Jesus said that if our right eye offends us, we should pluck it out. He also said that if our right hand offends us, we should cut it off. Those are radical statements. But by the Spirit of God we should agree with Him, and then we can put away those things that hinder us. (Matthew 5:29-30; Deuteronomy 7:25)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11728
7:00 PM on 8/4/2019




P. Schaller

Today is a day of prayer and fasting for the ministry worldwide and we had a good day of prayer. Make little groups and have two or ten people and have some prayer for the ministry. Pray for divine appointments around the world, pastors to be on fire and deeply anointed, healings to happen, disciples to come and believe and grow, and Bible school this fall. Let’s have some prayer for those things. China, India and around the world and here in the U.S. for a new thing in our country, a spiritual moving of God.

Wasn’t that prayer a good time? It was precious, so I’d like to share a word with you as we start.

First of all, I want to thank God for all of his answered prayers. We have had so many prayers answered. We prayed for prodigals to come home in the beginning of the summer. Was that at the beginning or middle? I don’t know but I feel God is working in people’s lives to answer our prayers. I received a call from a brother who hasn’t been here for years. I said, why do you want to come back? He said I have everything. I work a lot but there is an emptiness in my heart. I’m missing something and I know what it is. God answers prayers.

My mom was living in Rome, NY and my family was concerned about her future and health. The Normans did a lot and it happened my mom moved down here to Towson. We were visiting her, and I can’t tell you how many prayers were answered in that whole thing. I look back at it and say it was perfect. Thank you, God.

In the spring, we were thinking of our Convention happening in June and we prayed a lot for it. God brought many people from many countries and they were ministered to by the Body, – your words, prayer, faith, love. They returned back home and built up. We are saying we are in God’s family in a great fight but in great rest, wisdom, love and future. Our lives are not in vain when we follow and believe God. We have this unique thing of holiness happening in our lives. I want to talk about it in a minute. But I want to park here for a second. God answers prayer.

Last fall, we started praying for Eurocon. It was going to be in Poland, and it happened. God answers prayer. Then we prayed for disciples to be brought. God, bring people that are hungry and thirst for you and God brings them. Now new students are coming to MBC&S to the Bible college. International folks are coming in. We are praying people will come from our church in Baltimore and hear a word so they can live by rhemas. Not by my flesh or reaction. And be edified. Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water. A man of understanding will draw it out. That man is Christ. He understands you and can draw it out of you and me. We will open our hearts to him and find him and grow in him. Yes. He’s been good to us. He’s given us great friends that are very loyal, and we want that loyalty to be found by our younger people, and they have found it. That loyalty is a ministry of God to us.

We have a church, a future, a church that passes from generation to generation and doesn’t die. Christ is alive forevermore. The church is hearing from God and growing in God. He has answered prayer by showing us things from his book that the Spirit of God will show us. A man may believe that the sun goes around the earth or he may believe that Julius Caesar wins wars by gun powder or Napoleon is Chinese. He may be wrong in many areas and uneducated and illiterate but if he’s got this book, it makes him wise unto salvation. How amazing people are but know nothing about salvation. They don’t know anything about salvation. They are ignorant regarding salvation. When this book is imparted to us, we become wise regarding salvation. Do you know how you can be saved we can say to a person on a park bench. Do you know how your sins can be forgiven? How your name can be written in the book of life? That’s the only thing that counts. When we meet God, he’s not going to say did you believe the earth went around the sun or the sun around the earth? This is the will of God to believe in the one he has sent. We are unholy, much worse off than we can imagine. We are lost. We are without God. We easily condemn ourselves. Thank you Lord you forgive us of all our sin. You made us holy. You gave us the Holy Spirit. You put us in a new position. We can come boldly to you and trust you and show us your way and lead us in it. I’m saddened by people that learn some of these things and depart from them in their heart.

Mt. 5:29, well I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pluck out any of my eyes, my right or left. But if your right eye, your best eye, the strength of your life, the best part of you – maybe your personality, intelligence, gifts, money, maybe your right eye if it offends you – pluck it out. I have no interest in plucking out my strength unless I am born again. Now I have a spiritual mind. Maybe my eye can go because I see something bigger than what my eye can give me. I have found God and finding God is what life is about. Vs. 29-30. No, I don’t cut off my right hand, my best hand, my strong hand. People don’t think like this. When you are born again you start to think like this. It’s only between you and God. God knows you cut your hand off because you said it in your heart. This is my strong thing. I give it to you. Many times in life you could say I can take this, but I have to check with God. Do I want to be strong and take this thing. Is this about me or can I say to God, I’m here because I want to find another way. I use my right hand all my life. I’m willing to give it up because I have found the life of the H.S. and truth that you are God. I can afford to lose my life so I can gain you. That will satisfy me.

That’s one reason I never quit coming to church. I knew if I find you and others that cut off the right hand, I’m always finding them around me. I know you have treated me abundantly because you have surrounded me with righteous people. If you receive a saint of God, you get a saint’s reward, a prophet’s reward, a righteous man’s reward. We are dwelling in a midst of people who cut off their right hand and they haven’t been hurt by it. They have increased.

They have agreed with their adversary quickly. Mt. 5:25, agree with thine adversary quickly. The adversary can be a couple things. What is adversarial in my life? My flesh, Satan and yes, God is adversarial to me. He is my Father. He’s a good Father. He chastises me. He comforts me and doesn’t deal with me according to my sin. If he did, who would stand? He deals with us according to mercy. How much mercy we get. Help us in our pulpit and in my heart to honor you with all my heart and speak of your great work and great grace. You’ve been so kind to us. You treat us so graciously. You honor us with your Spirit. You call us by name. You answer us in and out. You delivered us from enemies on our right and left lest we dash our foot against a stone. You set your love upon us. You’ve given us good men of God and women of God to help us in our walk of faith. This can’t happen by accident. It happens by holiness. You can use your two hands and do it with all your might but then you stop and say this isn’t right. I want God to anoint me with fresh oil and deliver me from my troubles and visit me in my bedroom.

What’s in your right hand? My strength. Cut it off and trust me. The book will separate the unclean from the clean, divide my soul from my spirit, cleanse me in Jn 17, quicken us in Heb 4, lead us in and out. The entrance of thy word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple people. Our God is a powerful God. Our God is a great God. Our God is a prayer answering God. Our God is a God of holiness and power. Fear not little flock; it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Be filled with the Spirit speaking to yourself songs hymns and spiritual songs. Be Christ centered in your heart and life and you are. I want to say this: quickly agree with your adversary.

There is a story about Abraham Lincoln who met an old friend of his. He was a weather-beaten farmer. He said I’m going to take my neighbor to court. How many years have you known your neighbor? About fifteen. Does he have faults? Yes, he has faults. Lincoln said I have a horse and know the faults of my horse. Then he said to the neighbor, how long would it take to get a new neighbor and learn his faults and live with his faults? It might be best to learn the faults of your neighbor now and keep that neighbor and -these are my words – win your neighbor. Might be my adversary is my neighbor. I might gain a friend if I can bend a little. If we are in an argument or disagreement, God must be so willing to bend so far to allow us to live so long in our stubbornness and faults and be so patient with us. There is another application of the verse.

Agree with your adversary quickly when God is my adversary. Meaning I’m going my way and he checks me and says stop. I say I’m not stopping. I’m doing my thing. I’m living my life. The result is vs. 25. My conscience. Maybe my soul and he puts me in prison, soul prison. My soul is in prison. I am stubbornly adversarial with my adversary and don’t agree with him. God is saying please agree with me quickly. When I convict you of your sin, please say amen and agree with me quickly. There are believers that leave home and God delivers them to the judge and to the officer and the officer puts them in prison. They get angry at God, depressed and empty. Their right hand and right eye is important to them. My right eye and my right hand. God said, cut it off. No, I’m not cutting it off. It’s mine. It’s my life. These are my rights. This is my life. Then I’ll catch you later after you live in your small world, prison. I’ll catch you later. You are born of the Spirit so you can agree quickly with your adversary, God. So you can say I have sinned. Nobody sees it. Nobody knows about it. I bring my sin before you and I confess it to you, and you will wash me clean and make me holy. The Lord says how did you know how precisely I am after your heart. Because of your law. It’s so severe, and clean and holy and pure. What do you know about it? I have submitted myself to what you say. You search my heart and everything in my heart and when I’m filled with your Holy Spirit, I agree with everything in your law.

Adultery is filthy sin, stealing and cheating and lying. Ps 101. I hate iniquity and love righteousness. Where did the holiness come from? From the heart. How did you find it? By losing my right hand and right eye. By agreeing with my adversary quickly. I am to be much more than a natural man. Being a Christian, we are to be spiritual men living like the Son of God with God as our Father and this book our life. Let’s pray this summer that the Holy Spirit will move in our midst in such a way that people will come in here and fall down and say surely of a truth God is in you, 1 Cor 4:13. Let’s pray people will come to Bible college but not just to a program. They will come without a right hand or learn it is better to cut it off than live a strong man’s life. The way of life is narrow and few there be that find it. If you have found it and we are sitting here, and this is not in vain. I don’t know how God works but sometimes long periods of time. Noah’s ark 120 years and Moses 80 years in the wilderness. John the Baptist had a short ministry but kind of behind the scenes. The ministry is a mystery. It’s not for your natural man and my natural man. It’s a mystery.

I want to show you one more. It’s the end of De. 7. I found this to be so precious. Vs. 25. This is paganism in Canaan. This is when the Jews went into the Promised Land. If you are coming from Egypt, a poor nomadic tribe Israel coming into the Promised Land, God is saying you can’t have the idol nor the gold or silver plating the idol. You’re not to have anything to do with it at all. Vs. 25. I don’t know about you, but I’d like the gold. I’d like to melt it down, take the gold and silver and put it in my pocket and use it. There are things you can’t touch. There are things you can’t touch on the inside of the thing or outside of the thing. There are things you can’t touch at all. You could separate it and say that’s an idol but the gold and silver I can use in business. God says you can’t touch it at all. Nobody can do this unless you and I have found the holiness of God. You are much more serious about this thing when you find the holiness of God. I cut out my eye, pluck out my hand, destroy the idol. I don’t want any part of it. I don’t want any of it. This is not something you can legislate to people, but it’s born in your heart and spirit by worship. When you start living like that, you grow. When you start making those decision, you take off. You start to see God. I lost something but gained something much greater. I found something else.

The problem in this world is people love God and the world and the Bible says you can’t do it. The love of the world is not the love of God. 1 Jn 4. It’s not the creation it’s the Creator. If it’s the Creator, we can handle the creation. It’s under our feet. Don’t you need the gold and silver? Believe me, I don’t care about it. I got freedom. I’m walking in high places with the Lord God Almighty. Jesus did that. We didn’t do that, but he did that. We are able to partake of that same life. We are living in a wicked world that mocks us for our convictions. You are narrow minded they say. When you lost your hand and eye, you don’t care what they say. You got something the world can’t give you or take away from you, but I can. I can. My adversary, God, he corrects me, and I don’t like it. The Lord puts me in prison for a while and comes back two years later. How are you doing? I’m depressed. What are you going to do about it? I’m angry, withdrawing. I’m confused, troubled heart. God is saying do you want to come to me. I am the God of all grace. I am the healer, the answer, the way, the truth, and the life. I am the great I am. I got the keys. I got the answer for your heart. I am a man of understanding who will draw it out of you. I will make you a minister of the kingdom of God. You are the kind of person I am looking for, but you need to agree with me quickly. I don’t want to hear about your complaining or pain or whining. I know you are in a prison. I put you there. Because I love you, I put you in the prison. Come on.

You are the prodigal son. Would you come home? How will I get there? Agree with me quickly. I am your healer. I am the answer for you. I will satisfy you with righteousness and holiness like the waves of the sea with the peace of God and the righteousness of God like a river. It’s the other way around. Peace like a river and the waves of the sea, righteousness. There is a word for us.






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