We are new creatures in Christ. We are not heroes nor are we failures. We have a baseline understanding of who we are in Him. (2 Corinthians 5:15-17)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12160
7:00 PM on 9/8/2021

P. Schaller –

Praise God!

Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus! Praise God! Amen. Praise God! I feel like doing that all night.
Praise God! That’s how I feel. Praise God! Thanksgiving and praise to God. How about if you
are here for Bible college? Two groups. People that moved here to go to Bible college would
you stand up where you are? You moved here. You just came here. Okay. There we go.
Florida, Azerbaijan. Let’s see. Turkey. Peru. That’s great. Others that came to Bible college.
You’re in Baltimore. You’re in Maryland or anywhere. The rest of you stand up. Praise the Lord!
Federal Hill. Carolyn. Super. I am so thankful for that. I am so thankful for so many things. We
have so much to be thankful for. Do you remember some years ago Dr. Chung the surgeon for
the Navy did surgery at the Bethesda hospital in Maryland on an Afghani politician.

How many remember that? A suicide bomber embraced him and detonated the bomb and this man was
nearly killed, but the United States flew him over here for surgeries and Dr. Chung worked on
him. Anybody remember that guy? He was sitting here. Muslim background of course, but God
saved his life and he knew that. He came the first time in a Christian church here. He came and
he listened. He sat right over there where P. Butch is sitting, and he was listening. When he
flew over and I don’t know where he is or what is happening. I went to lunch with him, and I
preached on grace in the morning. I said what did you understand about grace. He told me
something very fresh. He said grace is like my eyes. They’re a gift. I don’t pay for them. I’m born
with them. God gave me eyes.

That’s like grace, isn’t it? What do you have tonight that has been freely given to you. What do we have in our lives that’s all a gift. What if a man is born and he has one eye and sees people with two eyes. What’s he going to think? I got one. I got one. But you could also think another way. Why didn’t I have two. Why do they have two and I have
one? This is a parable in Matthew, the Gospel of Matthew. Maybe we will look at it a little later. I
just want to say that we have so much. We can be thankful all the time for what we have and
how God wants us to know how much he loves us. He wants us to love each other with that
same love. We were lost and that was very serious but he reached us. He saved us. He forgave
us. He sent his Spirit into us. He gave us exceedingly great and precious promises. They’re very
precious. You can’t find them at Walmart or a local university or at the library. You can’t find
these promises from men. They only come from God.

These promises are exceedingly precious and very great. And this is our fellowship in this reality of God that God’s presence with us in our lives and the more we are able to relate to it and think about it the better it is for us to live our life
and process our life through our faith. It’s through our faith we are able to look at life. We
increase in our faith. There are many things we cannot increase in. There are a lot of things that
we are. I have two arms and I don’t increase with more. I have a job maybe but I may not
increase. This is God. We always are able to increase in God. He gives the increase. Rom.
10:17 we increase in our faith. We also grow in grace, 2 Peter 3:18. Understanding grace. Living
in grace. Learning grace and having an identity with God in his grace. I’ll show you one short
diagram here. I’m going to say David – is it up on the? This is David’s life. I’m going to use a
phrase. We taught this in one of our classes in Bible college.

David could say I am David. I like that phrase. I am David. I am David. What did that mean when David said I am David? I am the Lord’s anointed. I am saved by grace. I am indwelt by the Spirit. I once killed a lion and a bear. I
saw God in life. I know God. This is David saying my expectation is God (Psalm 62). He had a
great time, a great victorious time, and he killed Goliath. We could say when he killed Goliath he
was a hero. If you talked to David afterwards he would say I am David. This means he had a
base line for his identity. He had a base line for his identity. That’s a good statement. Who are
you? I am David. Who is David? I am a man made in God’s image. I am a man indwelt by the
Spirit. We would say in our New Testament I am crucified but I live but not me but Christ lives in
me. I am David. Well, who killed Goliath? God killed Goliath. And he used me. I appreciate that.
I know that. God used me. That was a great thing. Are you the giant killer? Yes, if God wants
me to be. I know who I am and it’s not based on a performance. It’s based on a deeper identity.
The Spirit of God is present with me, and he speaks to my heart.

I am satisfied with who I am when nothing is happening. I’m satisfied with who I am when I’m not a hero in the eyes of
people. I am satisfied with who I am because I know who God is. Life isn’t about you or me. It’s
about who God is. Therefore we can constantly be thankful because this life is defined by his
grace and his love toward us, so it gets better. He has a bad time and what’s the name there.
Bathsheba. What does he do? He commits adultery. Oh, David. You adulterer. You liar. You murderer. You proud, arrogant person. You stole a man’s wife and then you killed her husband.
How bad can it be. Who are you? Do you know what he did? He had a place to go. That is, I am
David. Who are you? I am David, made in the image of God, forgiven by God. God loves me.
He forgives me. He restores my soul. Who are you? I am David. When I am a hero, that doesn’t
mean much to me cause what means most to me is who I really am. And when I sin – listen to
this. This is something you and I would have a problem with.

When I sin, listen, Romans 7, when I sin it is not I. It is not I. Who is it? You’ve got to own your sin. Of course it’s you. You did that. You made that decision. When you have a doctrinal understanding, it’s a lot deeper than the
natural man. The natural man is very good. Watch this. The natural man is very good at exalting
heroes and very good at destroying failures. Did you get that? Wow! The natural man loves the
celebrities and the heroes. They love this. The celebrities and the heroes love the admiration.
Give it to me. Give it to me because this is where I live. If you talk to a man of God, he doesn’t
live there. It’s not his definition nor is his failure his definition. His failure doesn’t define his life.
I’m not an adulterer. I have been restored. I have been forgiven. I have been redeemed. I have
been reconciled. God is my friend. God is for me, not against me. I have sinned but it is not I but
sin that dwells in me. But that’s not my definition, me and my sin.

I understand that we would say we would own our sin. Definitely we do, yet once it is dealt with by the blood of Jesus and I want to say that strongly, by the blood of Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus. Not some restoration
program. By the blood of Jesus Christ my sins are washed away. How thankful are we when we
are defining our life by a spiritual understanding of who we are. That’s why the psalmist said my
praise shall continually be in my mouth. Wait a minute. Will the praise be here when you killed
Goliath? Definitely. Will the praise be there when you sinned with Bathsheba? Eventually it will
be there as I get it dealt with. It took a while for David to repent. It took a while for David to
realize his error, maybe 9 months to a year. It took a while for him to be restored. In Psalm 51
he wrote this psalm. Create in me a clean heart. Renew a right spirit in me because I know who
David is. I know who I am. Isn’t that good. I hope it ministers to you. I hope it means something
to you in your heart. I hope you understand what I am saying.

When a believer is doctrinally instructed and understanding the still small voice, the quiet anointing and ministry of truth to his heart, he gets a base line and it doesn’t matter if people are with him or not. It doesn’t matter
how bad life can be. Moses said the Lord is my habitation. I have a hiding place (Col. 3:3). We
always have a reference. We go back to this amazing fellowship of truth and the Holy Spirit
ministers to us and God restores our soul. God defines for us our life. God speaks to us and
helps us in life. Amen. Would you take a minute just with your neighbor and have a little talk with
them about this lesson and see if you got it right. Just say what did he say? And talk to your
neighbor for a minute and fellowship. I was thinking about how we can be so thankful for people.
I know Brittany Howard is moving back to Turkey and what an awesome young lady she is. We
are so thankful for her. And just going through the room and thinking about the lives of people
who with their life, their action, their attitude who manifest Christ to people.

There are so many of them. If my last name was “Hadley,” I’d be a famous person! But the Hadleys and Suas and
Anna and you think of also the day school, Pastor Barry, and what he does in dealing with
parents and children. I was in the high school today teaching and just looking at these young
people, their last year in high school and learning their names and getting to know them a little
bit and thinking of what an amazing thing it is. I’d like to repeat. Is it up there still? Can we put
the Ipad back up, that diagram? If we took this message and applied it to life, how do we see
each other? Who are you? Some people come into this church and they have this identity but
when we are with them, this is the fellowship in the Body that I am David. This is the reality.
Where is that in the Scripture? Turn to 2 Corinthians 5. By the way, my son is here, Kyle, who finished
school. He’s over here. He finished school. We’re glad he’s home and on to the next chapter in
his life. It’s such an amazing thing in Body life when we identify with each other on this level of 2
Corinthians 5:15. Here’s a good little lesson.

Some people think if they are not up here somewhere in
their identity, their category, then their life is meaningless. They have never done anything great
in their eyes. They have never killed Goliath. They have never been famous or never
accomplished any great thing but in what we are teaching tonight, in our mind and hearts we
don’t have to have that. We can sit here and receive and walk out and hand somebody a dollar
bill or a smile or rejoice or sing a song. And go to work the same job, same place for many
years and just say I am David. That’s fine with me. I am David. I am a motivated person but I
don’t have to be great in that way. I have something and you and I have something that is satisfying to us. And henceforth we live not for ourselves. To be honest, some people live for
themselves to be a hero or to do something great. We are not living for ourselves but we are
here for him. That might mean something very flat but it’s real. He is with us.

He is present. He is satisfying. Then there are people who are down here in this category. They are very
discouraged because they say I have sinned again and again and again. This is me. But when
you come to Christ, he puts you at another place and it’s not that. He gives grace. He teaches
you. He establishes you. You have a new identity. When we are together, this is how we see
each other. We call it this flat line kind of. Like this base line. I know you. You are my brother.
You are my sister. I see you. I see you. I see who you are. I know your value. I love you. You
are my sister. You are my brother. I know your presence. I know God is with you. God has given
you gifts and ministry and you are satisfied. You are satisifed. You are contented. You are
internally free. You are loving. You are joyful. You are God’s portion. You are a blessing. You
are here. I believe this is – read the text with me. vs. 16. Because of this cross where he died
and rose, now, vs. 16.

The word “flesh” has this meaning of our fallen nature. We have in English the flesh is the material muscles and bones of our bodies. There is that word “soma” for the body. The word “flesh” is referring to the fallen nature of man, our sin nature. I don’t know you according to your ego in the flesh, your identity in your pride. Someone was telling me they
were at an event with wealthy people and at that event, it was so filled with pride. They had no
fellowship. It wasn’t a wedding of ours. It was at another place. High rollers they call them. Very
wealth people. The ego and the connections with people and this kind of society is knowing
people after the flesh. One time, I was with P. Love up in New York and there was an MBA
game and there was a man that just signed a contract, 23 year old man signed a contract for
$84 million dollars. I was with him and shook his hand and said a few words and encouraged
him to listen to P. Love. P. Love is there in a fellowship with these particular men that do not
need people to know them after the flesh.

They need something more permanent. They need a ministry. People don’t need us to know them as a celebrity. Celebrity-ism is sinful. It’s about the flesh of men. It’s ego. It’s name dropping. It’s my self-importance, my reputation, my popularity. But in the Body of Christ we don’t know people this way because it’s not us. If you kill Goliath,
the next day he is sitting with you – David is sitting with you around a campfire just saying,
wow! God is awesome. God is awesome. God did that. The brothers are understanding that
David is identifying in the fellowship of grace and knowing that Jesus Christ is real. Now go to
the sinful thing of David. Do you know what he needs? He needs love, forgiveness. Not to know
him after the flesh. Not to judge him. God judges him. We do not judge people. We are
ministers. We are giving guidance. We are giving grace and we don’t know people after the
flesh. Are you from Corinth or are you from Ephesus? It doesn’t matter to me, wherever you
happen to be from.

Are you from this part of society or that part? That’s not my fellowship. We
are not respectors of people based on the flesh. We are in a fellowship of the Spirit, a fellowship
of grace, a fellowship of truth that is able to build us up and edify. Look at us and churches
across the country that are assembling on Wednesday night and why? We want to feed from
the Lamb. We want to be fed from the Spirit. We want to drink the Spirit of doctrine and truth
that is able to build us up and give us an inheritance or reveal to us the inheritance that we have
that is in Christ Jesus. Based on this base line, you cannot stop. It is continually edifying to you
and building you up in your heart. You’re walking with Jesus. I just need to be with Jesus. Does
there have to be a miracle. I just want to be with Jesus. Do you have to understand everything?
No, I just want to walk with Jesus and live by faith in Jesus. What is Jesus doing? This is God in
the flesh, isn’t it? This is amazing.

The rest of the verse goes, vs. 16. There we have knowing Jesus as some people knew Jesus. They knew him as a rabbi. Like they didn’t believe in him as the Messiah. They could walk with him and touch him. Remember the story? Mark 5. Everybody is touching Jesus. A woman crawls in and touches the hem of his garment. Virtue goes out of
him and he said who touched me? The disciples said, many are touching you. It’s not written
there. You can imagine him saying many are touching me but many do not know me but there is
somebody that touched me and they know me. They touched me. In the world, there are many
people touching Jesus, like what was those rock plays in Broadway? P. Steve? Hair? Jesus
Christ Superstar. Those broadway plays remember back in the 60s or something. Who is
Jesus? Who is Jesus? John. 7. Who is Jesus. They know him after the flesh. Where was he born.
“He wasn’t born in Bethlehem. He’s from Nazareth.” They knew him after the flesh. The color of
his hair. The way he was, who he was. They knew him this way, but we don’t know him that way. That’s not how we know him. We know him this way. We touch him. Virtue comes.

We are Spirit filled. We are edified. We are encouraged. We are not running around trying to find –
remember the woman at the well? She had five men. Five men. But this man, but this man.
That’s a beautiful picture. I’ve had five men but this man he knows me. He told me everything
I’ve ever done. Nobody is drinking from this well and you will never thirst. After Jesus is with
them for two days and Jesus goes away, the woman isn’t out there looking for another man.
She’s done. She found him. That’s like us. When I found Jesus, when you found Jesus, the
search was over. You found him. You found the answer. You found the reality. You found the
identity. You found the person you needed. You found God. God came into your life and
satisfied you and the search was over. You were edified and built up in it and understood it and
are growing in it. The next part and we’ll finish. vs. 16.

The Apostle Paul did know Jesus after the flesh when he was persecuting Christians. He did know Christ that way. This rabbi gone off the rails. This man who is an imposter. This Belzebub. There was a pagan God, Belzebuul. I
forget the meaning of it. The Jews shifted the letters a little to mock it and called him Belzebub
which means “lord of the flies.” Lord of the flies. He’s the lord of like flies. It’s a derogatory slam
on the pagan god. But the sad thing is they use the same name for Jesus. That he’s Belzebub.
Oh no he isn’t. He’s the Lord of Lords. They didn’t know that. They knew him after the flesh. But
then when you come to him and know him in the Spirit and understand him and you are drawn
to him, that’s what he is writing here. vs. 17. A new creature. You have two words in the Greek
for “new.” One of them is with time. Like time, new time, like a new day becomes an old day.
Next hour is a new hour but then it’s past. A new car becomes an old car. That’s like time. But
this word “new” is new in it’s type, in it’s economy, in it’s order, in it’s nature.

This is a new creature. It never gets old. You are a new creation that will never get old. That base line there
that David is living in is really in the Psalms and our New Testament, the doctrinally
understanding of who we are is really creature that never ever, never ever will be old. It’s what
we live in. That’s why soe of us who came into the ministry back in 1972 and now we are in
2021, and it’s just again continually it’s this new life that God has called us into to partake of, to
feed on, to be encouraged in. Do you go back to drugs? You could but it’s no party. It’s not fun.
It’s not the answer. Could you be the giant killer? Yes, you could be but it doesn’t happen every
day. With David, it happened once in his life that way. It might not happen every day but that’s
okay. That might be there. Thank you Lord that we are rooted and grounded in who you are. It’s
such an honor. vs. 17. What things have become new?

I would say my way of looking at life has become new. The old way of hungering and thirsting after various things has passed away and God has established us on something that will never get old, that will never fail you and I
because it is God’s grace towards us. If we fail, the grace abounds. If we get confused, the mind
of Christ is always clear. If we are trouble, we always have God as our Comforter. We have an
ever present help in time of need. We have a ministry of grace to us that will never stop. We
have an identity that will never, never give up. It’s who we are. Okay. Amen. Would you pray
with me please and we will finish.


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