) We are coming not to a priest but a great high priest, amen! Are you with me tonight?
Pretend it’s a football game! No. Thank you for being delivered from you can like it but you don’t
love it enough that you can miss church. That’s awesome. Thank you. Thank you. He’s a great
high priest. I used to go to some priests and it wasn’t very great what took place, you know. At
all. At all. They used to have that little thing. I think I mentioned it before.

They shoved that – you know, you talk through a screen or something. Well, I had that thing shoved in my face
more times. I would just start and he would shut it and say, I’m out of here. The priest said no,
no. Not listening to this. But we have a what? A great high priest. A great high priest and he’s
been touched and tempted. He’s been touched with our infirmities, the feeling of our infirmities. I
didn’t say sin. I said weakness. God became a man and he experienced weakness. He was
crucified in weakness (2 Corinthians 13:4). So he’s been touched and he’s been tempted. Isn’t that
amazing? God himself has been touched and tempted just as we. Hello? That’s incredible. We
have a great high priest. A great high priest. Then he’s called Jesus. And Jesus means
salvation. And for me that speaks of salvation, spirit, soul and body; past, present and future. He
is total salvation. Praise the Lord for Jesus. Amen! He’s total salvation. He saves my spirit.

He saves my soul. And he will be, praise the Lord, saving my body and giving me a new body one
day. I think we will all look the same it will just be a glorified Isabelle Palmieri. Just have that
face but it will be glorified. So he is Jesus. Praise the Lord! He’s the name above all names. Isn’t
that amazing! Every name that has ever been named. The name of Jesus. I love that name. I’ve
had a few instances with demon possessed people in Africa or witches. All you have to do is
say that name and quote a verse and they’re gone! I remember one time I was preaching in a
village and one came walking on the air right at me when I was preaching. I thought, wow, that’s
interesting. She’s not on the ground! It was a woman by the way. And her white air stuck straight
out like she had been electrocuted. Which I thought was kind of comical actually. Sometimes
your knees are shaking a little bit when you see something like that coming, and you wonder
what is this? You realize it’s the devil.

Okay. You just call out the name, Jesus. Jesus. Get behind me Satan. You quote the verse and they go away. Some people try so many different tricks to get rid of demonic things and they just don’t know it’s the Bible. It’s the Word of God. He’s Jesus. The name above all names. The name whenever something is going on we call
upon him. I’m not doing well today. Jesus. I’m doing great today. Jesus. I feel weak today.
Jesus. I failed this morning. Jesus. I failed this afternoon. Jesus. Cars approach you going the
wrong way on the highway. Jesus! You come out of the doctor’s office. Jesus. Jesus. Doctor
says – you know what? One doctor told me one time he said you need to have your appendix
out immediately. He said within the next hour or so. I said, really? I’ll go talk to Jesus about that.
He really wasn’t what I’d call a believer. I found out all I had was a dumb kidney stone. Now I
like doctors. I’m not trying to ridicule the profession. I had a kidney stone.

That appendix is still there. Kidney stones went with olive oil. Drink olive oil and out they go! Jesus! Jesus! And we
come boldly. We’re weak. We fail. We make mistakes, but we can still come boldly. That’s
amazing. How many people – this is what they do in some religions. They kind of softly back up.
God, maybe, I don’t know if – they can’t make an approach. They can’t make an approach to
their idols or to Buddha or to Mohammed or all these different people that claim to be prophetic
and representatives of God. But we come boldly. Amen. We just come with courage and
confidence. We come freely with strength. We are resting in that name Jesus. He loves us. We
can come how? Boldly to the throne of grace. We have a great high priest. His name is Jesus.
And not only that, he’s Son of God, perfect deity. He’s perfection. He’s not you know – he is
perfect man too because he’s called Son of Man and has been touched and tempted with our
infirmities. He’s perfect deity and perfect man. Imagine.

That’s how I can come boldly. That’s how I go. He’s Jesus, the great high priest, Son of God, son of man. I’m also coming to the one who is called the king. Do you know what king means? Victory. Majesty and victory. I come to
the one who has brought the victory at the cross. Victory, majestic principle and life of God.
Then I can come – you know why? Another reason you can come boldly. He’s my helper. Don’t
you love that? Everything is personal but this to me is really personal. The word is BOUTHEO.
You know what the word “helper” means? God runs to your cry. Did you hear me? God – you
don’t cry and (say) I don’t know if he heard me. I don’t know if God cares about this. It says –
Scripturally this word means God is running to my cry. So when P. Hadley is crying out to God,
God is running to his cry. Even when I don’t run to him. Remember the father ran to meet the
son? Luke 15. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. We come boldly. We have this amazing approach with
freedom and security and strength. We’re not introspective.

We’re not analyzing ourselves. We’re not letting the world evaluate me or you. We’re not letting Satan accuse us, but we are coming boldly regardless of where we are at in our walk with God. Hello? We come boldly.
Come boldly. Peter, you denied the Lord but you can what? You can come boldly, and you can
get delivered in a moment of time. I love God’s deliverance. It happens in one second. I wonder
when God’s going to deliver? Yeah, it’s going to take a while. You know what you’ve done. It’s
going to take quite a while for you to be delivered. It’s immediately! That’s the only watch I got
so don’t let it get away! He delivers immediately! He hears my cry. If it doesn’t take place
because I don’t see something happening that I think should happen, something can be
happening that God knows what the timing of it is. You find grace to help in time of need when
God knows it’s time to do it. Not my timetable.

Halleluiah! Not my timetable, but God’s timetable. We come boldly. Esther, would you please go into the king. Don’t go in like a coward without courage. Don’t go in in insecurity. I want you to go to the king and I want you to stand because
we are going to save the nation. And Esther goes in how? She goes in boldly. I love it. In Acts
12, Peter is going to what? Get up, wake up and pray and come boldly. You’re going to get delivered from that prison. Paul come boldly. I love it, Ephesians 2:18 and 3:12. We have access to
God. Say that. I have access to God. I have access to God regardless. We’re children or
teenagers or young or middle age or older age. We have access to God. We have an entrance
to God. By faith we have access to this grace wherein we stand and rejoice in the hope of the
glory of God. Romans 5:2, we have access. I have access. The devil says you can’t come. Look
what you did. You can’t come. Look at how you think. You can’t come.

Do you know what happened last week, last month, what happened, what took place? You can’t come. You can’t
come like that. And I say to Satan, you can never come. I’m going away from you and coming to
God. You got that Satan, you sucker? I like calling the devil names. I don’t really care. It doesn’t
matter to me. You say don’t you think you make yourself more of a target? I don’t care. I don’t
care about that. I have access to God, right? I can be weak. I can be frail. I can fall. I don’t want
to but I can fall and I can fail. But I have access to God and this is incredible. Think about this. In
Acts 4, they are under tremendous assault and they have access to God. And they start to pray
in Acts 4:31-36 and the house was shaken. Hello? The house was what? Oh, that was for then.
That could never happen. It would be nice to see this place shaken.

Well, okay God. It’s on you! The house was shaken. And they prayed. And they were weak men, ignorant Galileans, no
education. Frail people. Rough hands of fisherman. Maybe they even smelled like it too. But
they had access to God. Stephen, you’re going to die for you faith. Doesn’t matter to me. As
they are stoning him, he says I see Jesus, the Son of God, Son of Man, sitting at the right hand
of the Father. Lord, receive my spirit. He has what? Stephen had access to God. Access to
God. Ruth, you’re from Moab. You’re not even supposed to be able to make an approach. But in
Ruth 1, she comes and she follows Naomi and goes back to the Promised Land. She has, she
knows even as a Moabitess she has access to God. This is so vitally important. Daniel, one trial
after another after another, but he has what? What does Daniel have? Access to God. It’s
amazing. Ever get in trouble? Ever have a trial in your life?

Don’t allow that thing to control the atmosphere or the environment. Right in the middle of it you have what? Access to God. I have a God that wants to give me mercy and grace to help in time of need. Hello? I met a person one
time and he said I’ve been a drug addict for 27 years. I said it’s not going to be 28. It’s over. You
have access to God. And by the way, he got saved and he’s walking with God today. He’s from
New England and I won’t mention his name. His name is Jerry! How did he get delivered?
Program after program after program after program after program. Psychology after psychology.
Psychiatrist after psychiatrist. Nothing worked. But when he found access to God, he came to
God just the way he is. Don’t you like Billy Graham’s song, Just as I am without one plea. I’m
just coming to God. Coming to God. I can’t do anything about my situation. I’m in a trial. I’m in a
test. I’m in a problem in a relationship, in a marriage.

You know what? Nothing like that can ever keep you from coming. Hello? You get sick. You have access to God. You’re not feeling well.  You get depressed. Look at Elijah, 1 Kings 19. My prayer is I want to die! How would you like to
have that prayer meeting? He’s my prophet. He wants to die. He’s praying to die. Okay. No. I
want you to anoint three people. Listen, Elijah, you’re my man. You may be discouraged. You
may be depressed. You may not even be wanting to continue on in this work anymore, but you
have access to God. You have access to me and Elijah, God is going to use you again and
again and again and again. Hello? Amen! Access to God. It’s a simple truth, but how easily we
can get distracted from that access to God. Don’t you realize you’ve sinned and I’ve got skins for
you. Take those stupid leaves off. I shed blood for you. Adam, you don’t know it. Eve, you don’t
know it. Where are you? Come to me.

You can come to me. Perfect people in a perfect garden with a perfect God and they failed. They have never failed having access to God. We have access to God. What’s your attitude. What your thinking at times. What other people say.
People will say I don’t know what will happen in your case. This is really something, you know
that? I have access to God. I have access to God. I started using drugs when I was 13 years old
and it continued on for many, many years. Maybe 15, 16, 17 years. And one day I opened the
Bible, read Acts chapter 9, and I said if God is real, and you are true, I want to see something. I
want to know if what happened to Paul could happen to me. And I got saved. Nobody ever told
me about being born again. Nobody ever witnessed to me really. You know what? From that
day on, 45 years later, we have what? Access to God. It doesn’t end: 60, 70, 80, 90 years old.
Ninety-six. One hundred and five.

We have what? Access to God. Access for healing. A financial problem. I don’t know what’s going to happen? Oh, you have access to he who has all the riches of grace. You got access to him who is called Yahweh Jireh, the Lord who Provides. We have access. Do we believe that? The answers are coming slow but we have access. Yes,
Lord. I can come to you. I can come to you. I don’t need to go to my wife about a problem I’m
having with her which I never have. I go to God and say God, help me to change so this works
better. We have access to what? To God. We find ourselves working in jobs in the world and
everybody is thinking wrong things. They are anti-God. They are antagonistic. They forgot
something though. The devil forgot something when he tried to make things worse where we
work. I have what? Access to God. I worked in a prison for ten years with all murderers. I think
the people guarding the prison were worse than the guys in the cells. I used to say every day
I’m going into this prison and you got people with you don’t even know what vulgarity is.

What would come out of people’s mouths all day long. I said, every day I went in there I said God,
today I’m going to quit. I’m handing in my resignation. That went on for ten years, 3,560 days. I
said I can’t do this anymore. Then God would remind me everyday. You have what? You have
access to me in the prison. The prison is not your God. Jeremiah 33:1-3, I the Lord formed, made and
established the prison. Call upon me and I? Will answer. Not maybe, not could be. Sometimes I
get a little weary with people with their prayer meetings. Well, God I want whether you could – of
course he can. I wonder if you would. I’m hoping that God maybe. I don’t like to use that word “I
hope God will.” I know God will. Access to God. Omnipotent. Omnipresent. Omniscient God. I
have access to him. And if I don’t have access to you and there’s some kind of personal
situation going on between me and you, I don’t have to worry about changing that situation,
going horizontally.

All I have to do is think of how I have access to God and God can change it.
Amen. God can change it. A man told me he was going to deport me once and he had the
power to do it. He forgot one thing. There was a bathroom in the immigration office. I went into
the bathroom. I didn’t use the bathroom. I used it to speak to God. I have access to God. I said,
God, here’s what’s going on. This guy wants to deport me. I believe God has called me to this
country. I have access to you so do something about it. I came out. He sent me home. I went
back in next week. He told me to come back in to get my papers to leave the country. I went
back home. I came back the next week. He was in England. Bye, bye. See God answers
prayers the way he wants to answer prayers. Access to God. We got the Bible. The Bible.
Access to the Word of God. Access to the Body of Christ. Access to the church.

Access to the pulpit. You know how many people would give their life blood to even be able to have a church,
to even have a Bible? I don’t want to ever take that for granted. There are hundreds of
thousands and maybe millions of people in places like China and they don’t have the whole
Bible. They have pieces of the Bible. They can’t go to church. Don’t ever be familiar with church,
amen! I love it. We have a great crowd on a Sunday night. Don’t ever let the devil make you
familiar with church. We come to church; we have access to fellowship. We have access to hear
the Word of God. We have access to prayer. We have access to the Body of Christ. We have
access to an eternal purpose. We have access to faith, amen! Ephesians 2:18 and 3:12. It says we by
the Spirit have access to God. Hello? Are you okay tonight? Okay. I just want to make sure. We
have access to God. I don’t care what’s going on.

You say that’s too easy. It’s a lot more complicated than that. That’s because you make it complicated. We have these complicated minds that have to think over so many things. Why don’t we just say get out! Goodbye! I’m not
thinking. I’ll let God do the thinking. Hello? I’ll let God do the thinking. Someone said to me
awhile ago, are you go to go back traveling to Africa again? What do you think about that? I
said, what does God think about that? What does God think about that? I don’t care what you
think about that. I don’t care what this one thinks about that. I want to know what God thinks
about that. I have access to God and God has delivered so many times (2 Corinthians 1:10). You’ve
been delivered. You’re being delivered. And you shall be delivered. Why? Simple what? Access
to God. This is amazing. Access to God. Prodigal son, you have access to the father. Leper,
Luke 17, you have access to God. Blind Bartemeus, you have access to God. Rich Zaccheus,
you have access to God.

Two men that are backslidden and are leaving Jerusalem, Jesus comes to them and lets them know you have access to me. I’ll follow you wherever you go. Have you ever tried to run way from God and you found out when you got there he was there? Hello? He was there. I do my best to run away. God’s a faster runner than we are. He can
outrun any one of us. And I’m running away. No we want to run what? We want to come boldly
to the throne of grace. We come to God. Don’t let the devil try to stop you. Don’t let your flesh try
to stop you. Don’t let your human analysis try to stop you. Don’t let the world try to stop you.
Don’t let another Christian try to stop you. Let’s just keep coming. Amen. Let’s come. Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke and learn of
me for I am meek and lowly of heart and you shall find rest for your soul for my yoke is easy and
my burden is light. Just come. Wherever you are, just come.

It doesn’t make a difference what you’ve done, where you’ve been, how long you’ve done it for, what you’re going through, what’s taking place. You just what? Come. You have access to me. It doesn’t make a difference. You
have access to God. This is so vital in my life. I need this so much to know this all the time. I
have access to God. So I don’t let situations, trials, trouble, people, all kinds of things that are
going on control my thinking. No matter what is taking place, I and you and I have what? Access
to God. Amen. We have six cities of refuge in the Bible. It’s amazing. Six cities of refuge. People
that committed murder could run to those cities. They had access to those cities. Three on this
side of the Jordan and three on the other side of the Jordan. Those cities had amazing names.
Kadesh – where you are made holy. Shecum – I’ll shoulder your burden. Hebron – place of
fellowship. Bazer – fortress of protection. Ramouth – high place. Golan – joy.

You have access. Listen, we are all – forget the prayer for a minute! We are all throne of grace refugees. Amen! I
worked in refugee camps. One Sudanese refugee camp in Uganda and another refugee camp
for Liberians in Ghana. And boy refugee camps are something else. To go into them with
thousands and thousands of people and there’s nothing there. There’s hardly any water, no
food. They have no home. They are not a citizen. They are in refugee camps. But what we
would do is preach and teach to them that we have what? Access to God. And we are throne of
grace refugees. Let’s keep coming. Let’s keep coming. Our citizenship isn’t here. Let’s keep
coming. Our home isn’t here. Let’s keep coming. Our provision is from God. Someone said to
me, how come there are only six cities of refuge. God’s number seven. You know what the
seven city is? Heavenly Jerusalem. Hebrews 12:22.

The city of the living God. You’ll meet an innumerable company of angels. You’ll see the church of the firstborn, the general assembly, Israel. The church of the first born. Just men whose spirits have been made perfect. You come
to the judge and you come to Jesus and the blood. Amen! We have access. Access.

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