Our world has grown cold. Love is needed. Our faith cannot stand still. We must let God add to the glory and virtue that we have been given by grace. (2 Peter 1:3-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12043
6:30 PM on 2/14/2021

P. Schaller –

As many of you know – I could ask P. Justin and P. Chuck to come on out here for a minute and just stand right
here with me. Thanks P. Renaldo for the 9:00 message. Thank you for that, and P. Scibelli for
the 11:00. Thank you pastor. Wow. Good times. I was home because of the ice. I couldn’t walk.
I mean in our area, I don’t know. You guys did great because it was well attended at 9 and 11. I
came at the end and wow, I was impressed with all the people here. The temperature changed
anyway. I got out of my neighborhood in time to have lunch in the cafe and also I was home and
listened to three messages. I heard P. Renaldo. I heard Justin in Federal Hill, and I heard P.
Scibelli here. I’m touched by – not mentally – I mean psychologically. I am. The times we are
living. We had a marriage getaway or retreat or seminar starting Friday night and P. John Herb
and his wife Kim they did a great job. The panel and the people that made it happen. Ryan and
the team, Bea, and P. Taggart’s team.

This chapel was lit up with a lot of people just talking about marriage and faith and love. It was a great weekend. Then P. Chuck and Stephanie are here visiting Sandy. We want to welcome them. P Chuck is in Tampa and we have in a couple weeks Eurocon online in Europe. They are doing it and sending their material here and we are
doing it in the afternoon live in the afternoon starting on Tuesday to Saturday at 1:00 in the
afternoon. We have a service here doing the week. You can get it online and you can come into
this room during that week. Also, American pastors are coming. I understand there is a buzz
going on. They’re coming for this. It will be March 8-13. And the oneness and the love and the
faith and the wisdom we have gained this covid year has been a glorious year with God and us
in our hearts. We know each other better and I’ll talk about that later tonight. We know each
other better and we know what we got going on inside in our hearts from the Holy Spirit and we
are deeply encouraged. I am blessed by it.

To all the American pastors out there, we love you guys. We pray for you and come and be with us in Baltimore. Well have a good time. We’ll even give you a free coffee. Really! Really! All the way. We will help you – whatever it takes for us to get together and break bread together and have fellowship during these days is precious. Are
there any Federal Hill people from the church in Federal Hill here? We want to just kind of give a
shout out. Yeah. So good. So good. So good. I saw his message and I saw the meeting room
filled with people. I see God’s work there and I’m very thankful. I just want each of these guys
just to say – I can tell them what to tell you , okay! I want you to say we love you. We’re in the
same family. Pray for us in Tampa. By the way, when I was down there it was covid intense at
the time. I go what are you going to do for a meeting hall? He said I’m going to get a tent and
put it in my driveway and put tables and chairs and invite the neighborhood. That’s P. Chuck.
Oh, yeah. Oh, no. Okay, so anyway, let me tell you what to say to them. And pray for us. And
we’re on the same team and God bless you.

P. Chuck –

Thank you so much. It’s a great privilege to be here. Are you going to tell me what to
say? [No, no!] Okay, we want to say we are so privileged to be here and we’re very excited.
We’re starting to work. We’ve been in Clearwater, Florida for 14 years maybe starting this new
work here. I don’t know how long we’ve been there. Two or three years, something like that.
We’re very blessed. We meet in the front yard in the driveway of where we live at our house. We
put up signs on the street. People see the signs and they end up coming by. You know, at least
two people have come by I think!It’s been a really good thing and we got Kim Hix in our church
there. We want to do a special prayer for her because she’s had this surgery on her hernia and
it’s been two times now that she’s had it. She’s watching us online right now. I want to pray for
her at some point. (Prayer).

P. Justin – Kim Hix, isn’t that great. Well, you have a music ministry down there with Kim Hix.
She’s amazing. What do we say? I appreciate just being in this ministry. Amazing things going
on these days, aren’t there? P. Stan Collins used to say that our ministry we are like special
forces, that we can do a lot with a little and we can go into areas and we might not necessarily
have the resources but we have the power of God and we go by faith and we plant churches
around the world. It’s exciting that – I mean, are we going to have Convention this year? [Yeah.]
That would be amazing. We love convention. [We even had last year]. Did we have it? [Not
really. We had a non-convention]. Yeah, non-convention. [We’re confused!]. Federal Hill on an
icy day, we’ve had snow, right? We actually had obstacles to get out to church in the last three weeks and we’ve had the most people since covid, actually per-covid. So, we had about 90
people in our service this morning. Yeah! We love numbers! We love numbers! But we have a
lot of excitement down there.

I was talking to Charles Hadley this morning. We feel like we are
on this way. We’re very thankful. We’re so astonished by the fact that God is using us and that
we have a few guys that – I’m sure plenty of you know the Helping Up Mission down in
Baltimore. We have had a few guys attending our services and Bible studies and we want to
have a van. Helping Up Mission has a van there and I met with the director the other day. Our
plan is to get the van on Sunday mornings and pack up the van and whoever wants to come to
come on Sunday morning out to Federal Hill. And God’s vision is we don’t really know what it is
other than what is in front of us and we do it by faith. We just say Lord is there something more
that you want us to do? We are believing this year that we are going to have the greatest year
and we’re so excited about it. We want to see souls saved and men and women discipled and
yeah. Don’t we live awesome lives? I’m so excited. So excited, so yeah, Eurocon. Pastors come
if you are listening and Kim Hix come too. [Yeah, how many want Kim Hix to come here? Kim,
the crowd is wild].

P. Schaller –

Okay. Okay. You may be seated. The longest Guinness record says that history’s
longest engagement lasted 67 years between Octavio [?] And Adriana Martinez. They were
finally married in June 1969 in Mexico City. Both were 82 years old. Happy Valentine’s Day!
One more: For 42 years every week David Thomas slipped a love letter under the door of his
neighbor, Rachel Jones – who lives in Romania today! [laugh]. Each letter attempted to mend
the lover’s quarrel that parted them when both were 32 years old. Rachel Jones burned each
letter and refused even to speak to her suitor. When David finally summoned courage and
knocked on her door and proposed, she accepted. Both were 74 years old when they married!
Okay, so, one last bit of humor. “My husband purchased a world map and gave me a dart and
said throw this and wherever it lands, I’m taking you for a holiday when this pandemic is over. It
turns out we are spending two weeks behind the refrigerator!” Okay, turn to 2 Peter 1:3-9. What
I have in mind is this holiday, Valentine’s Day and what they call it in Finland, “Friendship Day.”
Friendship Day is a good phrase I think.

The world is getting cold and iniquity is abounding. We took note of yard signs on the internet. We’ve looked them up. You’ve seen some of these yard signs and we talked about it last week. I was thinking of having a church yard sign contest where you can bring in sentences. Actually, somebody made me one. This is behind you P.
Hadley. She is new in our church. She just started coming. There it is. She handed it to me in
the parking lot today. “In this House we Believe” and then she has six things. Brent Hillenga
send me a text message yesterday and it said one yard sign – I don’t know if you meant it this
way – but the yard sign said “The fool has said in his yard sign there is no God.” I think it’s time
to talk. I think it’s time to love. I think it’s time to share. I think it’s time – it is. We have been
doing this for decades. There’s nothing new about it to us. God gives the word. What word
would you put on your yard sign if you had one? Of course, you don’t have to have one. I’m not
saying that we all do this, but it is something to think about because we have free speech. We
have something in our hearts because we love our neighbors and we like to talk. That could be
a yard sign.

like to talk. No, my wife likes to talk! We like to talk. Go to church. Many things
could be said in a yard sign. We’ll take a month or two months maybe this spring and we’ll make
reference to it and talk about it because the point is that we are to provoke people to think.
Thinking is such a gift. To be taught by the Holy Spirit and for the Bible to really go in our spirit,
Psalm 51:6. God requires truth in the inner part, and this is where our authority comes from, our
persuasion, our conviction. My message is about marriage and about friendship tonight and
about Body life using these verses. Let’s start. I want to read one more piece to you before we
go to the Scripture. “There are many obligations in life, but none are more important than the
ones we accept when we become husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. In recent history,
marriage has devolved from being a sacrament to a contract to a convention to finally a
convenience. I am told there is a modern wedding vow that states not “as long as we both shall
live” but rather, “as long as we both shall love.”

Of course some marriages don’t work but the enormous numbers of separations and divorces today suggest that we no longer believe what we say during the ceremony, that marriage is a serious life long commitment made in the
presence of God. As Aristotle long ago pointed out, marriage is in fact a relationship based in no
small part on virtues. The most basic of these is responsibility. For marriage is after all an arrangement held together by mutual dependence and reciprocal obligations. But successful
marriages are about more than fulfilling the conditions of a contract. In good marriages – this is
interesting – in good marriages men and women seek to improve themselves for the sake of
their loved one. They offer and draw moral strength day in and day out by sharing compassion,
courage, honesty, self discipline and other virtues. George Elliot then said to feel that they are
joined for life, to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all pain, to be one
with each other in silent unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting.” So, I know
that many are not married in this room and maybe some would like to be. Some are divorced
and so on, but regardless of what you think of what I just shared or how that hits you, I want to
encourage you because you and I are born again and we have what this text is saying to us.

2 Peter 1:3, God has given us power, spiritual power, that we are able to live our life with
godliness, with knowledge, with humility through the Spirit of God by the grace of God. vs. 4.
Could we say that together? Exceeding great, exceeding great. Very great. Exceeding great.
Great in quality. Great in number. Great in meaning. Very great promises. That we speak about
eternal life like it’s just normal for us. We speak about God like we know him. These are
exceeding great promises given to us. We are so wealthy because of these great promises.
Then it says “precious.” That means rare. They can’t be replaced. Hard to find. Precious gold,
diamonds, rubies. Precious. It’s special, rare. These promise are unique. Many people don’t talk
like we do. Many people don’t think like we do. We have something exceedingly great and very
rare, very unusual and we will travel far to get it and know certain people to be part of it. You are
my friend. I love to have you as my friend. We love to have each other as a friend because we
have something exceedingly unique and special amongst us that God by his power gave it to us
and it’s ours. vs. 4.

What does that mean that we become like gods? We don’t use that word but
we are a partaker of his nature. We are his bride. We use that word. We are one with Him. We
are in the Trinity. We are in God. We are in his family. We are partaking of his nature. We are
his children. By these promises, by this new birth, by this power of God we become his children.
vs. 4. escaped. Good word. Get out of, like in the Latin the word escape means EX CAPA.
CAPA is a cape. You escaped. You got out of your cape. People grabbed you and you escaped
but they got the cape but you disappeared. That’s like us. We have escaped corruption. The
word “corruption” means the decaying and defiled nature of this world. It’s corrupt. It’s decaying
or rotting. This world is rotting. It’s decaying. It’s getting old and moldy. It’s starting to smell.
Putrefying. Who escaped it? We did. How did we escape it? By the promises, by the divine
nature, by the fellowship with God. He delivered us from this world. Now, I can’t get over some
of these points about the yard signs. I don’t know how to find them on there. Does P. Steve
know? You have them? They have them? No, the bad ones.

Okay “Black Lives Matter.” They do matter. So we skip that one. I don’t want to talk about that. We love that. That’s a hot issue. There is another sign. “Love is love.” It isn’t. Adultery is love? Homosexuality is love? Pedophilia
is love? What is love? “Science is real.” Is it? Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s wrong. Is it
real. Maybe. God made science. “Feminism is for Everyone.” Not for me! Look at the next one.
“No Human is Illegal.” Let me tell you something. There are a lot of people in jail and they are
illegal. You and I – if you cross a border, I go into Russia, I get arrested, and I’ll put in jail and I’ll
be illegal. It says “No Human is Illegal.” Of course, these are exaggerated I hope. But do they
provoke your thinking to say wait a minute. Let me read that again and think about a biblical
view on it because we are different. We are different. There are virtues that are in our
relationship and in our marriage that this stuff, this doesn’t relate to my family life. “Kindness is
everything.” No, it isn’t. Kindness is not everything. No, it isn’t.

God is everything. He’s the Alpha and the Omega. I realize that whoever made the sign I’m not in contest with them. I’m in contest with the whole thing. I’m thinking and asking the questions. It’s called critical thinking. The world
is filled with propaganda and I have escaped the corruption, the defilement. We have escaped
the lies. “All are welcome. All Genders.” How many are there? I heard that in an application for a
job in the Federal government there are 84 genders. 84! I don’t know are you female or male?
Are you a cat or a dog? What are you? Are you an alien? What are you? Is that stupid! In the
book, “1984” by George Orwell there is a sentence in there. Or is it Animal Farm that was
written in 1945. It was about the Soviet Union. There is this line in there that says, “All animals
are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” What is he saying? That he the writer
of that is doing a critique on totalitarianism and he’s talking about language. And that is what we
are talking about here about language. “All means All.” “Love lives here.”

Really? Does love live there? You know. What does it mean? It’s like tolerating iniquity. Doesn’t it say in Mt. 24 that
love will grow cold and iniquity will abound. Iniquity abounds. This is iniquity. And it’s abounding.
Let it be. That’s okay. Let the blind lead the blind and so on. You can say that but on the other
hand we can say, no. Wait a minute. It will affect my family. It will affect my friends. It will affect
my school. It will affect my neighborhood. Do I have something to say about it? Jesus says to
preach the Gospel. Go into the highways and byways and I send you. He also says live you life
this way. vs. 5. besides escaping, besides that incredible amazing deliverance that you have.
Besides the fact that you are a partaker of his divine nature, that being said, he wants you to
add. vs. 5. “Giving all diligence means make every effort.” Every effort. May I use my wife in the
relationship. You can plug in there your friend, a body member, or you can say our relationships
with each other because it applies. Of course my wife is separate. It’s a different institution but
we are all called to this. I want to say that with my wife in my heart I want her to benefit from this
kind of spirit and life that I have.

That you and I have a quality of life that our spouse benefits from in different ways. vs. 5. “Add” means to give lavishly, not sparingly. Give all diligence. Add to your faith virtue. Now virtue. In the Roman world, VIRTUS is the Latin I believe. I read that and it meant a brave effort. Virtue. It means something heroic. Not simply an attitude or in the
library or in your meditation, but something that actually is some kind of thing that can be seen.
A virtue is seen. It’s something – you’re honest and we see it. You are humble and it’s seen.
You have some courage and it’s seen. Add to your faith virtue. And does your spouse see. Of
course it’s an attitude from the Spirit in us that develops a mindset where we say I can do this.
We’ve done that this year during covid with respect to everybody. You see how we think and
how we feel about things and what the Spirit is saying and doing in our hearts and how we really
do love and care about each other and about the Body around the world and affiliated ministries
and the pastors and different people. It’s kind of we lean into each other and we are kind of
saying I’m here. What can I do for you? I’m available. I’m here. With all diligence we make that
effort to add to our faith a virtue. vs. 5. This means understanding.

I think that is happening with us. We are understanding more and more because the Bible is speaking to us. We go verse by verse in the Bible and we gain this knowledge. We say I heard it somewhere or I understand
that somehow. How did I understand that? It wasn’t really explained to me but the Spirit showed
me. I understood it. I believe that. I got a hold of it. Wow! This is what happens in a marriage.
When two people are Spirit-filled and they are listening to the same thing. P. John Herb said
that last night. We honored P. Ray Kosiolek and Brenda because he did such a good job
teaching. He was in our Bible college many years ago. I think he was valedictorian and he was
a good teacher, a great teacher. P. John Herb took over his ministry and we heard in him P.
Ray. And in P. Ray, we heard P. Stevens. And then P. Herb has his family and he’s pastoring
people in Boiling Springs, PA and on it goes. It’s a beautiful thing because this is what happens
in our lives in the assembly. vs. 6. Temperance means self-control. It was used in our New
Testament for athletes. They had a lot of discipline. Athletes. Add to knowledge self-control and
the disciplined life.

I don’t know I think discipline is a challenge for all of us but it’s also a mindset
about deciding things and determining things and keeping your body subject to you in the Spirit.
The Spirit of God giving you the life and the joy and the peace and you are able to say, no to
something. The end result is not good. I’m not doing that. I’m learning to enjoy this. I have an
ability for that, self control. It’s a good word isn’t it? Discipline with my time. Discipline with my
food, my activity. Discipline with my schedule. Discipline in my attitude like knowing what I see,
what I read, what I throw away, what I like and don’t like. We have this self-control like an
athlete does. That’s the meaning of it. Do old people live like athletes? I think they do. I think
they do. I think old people can and they do. But I know that the human body thing is a part of it
but there is more. It’s our kindness, our joy, our peace. It’s self-control over my tongue. How
many times I’ve walked out of my house through the garage door and said thank God I didn’t
say what I was thinking. Thank God I didn’t say what I was thinking! Praise the Lord! Thank God
I got control over my tongue a little bit. Thank God. You know what I mean? Does that sound
right? Let’s go to the next part. vs. 6. Patience.

Patience with each other. Patience in a marriage. Patience. Waiting. Patience. The other person is growing. Give them room. Don’t be their critic. Don’t be their judge. Give them patience. Patience with teenagers. Patience with
children. Patience with the church. Patience at work. Patience with the pastor. Patience with
yourself. The great virtue that is important for my wife and I. She has a lot of patience with me.
It’s so good. Thank you, Lord. She’s taken time and patient and how good that is and how important that is, isn’t it? Then you add to patience, godliness. The word means reverence,
obedience to God and reverence, godliness. Godliness, the holiness of God is between us. The
Spirit of God is between us and we have this godliness. Vs. 7. Brotherly kindness, mutual
sacrifice for each other. I have written down here. Brotherly kindness like I will sacrifice for you.
What a beautiful thing in a marriage. I will sacrifice for you. We’ve seen that through the years
with different marriages at different times. I will sacrifice for you. I think it happens all the time
unseen. Unseen, a lot of time. A lot of it. I sacrifice for you. I care about you. Then I love the
idea of the woman being behind the man. She sacrifices her career. That’s like that statement
up there earlier, “Feminism is for Everyone.”

Feminism can be destructive. It can take a woman out of the family. It can take a woman out of the home. A woman is not a mother. A woman just wants to be like a man or wants to be leading or making money or wants to be a professional person. Before you get married, you should sit down and have a talk like to the woman. What is
in your heart? What do you want to do? When she says what are you thinking. I want to follow
God with all my heart and I will be behind you. I want that too. I want to do that too. Do you want
to have money? No, she says. I cannot serve God and mammon. I will love one and hate the
other. I cannot serve God and mammon. Do you want money? I don’t know about that. I don’t
care. That’s not in my heart. I want to sacrifice. I want to give. I want to give my life to Christ. I
got the divine nature of God in me, Matthew 6:24. Now I can in my heart live a sacrificial life and be
with you in that. And you say, wow. That’s amazing. And how many people on this plaza, 600
people every day on this property and sometimes 1000 people every day and all the people that
make it happen. Scotty Dubay and Pastor Hadley.

How many people make it happen. Barry Quirk and Veronica. How many sacrifices are made on many levels. Ryan Regan and Krysta. And how many people. P. Aedan and Bernadette who are just like that. We are all like walking
before God and as couples we have said in our heart that sacrifice is part of our marriage. We
are going to lose something but we are going to gain something more. Our kids will say, dad
and mom, what are you doing? We say you guys are like satellites. We are the nucleus and you
guys are satellites spinning around us. We’re in charge. Mom and dad have a calling. Mom and
dad are called by God. Mom and dad have a purpose. Mom and dad are growing in grace and
you guys are benefiting. You’re like little orbiting satellites going around the nucleus which is
mom and dad which is love and truth in the inner man. Let’s go back to one of those bad signs.
“This house embraces diversity, empowers women, believes in science, knows love is love,
fights injustice, welcomes immigrants.” Okay. What is at the heart of it? Could we have another
sign that says at the heart of life is God, God’s love, virtues, sacrifice is meaningful, losing my
life so I can find it, glorifying God and Jesus Christ.

The value of true friends in righteousness and truth. Is that what we have learned and what we teach and embrace and love in our hearts. Look at what it does to our families. Our families become stable, loving, God conscious, saying
mom and dad are serious about God. Then the kids kind of think I don’t know if I am. Maybe I
am. I don’t know what they got but they got something going on. That’s God. Maybe they say
that’s God. Not all do but some do. If this is running our world, our country, if this is what the
world then it is decaying and it falls apart into these groups. Then there is hurting people in that
group and unsatisfied. It’s kind of like teaching people to loathe themselves. Teaching people to
say I’m a girl but I want to be a man. Teaching people that they have been ripped off. Teaching
people that they’re mistreated. Teaching people they are victims. Teaching people their rights
are not being respected and all this that is happening. But that’s okay. It’s not okay but we see
it. How do we live? This way. Give all diligence to add these things. You have to add these
things. You have to be diligent about it and you have to add these things. If you add these
things, you’ll stop drinking. You’ll stop smoking.

You add these things, you’ll stop swearing. You’ll stop being selfish. If you add these things, you’ll start to understand. If you add these things, you’ll find there is a health that happens in the Spirit and a joy in your heart. Let’s finish
it. vs. 7. What do you add? Mutual sacrifice for each other. Brotherly kindness. We are a band of
brothers. A Marine paid a compliment to me and my grandson, Jonathan behind Jonathan’s
back. Jonathan Odahara. I met one of his Marine friends and they were, they did training in the
jungles of Japan and everything without food and in the jungle with insects and bugs and sweat
and everything for weeks. And this Marine said to me, – Jonathan’s over there – he said to me,
Jonathan no matter what we are going through he is always ready to laugh. No matter what we
are going through. We could maybe haven’t eaten for days, bitten bugs, sleeping in the jungle,
the snakes and everything. But Jonathan’s always has a joke. He’s always happy. He’s a fighter. Always has an attitude. I go really? He said, yeah. He’s amazing. I said, thank you. I’m going to
tell the whole world about that! Look at the verse there.

Brotherly kindness, mutual sacrifice for each other. Add to brotherly kindness, AGAPE love. vs. 8. What if they abound before we meet Jesus? Were going to meet Jesus soon. What if these things are in us and they are abounding?
Wow. What does it say? vs. 8. What does that mean? Your boss will see it. Your neighbor might
see it. What will it mean? Maybe your marriage will be okay. Maybe you’re kids will see it. You
will not be barren or unfruitful in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will happen. I want to
make a little note here because I was thinking about it. Where is the writing part here? Okay. I
met Dr. Stevens in 1972. I know this is about me. I want to make a point. It’s about me but I
want to see it more deeply. It’s about the Spirit of God,
the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in your life and in our missionaries’ lives. There was a revival in
Bible school in 1972 to 1975. We went to Finland and there was a revival in Finland in the
second year. It was the Spirit moving. We were not barren or unfruitful. This really happened. It
did. The Spirit was moving and people were getting saved.

They were coming from different parts of the country to move to Helsinki. It happened six years of that. We go to Lenox. And then many of you remember the Lenox days. We think of them fondly, Lenox days. Kind of crazy but
faith, spirit, love, missions, grace, God working and raising up people. It happened. Lenox days.
We moved down to Baltimore and we begin here. It was a challenging time. We didn’t give up.
We kept going because of what we just said. Then we had the 90s. There was a group of us
that went to Hungary and it happened there. It did. Woe! It was beautiful, amazing what
happened in Hungary. Honestly, it was amazing. The Spirit moving, the waking up, the Spirit of
God. It happened. It happened. P. Stevens asked P. Scibelli and I to move back here to
Baltimore to help him and we did in 2003. Then we had challenging times then. That was a
difficult time but God wasn’t done with us. So we’ve had this period of time and now I feel now in
this recent time ’20-’21, this is how I feel about it today that this is a work where the Spirit of God
is doing this. This chapter, we just read it. If we are diligently adding to these things, these
virtues are happening, then we will not be barren or unfruitful.

There will be things happening. Wow! I go to sleep, oh, it’s so nice. I got peace in my heart. I don’t hate anybody. I love. Maybe we have yard signs that just say, we love you! We love you! God is real! I’m just saying this
world is decaying and we escaped it. We’re not in that. Then one day there will be a trumpet
sound. Remember my last prediction failed. November 4th or something! Wasn’t it the day after
the election?! Okay. I got a new one. Jesus is coming back! He’s coming back. I can’t reveal the
day! I don’t feel like doing that right now! He is coming and it will happen. Amen. Just before you
go, just before you go, I want you to give me a little feedback about this, you know. I think in my
heart the thing that bothers me the most is non-thinking people. People that are affected by
what is going on. Universities, the press, the media. They are doing us no good the media and
our culture. I think it’s in you and it’s in me too. You got to process this. You have to process
this. This church may not be the kind of church for you because we are too tough.

That’s your call. We want everybody here. We want thousands of people to come to Christ. We want
everybody to be on the same page. But, you know, this is amazing. You have a lot of time. You
have a lot of time. Years. But process it. You cannot believe a lie. Let me show you something. I
know you have been here a good period of time. Let me show you something. When there’s a
person and in their mind they have one thing that contradicts another thing. They have two
things and they accept them both as truth. That’s called in that book 1984 “double think.” You
can’t have it both ways with God. You can’t say homosexuals are fine and then say it’s sinful. Is
it or not? And you have both of them and you accept both of them but they contradict each
other. How can you walk in the Spirit when you don’t agree with God? Come now let us reason
together. This is God wants you to have it in your spirit, in your heart the truth. That’s the key.
So that’s all I wanted to say. I’m thinking about it with you. I want you to look at the book.
Google George Orwell. I doubt he’s a Christian. I don’t know if he is a Christian.

That’s not the point. I want you to think about it. I got to have you thinking people. I got to have you process
this world that we are in. It used to be I love, I trust. Our culture was amazing. Many good things
about it and they remain today, but I’m very angry about the lies. If you and I accept these lies,
this is a contradiction here. It’s a contradiction. No, it can’t be. That’s what’s happening and
accept the contradiction. The propaganda. The lies, the lies, the lies. You hear them long
enough, you’ll believe them. If you hear them long enough, you believe them. I’m not you and you’re not me but I’m telling you as a pastor in a very troubled, dangerous time for our Christian
faith. Get rid of your Christian faith. Get rid of your Bible. Get rid of your church. Get rid of
anything like this that we are talking about tonight. Get rid of it because it has no future in our
world. That’s what they say. That’s what they think. But what do you think about it? If you don’t
process this thing the right way, you might be on the other side.

They say the other side of history. Be on the other side of God and that’s not a good thing. You got to get it straight up. I’mwith you in it. I’m learning too but I got to know where I stand and what I think and what I believe
and we’ve been in this for quite a while. We’ve seen a lot of good stuff happen from God, but I’m
not talking about legalism or anything like that. I’m talking about knowing God personally and
truth in the inner man and having some authority in your heart, in your life.



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