We could be surprised to find that we still need to be broken. Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness — twice. There is no perfection. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves. Instead of seeking connection, let’s practice commitment and see what happens. (Psalms 18:1)

Speaker(s): Pastor Matti Sirvio, Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11487
6:30 PM on 6/10/2018



P. Schaller

Here are my unofficial notes of this service. We celebrate what God is doing abroad and what he is doing in our lives.

We had a face-to-face service for Jackie Veader. The Veader family ministered so much to us…it was amazing. I hope it’s on our website. It was so touching and so valuable and I appreciate the family so much.

Tonight P. Matti is going to share the message. We have a Haiti video we want to show and we want to do a popcorn testimony (several testimonies).



P. Matti

Thank you for the beautiful song. My kind of music. Greetings from Muskat, Oman. We live in Arabia. We love it there. We don’t just see one skeletal camel in a zoo park but hundreds. One good camel can cost over 1 million dollars. So expensive. We don’t just see one little turtle. They are big and we see thousands of them. How about gold fish, colorful fish. Not just one but thousands of them.

It’s a privilege to be in Oman. God has put a great love for that nation in us. I’m speaking of a GG team and we consider it a great privilege to minister in that country. All of our team members are planning to be here for Convention. This is a miracle.

A lot of things in life don’t depend on us. Don’t be discouraged by the things that don’t depend on us. Don’t be condemned by the things that don’t depend on you and don’t be frustrated by the things that don’t depend on you. God has prepared something beautiful for us and he is working in our lives though sometimes it seems like a long time he has forgotten about us. Sometimes everything is going wrong for the right reason, good reason.

Brokenness is the word I want to talk about. We have been hearing great messages about the anointing of God. It’s from the Bible. It’s not a Greater Grace invention. It connects the life of God through our life and ministers to people but it’s not possible without brokenness. When you have been a believer over 40 years, you think how can you be more broken? Enough is enough, but it’s a surprise to find out you aren’t broken in so many areas of your life. After the fall of man no one has done anything perfectly in this world. No one has been perfect in speaking, cooking, singing, dancing. There is no perfection so let’s not be so hard on one another. Let’s learn to be gracious as the Lord is gracious. Moses, why 40 years in the wilderness? Most of the time probably nothing happened there and that was in God’s plan. He was broken and he was broken more. 40 years is a long time. If you look back 40 years, what was the world like? No computer or cell phones. 40 years is a long time and Moses was in the wilderness being prepared for the ministry. It wouldn’t work without him being broken. He came out ready because he was so broken. God called him to minister 40 more years in the wilderness. Back to the wilderness. I’m sure Moses could have said I think I’ve been broken enough.

God is doing something supernatural and that is what an anointing is. I’m sure you have experienced that in the church service, in the ministry. You experience the anointing of God. You say this is so supernatural. I went to the church with an expectation to hear from God and bang, bang God spoke to me. It was so anointed because the pastor was broken. Another time you hear a man speak and he’s elegant and has the right facts and amazing communication and a lot of information and it’s nothing. The right vocabulary, the right movements, excellent preaching and there is nothing. You would not say that wasn’t anointed. We know better than that. We don’t want to say that but sometimes it’s obvious. There is no brokenness. Nothing comes through. No life of God comes through because there is no brokenness.

Last night I came from New York by bus and I was tired. The jet lag hits me around this time. This was the time I was traveling. My legs were hurting because I’m an old man and walking all day. I was sitting in the bus and the ventilation is on me blowing this cold air. I’m trying to fix it. I can’t see without my glasses. I’m fixing it. The trip lasts 3.5 hours and maybe for 3 hours I was trying to fix it. I was so angry and condemning the bus company. How dare they offer their services and I paid money, not so much and here I am freezing and I’m going to catch a cold and it’s going to ruin my summer! I was so negative. The wind was messing my hair! I was getting angry and about five or ten minutes until we came to White Marsh. I found another thing there and I moved it and it closed it! A little embarrassed, privately, no more privately. Okay! Isn’t that funny how that judgmental attitude is coming so easy. A little thing like that. So ridiculous. I need to be a little bit broken in certain areas. God breaks us in his plan and it continues to be in his plan. You remember how Jesus said the poor you will always have with you.

De 15:4 no poor among you it says. Then Jesus said the poor you will always have with you. So what’s the point? Trying to take care of the poor so there would be no poor among you. Interesting dilemma. Interesting place God puts us where there are things we can’t change and still God wants us to do it. I could say I can’t preach perfectly and continue sitting but I have to preach imperfectly and God wants us to do it that way. It’s part of the plan of God when he is breaking us.

When God breaks us, he doesn’t humiliate us but really breaks us. Sometimes we have this idea God is breaking us like (doing something with his hands) so we would not be hurt or misunderstand him or get offended. I don’t think so. I think when God breaks us, he knows what he is doing and does a good job. There is a verse in Job. One of his advisors told Job, – I saw it in an NIV translation. I looked at it for a moment! This word was used. A different word was used in Job 5:18 NIV says God strikes but his hands also heal. God smites people. I never seen it before. Some time ago I had this strange habit. I would slap people on the face, especially young men…I don’t know why I did it. Creative way to raise them up. Keep them humble or break then. I had the slapping part but not the healing part. I would do it until in Turkey I slapped a Turkish guy on the face and he left the church. He said how can you be in a church where the pastor is slapping you on the face? He was right! I think God really hits us.

We love P. Schaller everywhere we have ministered. One of the things I remember from his messages is he would take the Bible and show it how we want God to deal with our lives with the WOG and he’d take the Bible and say hit me again. God I need you to hit me again. I love that. That’s what God’s anointing does. It’s God striking us. It’s not God in a romantic mood and trying to speak to us with a soft voice. He’s really hitting us but he is healing us. Don’t we need that? How many of you need that? Some of you do! How many want more of that in your life? Maybe. We are not done yet. That’s why we are here.

There is a ministry that God has prepared for us and it’s not possible without his anointing. When we know something about his anointing we learn to depend on it. We don’t dare to ministry in our own strength or ability. So many times especially in other countries, we’ve been in a place where we have no control over things. No ability and maybe no motivation and then God shows what he is doing. It’s beautiful. I really pray that we would be wise in our personal walk with God. It’s so personal and gentle in a way, the way God leads us.

1995 I was in Seoul, Korea visiting a mission’s conference. I had heard how Korea became a Communist country from a Buddhist background. When I first arrived, I didn’t see too much Christianity there. I was invited by a German couple…and invited to their home for dinner. In the evening in their residence we went to the balcony. We want to show you something. We looked over the city and we could see these small crosses everywhere, small red crosses. They said these are churches. God is doing something amazing.

I want to see that. I believe God will give that to us. I really want us to step into it boldly and say God give us that. God I refuse to come home. I want to see that Lord. That’s your heart that none would be lost. Those nations are so lost in false religion in all their things happening there but in the same time there is a beautiful movement of God and we will share about it more. We want to share what God is doing there.

We thank you for being part of it. Thank you for encouraging us. We wait for your visit. We could have hundreds of Greater Grace people in those countries. Maybe thousands. Maybe I’m exaggerating but if thousands of camels, why not thousands of Greater Grace people. I’m looking forward to being with you for Convention.



P. Schaller

Brokenness. My behavior is one thing but am I broken? My words are one thing but am I broken? God knows. A broken spirit he won’t despise. The sacrifice of a broken spirit he delights in. Brokenness. I could be a strong man and very successful but not broken. I could be a pastor and good in one sense and not be broken. P. Matti mentioned in the ministry Moses was broken. We never outgrow it because my iniquity comes back, my self-importance, my life and interest.

Ps 18 says I have kept me from my iniquity. That means my self-importance. It’s something I have to keep an eye on. It resurges in my life. If we could sit on a curb and think that Jesus is there with nothing, poor, nobody knows him. He’s a no body, but he’s God. He doesn’t have to be important. Out of brokenness comes honey. Samson killed a lion and out of the carcass came honey. Out of death comes sweetness. Someone has a sweet spirit is because they are broken.

I agree with we will have a Convention and it’s more than Greater Grace. It’s God visiting us and preparing us. I think this Convention will be the greatest we ever had. This is why. You are older in the Lord and learned a lot of things through decades. You’re still living in faith and available to God. More excited about it because getting closer to getting home. God is moving and adding an increase. God gives the increase. We are further ahead than we were a year ago. More experience and more things we learned.

This could be a Convention of amazing magnitude in a way we can’t figure out but it will happen through brokenness. That is how we are living. We are learning. We are faithful. We are obedient.

People say I could not find my place in the church or I could not get connected. What is the answer to that? I come into this church or anywhere but don’t find my connection. Here is what I think. Instead of talking about being connected, think of being committed.

Now I have a girlfriend let’s say and I’m looking for a connection. One way of looking at it. When you get married, it’s I’m making a commitment. There may be a day in my relationship I don’t feel connected and my girlfriend may say I may not be connected. What do you think about it? I’m committed to you. I’ve made a commitment to you no matter what happens. You end up with a pretty good marriage. A man is a man and makes a commitment.

Same with a church. I don’t feel connected. It’s like you got to get deeper with God. I am here not because I feel connected. I’m here because of love and Jesus Christ came into this world. I don’t think he felt connected. The Holy God came into a sinful world and loved and died for us without being connected because he was committed to his Father. The church was born and we are here very much connected to him but it’s because of a great commitment coming through brokenness. Ruth to Naomi – I will go with you wherever you go. She was quiet. She wasn’t talking and Ruth is plodding along. This woman is not talking to me but that’s okay. I’ll go with her wherever because I’m committed to her with all my heart.



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