Peter knew Sea of Galilee. He did what Jesus said and got a net-breaking catch.  We can be so rational. God does something bigger. We find the Lord so faithful and so true to heal, to deliver to triumph. As kings and priests, we have been saved to rule. (Luke 5:3-6; Revelation 1:6)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli,  Pastor Emile Konan
Sermon # 11494
11:00 AM on 6/24/2018



P. Konan

Good morning everyone. We speak English (with Renee translating into English). I want to thank P. Schaller that he gives me this opportunity to share some words with you. Thank P. Scibelli for our ministry in my own life and the great investment and also all the friend pastors that contribute to the investment in my life (he named them). P. Bamouni is my godfather, my counselor and I learn from him.

This morning I’d like to share a thought I had from Rev. 1:6. It’s talking about Christ resurrected. I had a thought that as kings we will reign with him in the millennium. I was waiting for Jesus to come back so I could reign with him in the millennium. I was reflecting on this verse and I was focusing on the word that he has made us kings and I realized I could even now start to reign. A king has some powers. So because we do have powers, the king reigns. He reigns for the well-being, the welfare of his people. He’s exercising his authority to edify his nation, his people, and his authority to implement justice so the king has powers. And it says Christ has made us kings. It’s great. It’s big. We are kings. You are queens. He has made us kings so we are going to see what kind of powers he has given us. What does it mean to be a king in J.C.? We have powers over our three enemies; over Satan, over the flesh, and the world. They cannot command us. Now we can resist them and vanquish them in the name of Jesus. We have power over sin. Paul says sin will have no power over you. We are under grace. We have power over death.

Before I knew Christ, I had a lot of fear about dying. When I received him in my life, I prayed I would die because I am not afraid of death anymore.

Then the king that we are, we are busy manifesting the life of J.C., the King of Kings, to offer a response from God in situations, in relationships between brother and sisters, in relationships we have with the pagans, in persecution, in our social situation. To manifest the life of Christ as a king. We’re called to manifest the quality of life, the holiness of life, that’s the quality of life that is from heaven. As a king on the earth, as we live from holiness, we are showing the world the quality of life that is in heaven. As a king, it causes us to live for others, to think about others and to think of the welfare of others. To think about edifying our brothers and sisters as Christ who renounced all his glory to give his life at the cross for us. He is the King of Kings. He thought about us and us also we are reigning as we think of others. As a king, we are called to give hope to the pagans. The political government gives hope to the people. If you vote for me, you will receive this and that. But we offer eternal happiness through salvation in J.C. As we preach the gospel, we offer eternal hope to people. If we love pagans, they will find a hope in J.C. and finally, as a king, in the kingdom there will be problems. There will be people that will fall away and we are called as kings to be the breach repairers. That is the heart of the king.

As I understood that, I adored the Lord. I worshipped him for this great mystery in which he placed me, this ministry. In this ministry, we are all kings and queens. May God bless you, dear kings and dear queens.



P. Scibelli

He can really preach in English, too. I‘ve heard him.

Luke 5 I know this will be the greatest Convention ever. We’re growing in the faith, we’re older in the faith. And the advance of God as he is moving on in the call and purpose of God, – this will be the greatest Convention of GGWO. I want to believe that with all my heart.

Faith cometh by hearing. We’ll hear a lot. Vision, life, transformations, and maybe areas of my life I’m blind in. Strength for weaknesses.

Luke 5:3-6, I’d like P. Luigi and Isabelle to stand up and Sebastian. They are so incredible in their lives. They have been used by God to bring so many people in Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Malawi, and Niger. Without them, the mission in Africa would be very little. Thank God for their lives.

I got up this morning at 3:26 and I began to think about something that took place in my life. I remember something that happened. Someone was getting married and had a party for the man. I said to him how come you’re not drinking at all. Wine is a mocker. He said I’ve been watching you. How come you’re not? I have not drank or used drugs any more as of a few days ago. Jesus Christ came into my life. I was born again. I got saved. He said when. He said me too. The other day. That was a surprise of grace. We are looking at each other and here’s two sons. We left at the same time. He went to Asia, China and I went to Africa. I said to my mother you have two sons, one in this place and one in the other. She said what about our grandchildren? I never told her how long we would be gone for. The surprises of grace that take place in all of our lives.

Peter is on this lake like he knows on the back of his hand. Jesus did five miracles on his lake. We’ve been doing this all night and there are no fish ever caught in the daytime on this lake. At your rhema, personal, precise word to me I’ll launch out and let down my net. Surprise!

He did in walking on water, in the coin in the fish’s mouth and Jn 21 miraculous catch. Jesus desires to give us these grace surprises. Because we are these rational people and have it all figured out in life and we say God, here is my plan. Bless it and God brings in these grace surprises.

1971 which was 47 years ago, I wanted to get out of America. I said to myself I’m tired of my reputation, crying, drugs, my friends, and my family. I got to get out. I get on an airplane and fly to Switzerland. I feel like the mountains, the air, and the place. I’m away from everything. I’m walking down the street and I hear something like this. Hey, Scibelli? Surprise! Michael? One of the students in technical high school in 1963. It just isn’t working! It was quite a surprise. It got me to think about instead of running away why not run to God. We first moved to Ghana and we spent 42 days in a small hotel, in community 9. I got a room for $6 or $7. You can imagine what that was like. 12 X 10 and four of us with 8 hockey bags. Nowhere to move. My wife is amazing. She cooked for 42 days with charcoal on the porch of the hotel. It was a house of prostitution that’s why it was so cheap. We never knew until years later. Piece of property we had and we had our first church service. It was drizzling out and waiting for people to come. Nobody came. I’m saying to my wife let’s go back to America. She said I got a better idea. What’s that since you’re the pastor now! Just joking. Let’s go around the property seven times. And let’s pray. The kids will have a good time. They are all wet and it’s all mud. I said okay. We did. We were there about an hour and prayed. When P. Stevens came in 1993 on that property was 1,000 people, 84 graduates and 7 ordinations. Surprise! I love those surprises.

We sold our brother into Egypt. Ge 45 and 50 he reveals himself to them. Surprise! It’s Joseph, the brother you sold.

These surprises of grace are to build us and set us free. I was evangelizing at Aldi’s and there was a man with a magazine. He said I’d like to talk to you about Jesus.

It says in 2 Jn 9 and 10 not to greet you or give you God’s speed and I’m not shaking your hand. He was shocked. You won’t shake my hand? No. Surprise! Truth. P. Schaller’s great message this morning. I’m Mordecai standing against it all in Christ. I was led by the Spirit to not touch the hand. That guy got really angry. Surprise! I don’t fellowship with false doctrine. They don’t have the Father and Son. Don’t greet them. Don’t let them into your house. The surprises of God.

Here is Jacob. He has life all figured out. All of a sudden things are starting to go the wrong way. He gets seven promises from God.

He got his head on a pillow, a rock and he sees a ladder from heaven the angels descending and ascending like in Jn 1 and he says how dreadful is this place, how awesome is this place. Surely the Lord was in this place and I knew it not. Surprise! God is here. We go in another direction and every time I make a decision to say I’m not doing this anymore, God meets them where they are at. Surprise! God is here.

I’m in this pigpen of life, Luke 15 surprise. The H.S. shows up. He came to himself. Sometimes I’m not waiting and looking and believing in those surprises from God.

Maybe someone says I’ve had this illness for so long in Mk 5 it’s been 12 years and I’ve spent all my money on physicians and it got worse. Touch the garment of Jesus and surprise! Your are delivered from the issue of blood. Six thousand demons in you and living in the cemetery. I used to hide out in cemeteries. Police never find you there. All of a sudden Jesus comes. This man is filled with demons. Let us alone. What have we do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Come out of him. He becomes an evangelist and preached in 10 cities. Surprise!

I’m aware of it, sensitive about it, cancer destroys people’s lives but is there a possibility if I have cancer, surprise, God can heal. Only believe. I was talking to a man, a pastor’s daughter and she said my father has been unconscious for 6 days. Put the phone and I want to speak to him. His eyes opened. Surprise! He sat up. The doctor said he’s unconscious. Thank God for doctors. Don’t get me wrong. I go to them. Sometimes! Surprise! God can heal a heart. God can heal cancer, a back, a neck, knees, and legs. Surprise! You know what is going on in my life? The way you are talking, I’m not so sure I want to. The surprises of grace.

185,000 Assyrians and destroyed every city to Jerusalem. Nothing to eat. What should we do, start eating each other? God says angel, I know you’re on your lunch break. You go. Go down and 185,000 Assyrians corpses are out there. They see corpses. Surprise! God delivered.

I know it’s not easy to get a job. I’m unemployed. Surprise! Prayer, faith and surprise I got a job. I could never be a missionary or a pastor. I can’t pray or study the Bible. I could never go to Bible school. Surprise!

I had such a negative attitude about Bible school. Someone said ever think of going to Bible school? I don’t want to hear it. My first class is a 12-inch TV set with someone yelling on it, P. Stevens, in a room freezing and no heat and New England winter in February and alternating between pens and gloves. It was the beginning of Bible school for me. I graduated in ‘84. I didn’t come to convention to think about Bible school, Surprise! This gracious surprise!

One day you are in a certain denomination, P. Konan, and you meet someone with a finished work grace message and surprise. You are all following Jesus Christ in the message of grace and the finished work.

1992 basketball. Can’t play anymore but still my favorite sport. It’s eight seconds to go. I was the coach. Let’s pray and I said to this man you take the shot. He said me? You are taking the shot. Championship game televised. He said I’m a Muslim. Guess what happened? The ball went in and we won the championship. Three years later I’m going to Togo and stopped by the immigration office. The guy said remember me? I’m Francis Parker. I’m born again. How did you get saved? The shot. You let me take the shot. Surprise! Surprises of God.

I’m unclean and undone and my eyes have seen the King. What about 135,000 Midiannites. God will use 300 of you to defeat them. If I’m going through life with a mundane attitude, and I’m not waiting for the surprises of grace. Surprise! Your husband got converted, your wife got saved, your children want God, and anxiety is gone, no more fear. Surprises of grace.

Mk 2, you’ve been paralyzed. Surprise! You’re going to walk.

Mt 8 my servant is home grievously vexed. Just speak the word and my servant will be healed.

Mt 15 my daughter is vexed with a devil. Let me touch her. She has been delivered. Surprise! The great surprise. This Convention is a surprise of grace. Besetting sin or thorn in the flesh or area of blindness. Great surprise it can all go in a moment of time. Hello? Are you with me? I don’t know if I should think of that country? Surprise! It’s on God’s heart. The surprises of grace are incredible.

We’re going to lose the boat in Acts 27. Surprise! Peter is prayed for and Rhoda comes to the door and says it’s Peter. You’re mad. You don’t believe your own prayers. It’s Peter. Surprise!

Acts 16. Peter is in prison and here comes an earthquake and surprise we are all coming out. The surprises of grace. God could use you to lead a soul to Christ, to communicate the gospel even if you don’t know what you are talking about. I stood on a corner in 1976 with a Bible and I didn’t know anything. Surprise! God can use you. God can set prisoners free. Walpole is the key. People in prison sponsoring this massive orphan thing in Uganda. Surprise! Prisoners. Can we call our self, Greater Grace of Walpole? That’s amazing. Surprise! Shaved heads with tattoos that say I hate my mother. Can’t get their tattoos off. They are born again and behind the ministry and pray for us. We come to Baltimore with a great surprise. The surprises of grace.

One day when it opens up in Rev. 19 they got it all figured out how the world is going and heaven opens and Jesus comes. Surprise! The King is coming. Surprise! You’ll reign on earth. Surprise!

Let’s be available for the surprises of grace. Removing anxiety and human reason. Believing God for provision for missions and seeing what God will do. Thank God for the surprises of grace.



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