Humility is about God and His glory.  We all have things we cannot break free from. People need a good part, they need good words. Be determined. Prioritize quietness before God. We get our houses in order on the inside — priest — so we can rule as king on the outside. (Luke 10:38-42)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11490
11:00 AM on 6/17/2018



P. Schaller

1 Cor 12:11 We have the list of gifts.

vs. 12-14, We read in Eph. 1:23 that the Body is the fullness of Christ.

The Body is a mystery in Eph 5:32, members one of another. Organically growing and increasing and connecting to every other part. I one time compared an automobile to a horse. Here’s an automobile and the windshield wiper goes like this. Here’s a horse and the eye of the horse closes and opens, blinks. What’s the difference between the eye of the horse and the windshield wiper of the car? What’s the difference between the machine and the animal? Turn to your neighbor and ask them. What’s the difference? Here it is. Here is the windshield wiper of the car and the back tire. Is there any connection between the windshield wiper and the back tire? Mechanically they are part of the same machine. The horse – here is the eye and the back leg. Is there a connection? If there is an infection in the eye, it affects the whole animal. If you kick the back leg of the horse it might shut its eye, open its eye and be angry with you. An organization is one thing. In Christianity there is organization but there is no mystery in the organization. In the Body of Christ, there is a mystery. There is an organism. There is life. When life works in you, I can also partake of that life because we are connected with India, Africa, Argentina, Malawi, and Africa. We are connected in the Body. Christ is one. And we the Body are one in Christ. This oneness is spiritual. When we gather together to listen to the Scripture being taught to our hearts, our hearts are moved by the reality of the fellowship of the Spirit. We are drinking the same spirit and thinking the same thoughts, being taught by the same God, being protected by God, loved by God, encouraged by God and growing in God. God knows us. And he sees us. There is the first point, the Body of Christ. I think it is amazing around the world we are connected with sisters and brothers form many different denominations and organizations. An organization is one thing but we are more than an organization. We have the life of Christ, the Spirit of God, the love of God, the mind of God.

Now turn to Luke 10 for our message this morning. vs. 38. Thank you for your prayers, love, faith, your heart attitude toward God. Your walk with God. P. Scibelli is up in Massachusetts preaching this morning and 150 people went knocking on doors in Marlboro. God is moving and working. We are here this week and next week to hear the fresh testimonies of what God is doing. How much God knows you. God knows you beyond your words.

He goes into the counsel of the heart of man is like deep water but a man of understanding will draw it out, Prov. 20:5. Jesus is able to go into the deep water of our soul. I remember when it occurred to me that nobody knows me. I might have been in fifth or sixth grade. I have friends and teachers. Then walking home I realized even my mom doesn’t know me either. Then I grew up a little more and realized I don’t know myself.

Jer 17:9 the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it. We don’t even know ourselves. When Jesus came into the world, he was able to go beyond. He could look at you and know what you are thinking.

Luke 7 when Simon received him into his house and the Pharisees is standing with arms crossed judging Jesus and he is there with an attitude. A woman followed Jesus into the house and she brought the alabaster box of ointment and her tears and devotion and she is washing her feet with her tears and the Pharisees are looking at him and her with a bad attitude. Jesus said to him in that story he said Simon, see thou this woman. I entered into your house and you gave me no water, but she washed my feet with tears and wiped them with the hair of her head. You gave me no kiss but this woman since I came in has not ceased to kiss my feet. My head with oil you didn’t anoint but this woman anointed my head with ointment. He knew this man and saw and able to speak way down into the heart. This is what changed my life. This is what changes your life. It’s when we get beyond the surface of human living and Christ, God, knows you and cares about you. He speaks to you by the Holy Spirit. This is what give us joy.

I talked to a brother two days ago from Baltimore and he works to get kids out of gangs. These young guys get into a gang and hard to get out. One brother got saved and was in the gang and trying to get out. They were threatening him. He went to one guy and gave it to him and felt if I can get tough with this guy, I can get out. So he did. He went at him and the guy got scared and he went and murdered the brother. This interests me because this happens everywhere. People get in groups or maybe a religion and hard to know where am I, who I am with, how can I get out of it, how can I be delivered? I know that’s a tragic story but he also said I got about 200 guys out of gangs. One of them is a dear brother who said I got out because two guys on my case and wouldn’t let me out. One got killed and the other went to jail for life and I got out. And he’s a servant of God today. We all have our things we can’t get free from. Our sin nature, our fears, our own problems and relationships with people. You might say I can’t get out.

There is someone who knows you deeply and loves you and cares for you. In this story in Luke 10, this will tell you what is the best and greatest thing for you and me in our lives. Jesus starts talking to you then you got such a life, such a new way, such a new opportunity. When Jesus starts speaking to you. When God speaks to you from this book. When the H.S. ministers to you in this church or anyone like it. When the Spirit of God anoints us so we can speak heart to heart. Deep counsel in heart of man is like deep water and man of understanding, Christ, will draw it out. That will change us. In the Pharisee story, he has an attitude, he doesn’t get anything. He’s blinded by his pride. Pride blinds me. I mean me. I mean me. Pride blinds me. I don’t see it in the right way. Pride in my theology, practice, Bible knowledge, in my relationships in what I think about myself. P. Stevens taught us 28 different kinds of pride. Even the humble guy is proud about his humility. He’s looking very humble and very quiet but he can be very proud. He doesn’t talk. Very quiet, withdrawn and inherently selfish. He looks humble but he’s not. That’s not humility. To look humble is not humility. Humility is obedience to God whether I like it or not. Hearing form God and having an attitude it’s about you and not about me and my desires. It’s about you and your glory and what you are doing. When I get in tune with what you are doing, I find myself free with a lot of joy, freedom, love and I’m free as a person. Jesus has set us free. That’s what’s happened to you.

Luke 10:38 Happy Father’s Day. That’s enough of that! Let’s move on! No, seriously, congratulations to all the dads. You need what we are talking about today. You and I need what we are talking about. Free coffee for the dads and any of the ladies want to join in. Go ahead. We are not an organization as much as an organism. Ladies like to say I would like a cup of coffee. No, you cannot not until mother’s day next year! Help yourself. Enjoy it. God is real.

Luke 10:38 Praise the Lord for all the Martha’s that receive Jesus into their house. Great thing to do is have Jesus in your house. Reminds me of a joke. Little girl and it was a dark apartment and the mother said to the little girl, get the broom. It’s outside on the patio. The girl said its dark outside. The mother said, What did you say? It’s dark outside. The mother said Jesus is out there. You can go out there. The little girl opened the door and said, Jesus, can you hand me the broom?! Martha received Christ into her house. Great decisions. When we receive missionaries it’s a great decision. Hospitality. When you have hospitality you are receiving people into your space. I can be on the sidewalk and I receive a stranger into my space. I say you are welcome in my heart and attitude. You are a person that is to be respected and somehow honored as a human being and be loved because God loves you. This is a good way of thinking.

vs. 39. Sometimes we sit at Jesus feet and hear his word and want to hear more. We want to hear it again. It seems to increase. I got this part. Tell me this part. I got that what about and I hear.

It says in Mk 4:24 take heed what you hear for it will be given to you how you measure out. If I think it’s nothing to listen to, then not much will be measured out to me. It happens that the H.S. opens your heart.

Lydia, God opened her heart to say attention to what Paul was saying in Acts 16:14. It happens in Bible College. It starts to move in your spirit and I want to hear a little more. Clarify that for me. Let me hear it again. That is so encouraging to me. I’m ready to hear it again and for some of us like Aya said she has been listening since 1975 and it’s worth all the money I need to pay because Mary sat and heard Jesus’ word. By mother might not know me but God knows me and speaks to me and helps me. And says things.

Lk 4:32 no man has spoken like this. He is speaking gracious words. I don’t hear a lot of love. Sometimes at the store I say to the cashier have you heard a good word today? No. I say to the lifeguard at the swimming pool, have you heard a good word? No, I haven’t. Remember that young German man flew his plane to Moscow and landed his plane in the Red Square. That really happened. He had the attention of the whole world. It took a while for people to realize what he had done and they are waiting to hear his message. What is your message? The whole world is listening. What does he want to say? You know what? He had no message. He had no message. I guess he was somehow mentally sick. He just did it. P. Matti mentioned in once in his message. You can have the whole world waiting to listen to you. What are you going to say? Pass the ketchup, please.

When Christ is speaking, look at Luke 10:40. This is part of the story. Let’s think about it and go to the other point in a minute. I have a lot to do. My IPhone is vibrating. I have to answer it. Really? My favorite TV show is on. I have to watch it. Really? My phone is ringing. Many things I have to do. I have to go here and there. Priorities. Decisions. Sacrifice maybe. Giving up something. Because the woman sitting there, Mary, is receiving something that is life changing. She’s hearing God’s word and it’s going into her identity and she is realizing God is loving me and caring for me. I also think things are happening inside the heart like it happened to many young men through the year. Many of these men representing this work of grace. Sitting in an auditorium and God says I want to use you. You want to use him or her. The good people, the famous people. God is saying no. I’m speaking to you. I want to use you. You are mine. You are valuable. My H.S. dwells in you. You are useful. I have ordained you. I ordain you in the sense of being fruitful. I crown you in my honor. I have words to put in your spirit and they will not leave you. Martha is busy in life and we get caught up with these things and they become priorities. How much things can eclipse the important thing I have to pay attention to. Being determined in my heart. I have to prioritize. I have to shut down all the noise and get quiet before God and listen to what he has to say. I might play messages form the past and re-listen. I can’t hear myself preaching. I don’t enjoy it. Sometimes if it’s a very good message maybe but generally I don’t listen to myself. I believe what God is saying can be heard again and again. Something has a new twist or turn to it. Brings back to my memory the things most Important or valuable in life. Martha doesn’t see that importance. She is serving and busy and doesn’t understand it.

vs. 41-42. Yes, Lord, I am troubled about many things. Distracted by many things. Here’s a tip. I have anxiety. Put it here and I will worry at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. I put it in my calendar I will worry between 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow. In the middle of the day, I will schedule a time to worry about something. Usually forget about the calendar and not worry. Worry and anxiety. The troubled life. Isolate the strife and trouble that happens on the inside. Jesus is a king and priest and so are you.

Rev 1:6, you are a king. A king has authority outside. He says the new boundaries are from that building to that building. He’s a king. Send the army over the hill. That is illegal in my empire. Not allowed. It’s on the outside. The priest is on the inside. My fear, the priest takes care of my guilt. Mary is receiving on the inside. Mary is being built up on the inside so she can be an effective administrator on the outside. You can be a king but that gets muddled with our sin nature and we make bad decisions. We need the priestly ministry of Christ on the inside. I don’t operate out of guilt or fear. I don’t live in ignorance but in enlightment and peace and understanding. Martha, you are like a king and you need a priest. You need to listen to what I am saying that goes on the inside. If healthy on the inside, you’ll be a good person on the outside. Healthy on inside, effective on outside. Peace and love so you can serve and minister to others and washing feet. Our king washes feet without guilt, without some kind of entitlement complex. He washes feet.

vs. 41. Buy a convention pass for $60. It’s a good deal. Be at everything you can be at. Go to the church on a regular basis. Someone asked one of our people what do they do in their spare time. I go to church. You’re a church person? Not really. You go every week? No, three or four times a week. Sometimes I go every day. What is over there at the church? It’s hard to explain. I made it a priority and it’s changed my life. I got out of the gang. I’m not bothered by those people anymore. I’m free. There is an impartation in my life and spirit and I found the love of God in my life. I go home and eat at my house. My dog is happier because I go to the church. The plants are growing better. The roof doesn’t leak anymore. I got more energy. I got a better attitude. I got a word in season. If I fly my airplane into Moscow and they say what is your message? Christ is alive, Christ is alive! I have a message. What is your message to your neighbor and people at work? I got to get one. Only God can go into the deep part of your heart. I wish every group of people in Vietnam would have a church something like this one. Every people group in Laos, Cambodia, India, China, mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, every desert village in Iran would have a church where people could sit down at the feet of Jesus and receive his word. It will not be taken away from you, Jesus said. I studied biology in college and a lot of it has been taken away. Time has passed and I can’t remember mitosis and ?. Only cirrhosis! Many words I can’t remember, the theories and technologies but I went to Bible College more than 40 years ago and these verses come back to my mind and heart.

God is given you and anyone like it he will not take it away from you. It will be yours not only tomorrow but a thousand, billion years from today. God has spoken to us and gone to that deep place where no one can really go and find out who we really are. God knows you and loves you and speaks to you.


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