The value of our faith is reflected in how we worship, how we express God in our lives. He knows our feelings. We can move beyond being simple, and take the cup of salvation and live in praise. Psalm 116; Titus 3:3

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11908
7:00 PM on 6/24/2020

P. Schaller –

Praise God we have a service tonight and you are in it. I’m going to lead you in our service. It’s about Psalm
116. We’ll teach it in bits and pieces. The idea is I can be emotional, upset, worried, and say
things in my haste. It says, “I said in my haste, all men are liars.” When under pressure, I might
say things in a reactionary way. He almost died in that psalm. He could feel the death. He
almost died. Then he is is writing about these things we are going to speak about tonight. I
think it would be awesome. Be aware we are in a pandemic period. I know we are on our way
out of it. Practice social distancing. This is a confusing time in that regard. Be wise and safe and
so on. That being said, read to yourself with someone next to you or behind you. Make a little
group if you want to. This will be five minutes or so.

Read Psalm 116 and make note of things that speak to your heart and things you are looking for in this psalm. Have you during this time sensed in your heart and in your mind and in your words, foolishness? Have you seen in the
streets in America some expressions of anger, hatred, and also what the Bible calls not
thinking? I looked up in the Greek dictionary some words on that subject, “foolishness,” in the
Hebrew and I recognized it in myself. I think it’s important you would be able to do that. You
would be able to recognize there are times when you are just foolish. Luke 24 the two disciples
on the road to Emmaus, Christ called them foolish and slow of heart to believe. To be honest, I
think I live in a foolish world. When we look around in the universe, man does not believe in
God. He believes but it ends there.

There is a God but that’s the end. Psalm 14 it says, “the fool has said in his heart” – in the Hebrew it says, “no God.” Like God doesn’t exist or no to the God that does exist. The fool thinks that he is responsible for all the things that are good around him. He thinks his refrigerator is full of food because of him, because he got a job and paycheck
and bought the food and put it in the refrigerator. That’s how he interprets his world. He
doesn’t recognize God. If he’s smart and goes to school and gets a diploma, it’s because of him.
Of course, it is. I did that. This is normal for us to be this way. We take credit for things we have
seen happened. We get up in the morning and take credit for getting up because I ate my
vitamins yesterday. I take credit for my health because I did this. I look in history and say of
course that happened because that king attacked that king.

It’s amazing how foolish all of us are. What’s the difference between a fool and a wise man? I won’t go through all the word. I wrote down verse after verse and word after word here. I don’t have it memorized and want to
trust God for the message tonight. Man looks at history and he sees it as a natural sequence of
events and looks at the Bible and doesn’t think much of it at all. He just thinks it’s a religious
book. You could say you’ll die one day, and he says of course I know that. Where will you go
after? I don’t know. I’ll worry about that later. The things we see on the streets of America, the
things taught in the universities. I read a statistic. 3 liberals to 2 conservative professors on a
university campus…now it’s 48 liberal professors to 1 conservative professor. What an
interesting thing being taught to our people.

Foolishness. What is it? Where does it come from? My heart. If you leave people alone, just like a garden, what will you get? Weeds. If you leave a child alone, what will you get? A brat, she said! Yes, it gets worse. If you leave a nation alone, what will you get? Weeds grow but a wise man has something because like our diagram of the
house with the two floors, when we find, believe in God, this is the beginning of wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the mind of God in you and I as we live in this world. When Jesus came it
was his wisdom that made him so unique in conversation, in the temple, on the street, in the
road, in the countryside. It says in Luke 42 he doesn’t speak like the scribes and Pharisees. He is
different. This is why Christ came to give us another view of life. He would be marveling at the
unbelief that people had. He would be amazed how easily people are being misled.

He was amazed what was happening here on the earth because he knew who his heavenly Father was
and so do you. This is where we go in the psalm and think about the value of your faith in
worship. Worship is the stirring up of your heart in faith and the believing of God that I cannot
see. But to believe it is because of God I am on this earth. Bad things also happen. It’s because
of God. We live in a God conscious state of mind by worship. Titus 3:3, “foolish.” There’s the
word. Maybe it would be healthy to turn to your neighbor and say I was one time foolish,
disobedient and deceived. Give your neighbor a moment to say I think you still are! Were you
deceived? Were you without covenant, without promise without the Holy Spirit, without a new
heart, without Christ, the Bible, the church?

Were you one time that way? What else does it say? Vs. 3. Have you seen any hatred on the streets? Have you seen hatred at the university campus, on a basketball court, at a school, in your own heart? Ever hear that phrase “the devil’s lane?” I read about it today. When two neighbors are fighting with each other and hating each
other, they put up fences four feet from each other. They lose four feet from their property.
That four feet is called “the devil’s lane.” Nobody gets it. It’s where the devil walks up and down
between two fighting neighbors. Has that happened in your past? Was there someone you
hated? Were you foolish without God, living your own way? Yes, we were. Sometimes it comes
back to me and I do the same thing as an unbeliever does. Go to Psalm 116 since I buried you deep

I hope so! Psalm 116:1, my prayers have been heard by God. I have a new life now.
God answers my prayers. God is in my life now. I was jealous of someone over me and now God
has come into my life and I love someone under me. What can I do to help the poor? What can
I do to help someone disadvantaged? When I care about people in trouble, I lose my envy and
jealousy. Maybe there wasn’t any one over me after all. God bless them. I found God. The envy
and jealousy goes away. Vs. 2. How long will we pray to him and worship him? As long as we
live. How long will we have God in our life? He came and appeared, he visited, he filled, he
answered, he stirred my heart. He helped me. He became real for me. He became the new
focus for my life. Vs. 3.

Has hell ever gotten ahold of you? Have you ever felt it in a sick bed? Have you felt sorrow so deeply that you were out of your mind? Has that ever happened to you when death is so real and the cloud of darkness that is hanging over you in a pit? Has that ever happened? This is emotional. The emotion is here. Vs. 4. I love the psalm because God gets into our emotions and speaks through our emotions. And says I know what you are feeling. I know
the darkness and the guilt and the fear. I can write this psalm through you. And leave you in it.
You are allowed to be discouraged, depressed, and feel the sorrow but as you are, you still have
God in your life. You don’t let that horrible stuff drag you into foolishness.

“There is no God.” “I don’t believe in the Bible anymore.” I have my own life and it’s kind of a small life that comes
from a foolish heart. “Oh fools and slow of heart to believe the prophets.” Don’t you know your
life is a vapor? That it’s short. You are here for a short time and then fly away in Psalm 90:10. Don’t you know your life is precious and valuable because you are able to live by faith? Bring
your faith right at the doorstep of those emotions. Allow them to be there because they can’t
bring my heart into this foolishness I am capable of. Vs. 5. He is merciful. He has faith. God is
kind. God is merciful. God is like a Father. God is not going away from us. Though I walk through
the valley of the shadow of death, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not lack. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yeah,
though I go through the valley, He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies. He
anoints my head with oil. My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the
days of my life. It’s God saying I am enough for you. Psalm 36:8, Psalm 16:9 the river of God – P. Mati
used this verse. The river of God is full of water. The nature of God is for us, not against us. But I
am afraid to be honest that the emotions and pressures of life and in my relationship with my
wife and children and general wandering in my heart can lead me into a state of heart and mind
and say I am responsible for this.

I am responsible for what is happening. I am responsible for the good things and the bad things. In the foolish mind, I’ll read a couple here. A fool’s mouth is his destruction and his lips are the snare of his soul. It is an honor for a man to cease from strife, but every fool will be meddling. There are people that get into the thing and dig up
iniquity and talk foolishly. They don’t know what they are saying. Psalm 17:2, “let my sentence
come forth from your presence Lord.” May everything I say have some edifying effect.
Everything we say in God’s Spirit and heart has a means of something comforting and forgiving.
Hatred is in the air today. Matthew. 24. One verse Ramona shared with me on the phone the other
day. She pointed this out to me. Vs. 9. This is in the Tribulation period I assume but I think
there is a pattern of words here that would be useful for us to think about in the days we are
living in today. Vs. 10. It looks like there is a sequence.

There is hatred, a falling away, people are offended, they betray one another. They snitch on each other. The city of Baltimore where we are having all the murders, 1 a day and 70% are not resolved. People get away with murder.
That’s very unhealthy for any society. There is a murder and they get away with it and that’s
unhealthy. They have a thing where a witness won’t snitch on a murderer because he himself
may be killed. Truth is fallen in the street and there is a sickness as a result of it. You have a
continuation of a problem. Foolishness in the heart of man and he doesn’t have the character
to stand. He cannot tell the truth or face the fire. He cannot stand in the contest. He can betray.
He can say it’s your life or mine and I’m saving my life. It sounds very dramatic and it is, but I
want to make a point.

Psalm 116 is saying that when we have God, when we have God in our
life, that this is different from being a foolish person. It says here there will be hatred and
betrayal. Vs. 11-12 is that what it says in 2 Timothy 3 about the end times? It is. That is a profile of
the end times. In our society, we have moved away from what is really needed. What is really
needed is something extraordinary and beautiful, the fear of God, the beginning of wisdom.
The hunger that comes from God. Looking at the invisible. If I focus on my country, I get both
God and have a beautiful effect on my country and the generations that follow and the need
that is great here. Psalm 116:7, do you ever feel that way with God? I’m going with God and
rest with God. I don’t think there is any resting place except God.

He is our resting place, our fortress. He doesn’t condemn you. He loves you. He speaks kindly to you in his still small voice. Hebrews 4, the rest of the finished work. The rest of the throne of God. The shepherd leads us
beside the still water. Rushing water, sheep don’t drink out of because they fall in and drown.
They need it to be quiet water. They can drink from the quiet water. I can’t drink from a river of
hatred and fear and violence. I need the green grass and quiet place of the church. I need the
anointing and Spirit of God to feed me in wisdom and escape from the hell below. Vs. 8. You
have soul, and the death of the soul. The eyes from tears. The sorrows. There are so many tears
in this world. There are so many circumstances that produce tears.

There is so much loneliness and pain that produce tears. God has kept our feet from falling. I’m sure one day in heaven God will show us I have delivered you from this car accident and following off of this and I have kept
you from this and that. The psalmist is saying I didn’t get up in the morning because of my
vitamins but my God kept me alive. I got home safe and sound because my God did that. He’s
God conscious but doesn’t mean he’s not thrown around emotionally with trouble. Foolishness
in my heart that can take me away, that can mess up my marriage and my things in life.
Foolishness in my heart that doesn’t sound right exactly.

Foolishness in my heart that stirs us strife and fights and looks for a fight and stirs up things that are not necessary to be entertained. Vs. 9. That’s how we feel around here. Thank you, Lord, there is a life here. It’s the
land of the living. I believed; therefore I have spoken. It’s a big phrase. Vs. 10 this is used by the
Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthian 5 I believe. Or is it 1 Corinthians 4. I believe therefore have I spoken. I believe
therefore I have a message from the Holy Spirit. I saw a young man sitting on the curb today. I
was riding my bicycle this afternoon. And this boy was physically little but 18 or 20 years old. I
stopped and he was talking, and I believed therefore have I spoken. That’s the equation. When
you believe, then you end up saying something that affects your conversation. Because you
believe, God is in it.

All you have to say is the things you believe. You don’t have to preach to
people. I said to him I know a Bible verse. Could I quote it to you? I did. That’s all because you
believe, you have something to say. It’s not about this level. It’s because you believe. You could
say I used to take a lot of credit for my life but I’m telling you young man it’s God that will bless
your life. It’s God that you want. That’s who you are looking for. His name is Jesus Christ, vs. 11.
This is also kind of an emotional phrase. I was under pressure and said something stupid. Even
though it’s correct that all men are liars, he’s saying it in reaction. He’s very upset. You could
say something, “you jackass.” I could say in my haste, “that’s stupid.” I could curse or say
something in my haste. I’m hurt. In my haste, I just punch back.

Then I know it’s foolish. If I could say all things are working for good. I don’t know why that guy cut me off the Beltway. People have been driven off the road by careless and foolish people. They have gone through
horrible and unfortunate things that happen in life. In my haste, I said. That’s the idea. I’m not
excusing it. That can happen. Don’t allow your emotions to carry you into a foolish way of
thinking. Be corrected. Be led. Be a worshiper. Vs. 12. What could I give to God for everything
he’s given to me? How about praise? What could I give to God for all the things he’s given me?
How about a song? Praise? Thinking about him and relating to him. What about receiving from
him? What about letting God love me and build me up?

What could I give in return for all the things he has poured out on me? How about believing in him and bringing him into your life. Keeping you from the foolishness that easily comes into our hearts and becomes part of us. A fool utters all his mind, but a wise man keeps it in until afterwards. The gift you and I have been
given by God is the ability to admit our foolishness and then be a worshiper and say thank you
Jesus. I’ll take all you got for me. Some people compare themselves with other people. How did
he get that? How did she succeed in that? Matthew 6 says we pray in secret and God rewards us
openly. It wasn’t us. It’s God’s grace that you and I, everyone of us, have all of the blessings in
Ephesians 1:3. We have all grace in Romans 5:17. We have all of Christ. If he did not spare his own Son,
wouldn’t he give us everything in his Son?

Have authority by the Holy Spirit in your heart and life. Learn how to bless your wife with good words. Learn how to be quiet with your children and love them. Learn how to edify Body members and bring a blessing into your relationship with people. A fool utters all his mind. I got to say this. I got to say this. You don’t have to say it.
Calm down and you said in your haste something and start to be thankful for everything you
got. Be very thankful. Learn to be thankful for everything we got. Be a worshiper of God. What
shall I render unto the Lord? How about being thankful for everything we have. Every one of us
have a big problem and that’s me. I’m a problem to myself, to the people around me and in this
world. God is telling me what the answer is. The answer is him. If he could fill me with the Holy
Spirit and love would be in my heart, then it’s not contrived or artificial.

Loving each other without hypocrisy…..we are deeper. We have the presence of God. That’s what every black man
wants. That’s what every white man wants. It’s the love of God in our hearts. I can be a fool.
There is a story in 1 Samuel 25. There was a foolish man named Nabal. That’s a Ben Turkia
question. Why would his parents at his birth pick him up and call him fool?! Look at the
precious child. We’ll call him Nabal, fool! For some reason his name is Fool. That’s his name!
When it came to David, he did not discern David. He didn’t give grace. He was a blessed man.
He was very rich. He had a huge flock. He’s the kind of guy that said, I did it. I’m blessed
because of me. David is going to come and kill him and Abigail, Nabal’s wife said, David don’t do
such a thing.

You are more honorable than this foolish man. God will take care of him. God will
take care of you. Let God take care of it. He died in ten days. It looks like he had an aneurysm in
his brain and went into a coma and died in a short time. Abigail had the mind of God and David
did not. A woman giving David the mind of God. David was foolish. We can become foolish. We
are learning to bring worship into every area and see the work of God. What shall I render unto
the Lord? Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. vs. 15. This is what it
means. “Precious” means costly or valuable. When a saint dies, that’s precious. I don’t know
the meaning really. I can’t really say what the psalmist is saying.

We can say a few things about it. When God invested in P. Carl in India and Suzie and he invested and this man became a valuable person and when it was time for God to take him, it was costly to God to take that
man. It was valuable. This man is a valuable man. Your life is a valuable life. When God loses us
off the earth, it’s a valuable thing when we leave the earth. When you and I bring God into our
mindset and our worldview and way of thinking and living, there is salt and light and wisdom.
There is something that affects kids and neighbors and grandparents. There is an influence of
godliness that happens in life. When it’s time for them to be taken off the earth, Ravi Zachariah
and these men and the precious women and the value we don’t know. The little woman with
two mites and she gave in the offering and Jesus said, see this woman. That’s valuable.

Your faith is valuable. Your prayers are valuable. Your words are valuable. Your life is valuable. Your
motivation is valuable. Your mission is valuable. Have a mission and be on the move. How can I
take a time out and leave what our mission is, our vision is, what is stirred in our heart? I get
the jest and hear the news a little bit here and there. If you give me a time out long enough, I
might end up living like a foolish person. Very emotional. I’ll say, “damn it” and swear. That’s
terrible. It’s because of me and many other ideas. That’s my message. You guys are awesome
listeners and the Spirit wants to say something to us. I think that if this fellowship, that we are
in this one from God and the Spirit moves with us in his mind and heart, then there will be
people God will be raising up.

There will be somebody. The Spirit starts to move in their heart, and they start to get it. I get it. I should pray to God. I get it. I don’t know why but I have another spirit. I have praise of God. I’m excited. I’m reading this book about Jesus. A booklet I got from the café and it’s stirring my spirit and heart. We had a guy, one brother, – the Fins
know him. He had a strong accent and he lived in the men’s dorm when I was there. When he
wanted to say something he’d say, “but ah, hey!” We picked that up and we would bring it into
a conversation. But ah, hey! And then say the point. What did I want to say? I believe. But ah,
hey! I believe that the Spirit this summer, I believe God will keep us from our foolish selves and
help us to live in this beautiful, edifying way. We’ll have a great Convention here by God’s
grace. Little or big, whatever it might be is fine. However he leads people, but for us in our
house, we will wholly follow him and have him like we said tonight.



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