Christ shall return and set all things in order. Lost people are dying.  Ministry must seek the unreached. Be all the way in all of our lives. We all of us, we say our God is worthy.  This call can fall on us. Let the Spirit this to us. He is God and He has called us. (Revelation 7:9-12)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Babou Bamouni, Pastor Ganesh Wankhede
Sermon # 11495
6:30 PM on 6/24/2018


P. Bamouni

Good evening everyone. Can we praise the Lord tonight?! I would really like to thank P. Schaller for this privilege that we have to come and share the WOG and to be greatly edified by the word and your lives. Thank you to P. Scibelli who came towards us in Africa and great things are happening there. We really bless the Lord. And I’d like to thank the Lord for my pastor, P. Luigi. Really, he’s an amazing man. Through his giving life he has done much good to us. Thank you for P. Emil. We are kings, his message this morning. In Burkina Faso we receive Bible classes from Paris. Thank you, to P. Texier for these classes. We take courses from Baltimore as well. God is good and he does good to us.

This morning P. Scibelli talked about the surprise of grace. So I thought we’d speak about continuing in the grace of God. I had a title, Let’s Continue in the Grace of God. That’s my title.

In 2 Cor 3:6. It’s true. It is said the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. When we read in Heb 8:22, you have not approached a mountain that can be touched. It was covered with fire, not storm, not darkness.

vs. 22. Heb 12:18-22, these two passages are strong passages. We need to continue in the grace of God. If we continue in the grace of God, we will continue to have surprises as we heard this morning. This passage makes me think of the feast of Pentecost. This celebration of the law of God. After the feast of Passover, when God gave to the Israelites the 10 Commandments at Mt. Sinai, when they received the 10 Commandments it was 50 days after the feast of Passover. They left Egypt by the powerful arm of the Eternal One. What happened? God gave them the law. Then came Pentecost.

When we read in Ex 32:28, we see that there were 3,000 deaths more or less. Pentecost and the law is given, 3,000 deaths, people dying. Then we can compare that to the other Pentecost in the N.T. In Acts when this Pentecost was fully received, God didn’t give the law. God gave the H.S. By the H.S., we are children of God. He who doesn’t have the Spirit of God doesn’t have Christ in him. The H.S. manifests the Spirit of Christ in us. What really happened on that day when the H.S. came?

Acts 2:41, 3,000 people are saved. Halleluiah. 3,000 die and another time 3,000 are saved. It’s not the same thing. Something makes the difference here and it’s strong. Why? It shows the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. The Spirit gives life. By the Spirit, we have life. The law was given. It was inscribed on stone. It produced death. It killed 3,000 people.

That’s why Paul calls it the ministry of death, of condemnation in 2 Cor 3:7-8 and elsewhere. The Spirit serves with life. Gives life to 3,000 people, 3,000 souls were saved. It’s life. If we try to keep the law, the commandments, because we want to be blessed, of course people are trying to do that. We’ll bring death into our lives. But if we accept simply the life of the Spirit and placing our confidence in Jesus and saying it’s not us. It’s not by our ability, our capacity. But the H.S. will do it. The life of God will do it in us. It will change many things. Surprised as we heard this morning. The fact of being here tonight is a surprise for me. Nothing indicated I could be here. We shouldn’t take anything for granted. Everything is by grace. When we look at things in the wrong manner, like something that would happen in our marriage, we try to fix things by the law. Like a suffering and the way we live, our career. When we depend on the Spirit of grace, life is brought forth. The Spirit of grace.

We can go forward in vs. 5 manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. If I want to be blessed, if I want to live the blessing of God instant after instant, moment by moment. In any case, I’m already blessed. I’m not pushing for blessings. I’m not looking for blessings. I’m already blessed.

I was in an area, a region, and the offering was 350 franks, less than a dollar. In a week, we didn’t have enough gas to get to the place for service. It wasn’t a big offering. Less than an offering and I had no bike. I was walking with my crutches. Sometimes my hands were wounded, not well. I was trying to put these compresses around my arms and go out and evangelize. In my heart, it was clear there is nothing I could have that would give me more joy than the joy I find in a salvation. It was clear. If you gave me a plane today, I wouldn’t have more joy than the day I got saved and became a child of God. We are nothing, absolutely nothing but the salvation we have is an eternal salvation.

We bless the Lord. I rejoice at what God has done for me his child. It’s not what was given at Mt. Sinai. That’s why the Bible says you haven’t come to Mt. Sinai which can’t be touched and is burning and filled with darkness and storm. You have drawn near to Mt. Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem with myriads of angels. May the Lord bless us, Zion.

Ps 128:5, not from Sinai thank God. Thank you for your love shown towards us.

We receive by faith in Eph. 2:8. Now we continue in the Spirit of grace at the right mountain. We’ll continue to accomplish miracles in our life with the Spirit of grace. We’ll stand firm in what God has done for us and there will always be surprises of grace.

May God bless us. Amen.


P. Schaller

How many heard it and got something from that message?

Prov 28:22 I receive the words and they are fitted in my mouth. I receive it and am able to say it. I’ll have you stand up and talk to your neighbor. Two things: what was it at the giving of the Law? I kind of missed this part. 3,000 people that died. When he gave the law, there was death and at Pentecost 3,000 got saved by grace. He said we should always be thankful. Everything we have is by grace and be a grace believer and be built up by grace. He said in one meeting not even enough money, not even a dollar. He started walking with his crutches and he wrapped his hands and the joy he had. Is he a servant of God? Woe. Amazing. What else did you get out of that message? Tell your neighbor.

The other night at the church service here we introduced P. Ganesh. 34 years ago, he met Joe Schwaider who was sent out from the team. He was from a faraway village. He read the N.T. and returned it to P. Joe. I remember Joe telling me this. He read it all weekend and gave it back. Joe said it’s yours. It’s a gift to you. He’s been wanting to come but never got a visa. They said why do you want to go to America? Our church has a Convention and I’d like to go and I’d like to see the grave of Billy Graham. So I can pray there that God will raise up a Billy Graham for India. They said you got your visa. Go to America. We were at the White House yesterday outside in D.C. and set up the sketch board and gave him the freedom to preach. He gave a great message and was ministering.


P. Ganesh

I’m so privileged to be here among the great men and women God is using around the world. I learn from you and hear from you so I would be built up and encouraged and edified. Eight years praying and God has answered the prayer. So privileged to be with all of you. You’re such an amazing people. God has chosen you for this generation. So thank you for P. Schaller. Give him a big hand. 1989 I met Carl Stevens and we had a wonderful talk together. Elijah had a double portion. I asked him what was his double portion? P. Schaller and P. Scibelli is his double portion! GGWO has been flourishing all over the country.

Privilege to go to Washington, D.C. and see that White House. I come from a country where a lot of politicians don’t speak English. They carry a translator. When Bill Clinton was president, an Indian minister came to the White House and had an appointment with him. He had an interpreter, a man from India. This minister didn’t know how to speak English. The translator said don’t worry about the conversation. Just say hello Mr. Clinton. How are you and he’ll say I am fine and you say I too. This Indian minister had been practicing. This Indian minister walked to him and as he was practicing “I am fine” and I say “I too.” As he walked to Mr. Clinton, he said hello Mr. Clinton. Who are you? He said I am the husband of Hillary Clinton!

Ge. 5, I pray to God whenever I have the privilege to preach, I take it for the glory of God.

vs. 21-24. This is the man in the Bible about Enoch.

There are only 6 verses. Four are here and one in Heb. 11 and one in Jude 1:14. Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him.

Three types of walk. First, we begin then a continuous walk and then we end the walk. Three hundred years he walked with God.

There are two people who walked with God, Ge 6:9 Noah walked with God. Enoch walked with God and I want to tell you that you are walking with God. As we walk, then we continue and end our walk. Enoch was 65 years he brought the lamb and put his hand on the lamb and confessed all his sins. He said I give this sacrifice to you. That lamb was a type of Christ to come. In the Old Testament and the New Testament, people were saved by grace. In the Old Testament, they were looking for the one to come, Messiah, and we look backward to Messiah who has already come. Every generation people are saved by grace through faith and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. Our walk started when we received Jesus as Lord and Savior. It’s a progressive walk.

He walked 300 years and during that walk it says in Jude 1:14 he was prophesying that the Messiah is going to come with tens of thousands of saints. During his time, the first advent hadn’t happened and he’s talking about the Second Advent. Three great books show us Jesus is coming: the Bible, the Koran and the Jewish Scripture. I saw a Jewish man and I said I am glad to meet Jewish people. God loves them. I told them I follow a Jewish man who came and rose again. What is his name? Yeshua. I read the Scriptures. Enoch walked with God and when God saw the wickedness of man, God was grieved in his heart and said I’m going to destroy this world. Enoch is a type of Christ and Noah is a type of Jewish people. Christ is waiting for us. His advent can come at any time. I see every five minutes there is a church and a cross. Christ is going to come back and the glorious climax is going to happen and millions will be taken up. Why is the church so silent about Christ coming back? And he died. And he died it is written in the fifth chapter but with Enoch it says he walked with God. When you walk with God…the world is our enemy and we have an osn that is our enemy. They always try to distract us. If we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood cleanses us from all sin. To walk with God, we need a cleansing every day. Blood on the mercy seat and the blood of J.C. cleanses us from all sin. Our progressive walk we begin to teach and preach and plant a church and disciples. Then comes the end of the walk. One day, God and Enoch are walking together, and 300 years, and he was walking and walking. Can two walk together unless they be agreed? Three hundred years God and Enoch were walking. Finally, it came to the end of the walk. He said my house is so far. God said 300 years we walked together. My house is very near. He has not seen the death. Many people say I’m so old and now my retirement. Rubbish. Enoch walked with God and started at 65 and he walked with God. Heb 1 Christ may be coming into your life and this generation may be the last generation. Christ is going to come back in the twinkling of an eye. I believe half of America will be taken. America has been greatly evangelized but in my country, ten to 15 people die without Christ. We are witnessing and sharing the gospel and as we walk with God we also talk about God. Our life here is to know him and make him known. Finally. Enoch is taken away. Finally, Enoch’s wife was waiting. What happened? He went in the morning for work and still he is not coming. You don’t care about us or the children. She slept. She did not sleep the whole night. Did you see Enoch? Finally, she went to the police department and registered her husband is missing. They said on television I have news a 365 year old man who was 5 feet eleven bald head and he’s missing.

Heb 11 they tried to search for him everywhere but could not find him. There is going to come a time people will try to search us but won’t find us. Christ will come. For the Lord shall descend from heaven to take his bride for himself from all the people and all the nations. The Lord shall descend from heaven ….dead in Christ will rise first. Caught up together to meet the Lord. So we shall be with the Lord. He’s going to take us out of this world. Are you ready? Raise your hand. How many people are ready? Glory to God. Thank you very much.



P. Schaller

How many of you understood P. Ganesh clearly? Every word? Had to fill it in a bit. Get used to the ascent. So good the passion, the love, the message. Three parts to the walk, you start, the walk and then the end. After walking for 300 years, he was so far away from home and so close to God! He said there was another man that did not mortally die. That was Elijah and he was taken up. These are examples for us because we are going to be taken up also. The Rapture is going to happen and Christ is going to come back and put the house in order. One of the parts when he was preaching he said in our country and how people are dying. Lost people. I don’t want to go too much into it. Ganesh is from a village. He didn’t grow up with wearing shoes. He wasn’t highly educated but God did it. He worked in this man and got the hunger. He’s become a blessing. In the ministry around the world this is happening whether in France, Finland, Eastern Europe or Africa. People that are from parts of the world where the only reason is the grace of God and the Spirit of God.

I want you to read Rev. 7:9. We have the map of India that can go up. This is a billion people population. Large number of people. Hinduism prevails and their culture and traditions. 17 thousand unreached people groups in India that we read about through the years. These people are working to bring the message to these places. The human soul is forgiven. The blood washes clean. There is a new freedom, a knowledge of God, the Spirit of God giving me a love for God. This is a work a grace.

P. Bamouni said if we teach law, it will kill us. If we teach Christ, God will reveal to us the grace of God and we will be understanding our new life in a spiritual way with love and truth in the inner man for the Father seeks such to worship him in Spirit and in truth.

vs 9. I know man is numbering a lot of things. He can measure the oceans, the atmosphere, the size of the universe, but here it says there is a huge number of people in heaven.

No man can number of all nations and kindred’s and tongues stood before the Lamb in vs. 9. The atmosphere in heaven with no sin nature, no pain, no tears, the Spirit, the mind, the sense of truth, the holiness of God is breath taking. When you taste the glory of God in your life, you experience the Spirit of God in your life and know the clarity of God’s mind and wisdom – this will be a magnitude in heaven we never experienced on earth. It will be beyond what we can imagine.

They cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our God in vs. 10-11. The angels, real creatures saying amen everything is so clear now. Blessing. I think there are seven words: blessing, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honor, power and might be unto our God forever and ever. He is so humble. God is so humble and we love him so much. That will happen. It makes me think we have a mission on earth we don’t know much about. We are struggling as we see through a glass darkly. We go from faith to faith believing and hoping and different degrees of measurement. We are convinced and understand it enough to know I was blind but now I see. I know it happened to me and you guys couldn’t do it. You talk a lot about it but couldn’t do it but there was someone who did it. I didn’t know who he is but I know this. When this is part of our life and we are walking with God, we are also caring like we said this morning about the unjust judge in the world. The lies. Because when we love righteousness, we hate iniquity. When we love God, we hate that which contradicts God. We are with God, walking with God and maybe in a way we are not, even though we are here, we are not. Where did you go? I’ve been changed. We have been changed from glory to glory. Enoch walked with God and maybe before God took him he was not in a sense. We are caring about lost people. This week this is my thought. The ministry of reaching unreached people. The ministry that takes a huge amount of faith and courage. The ministry that sends laborers into the fields. The ministry that says we are not done. I’m not putting my church on copilot and showing up and giving messages and going home. I’m not going through the motions of being a pastor or a Christian. I want to be all the way in all my life. I want to know what God is saying all my life. Think about the lost people that are still out there and waiting for someone to come and tell them about J.C. We are praying and believing and anticipating and expecting. We are saying God give us more. I’m saying this not to you but with you, with all of us. With a loud voice and the voice of many waters our God is worthy of everything. He is worthy of all our life, all our interest, all our gifts, anything we receive.

P. Bamouni said my greatest joy is to lead someone to Christ and make the grace message clear and assemble with Christ and his holiness in our midst. The Holy Spirit anointing us in our lives. Follow me. I want around my throne people from all nations and tribes and languages. We can’t produce it this week but it can fall on us from heaven. I want the H.S. to say it to us. The H.S. will say to us deeply in our hearts I am God and I have called you into a local assembly, at the cross. Where do I settle my garbage with God? Everyone has garbage in their life. They don’t want to forgive. They cheat and lie. Where do you go to do business with God? The altar of God. The cross. That’s where we can go.

We have an altar with God. I was thinking of it today. Thank you, Jesus, I have an open door, an open window. I have a place to do business with the garbage of life, my un-holiness, and my fears. When your holy God visits us at the altar and we bring our life to the cross, our children are not the issue. Christ is the issue. Thank God for our family but we have Christ. The blessing goes down to our business and life and convictions.

I believe this will be a great week. I believe that our prayers are going to be answered. I believe God is going to speak to us. I believe some will say I want to be all the way in. I’m in with God at the cross. That’s what I want.


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