This is a generation of wounded people. Life is often tragic. Wounded people need to learn the Cross. Come to end of yourself and come to Christ. We are called salt because we flavor the place where we are. (Luke 14:25-34; Lamentations 2:14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11486
11:00 AM on 6/10/2018


P. Schaller

Luke 14: P. Matti said something about sharing, ministering. If I don’t minister, I don’t pour out, I complain. That does happen. I need to love. I need to minister, pour out as part of my life.

How many of you are kind of shocked by the, or surprised by the suicides we’ve seen recently in the news? And the increase of suicides in our country and overdoses as well. 45,000 suicides in a year and 67,000 overdoses that resulted in fatalities. Large number. Why? The psychologists say that in suicide there are different elements. One of them is an unresolved sense of anguish inside in the heart.

It reminds us of Prov. 20:5. Counsel in the heart of man is like deep waters. A man of understanding will draw it out. Deep water in a well goes down deep. The bucket goes down deep into the heart of man. A man of understanding will draw it out. I don’t know of anyone in this world who has better understanding of you and me except God. There isn’t anybody other than God. God is the man of understanding. Jesus didn’t talk to everybody. 58% of his communication was 1 on 1 if we are to count it.

Nicodemus at night, the women at the well, the blind man in Jn 9, the woman taken in adultery in Jn 8, the time with Martha and Mary when their brother died. Jesus is a one-on-one God. Halleluiah. Praise the Lord! Wow. When I’m in a group, we’re all listening but we know the H.S. goes where people do not go. And it’s not me. It’s the H.S. that reaches his long finger to the back row way down with the heart of God and loves you. God is love. The devil would like to misconstrue this world and say God is not love. When God goes deep into your heart and says I am here, I am enough. I am God. When you know God, you say amen. Not mechanically but because he goes where man can’t go. He goes to our spirit. This is a generation of wounded people. We are a generation and I believe every generation has been one of wounded people because life can be hard, tragic. In Job, we read life is essentially tragic. That’s what Job is realizing. We should learn that. Life is tragic and is addressed by the God who goes into the tragedy and was raised from the dead and says these words: These things I have spoken unto you that in me you might have peace. In the world, hurricanes as P. Julian mentioned ripping your house apart, your country, your family, ripping the world apart. Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. The problem is I don’t hear it only on the outside. I hear it as a platitude or a doctrine but I must hear these things by the only teacher on the earth that knows them in the realist way and that’s the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit talks to you. We had a brother share with me that when P. Steve finished singing, he did a great job. We are thinking of how I could never do what he’s doing right now!

He said after he sang, the Holy Spirit spoke to me clearly and said Jn 3:16-18.

After he sang we had our testimonies and I said turn to Jn 3:16-18. And he said I almost fell off my chair! What is exciting about that is he is a relatively new believer but is realizing God can speak to me. God is a talking God, a loving God, a God that goes to our hearts. When life is tragic, I need to know God who is victorious, the resurrection and the life, the answer for my wound and pain. Unfortunately, this is a wounded world and the world talks a lot about our wounds. A lot about it. We understand and we are sorry. Wounded world.

God said to Israel in Jer. 30, your wounds are incurable. Why did he say that? Because they would not go to him.

You don’t have a doctor, an answer, oil that will mollify your wounds and bruises and putrefying sores in Is 1:5. Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. That’s what I need. Rest. I don’t need suicide. By the way, it would be worthwhile for anyone contemplating that, that they would sober up and realize I might end up in hell. I’m not even touching the worst of my suffering. I might end up in hell. 67% of Americans believe they are going to heaven. That’s a high number. I would love it but I cannot be secure about that number. Who can? What does that mean? They can be deceived. There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death. How do I know this? It is not a solution for my pain. We have to praise God who is the only solution, the only answer.

Lam 2:14, I would like to clarify these are the false prophets, the leaders that don’t lead people to victory. The leaders that are not leading people in God. They are misleading people. You should be wise about what goes in your heart and mind at home. When watching television and so on, you should be capable of turning something off and saying this is not edifying. This trash.

This is Lam 2:14. I heard the pastor say Lam 2:14 and I memorized the verse. I started to believe this is what happens to people. Ever seen one of these programs – perverted people go on TV programs and sit down and are interviewed. “You have a relationship with” and they talk about promiscuous, sexual perverted relationships and the crowd is laughing and applauding. It’s absolutely absurd, weird. These are the false prophets of the day. These are the men leading our world. They are making movies and all this. I want to make a point. I want you to think. You are thinking believers by the Holy Spirit. Let’s think about it. Suicide is not an option. That can’t happen. I find another answer: God. God can take me in his timing.

He’s appointed unto us a certain day and time, Ps. 48:14. It’s God who gives life and takes it away. You don’t take your life. That’s not God’s will to get rid of the pain and wound I have deep in my heart by the grace of God, the Spirit of God. False prophets will find vain and foolish things for you. Counsel that is foolish. Anti-depressants maybe if you are under some doctor’s care. That’s your business. But pain is not necessarily a bad thing. Pain maybe is designed of God to be part of our life. If I got serious with God, God would heal me of my wound. They have not discovered your iniquity. To set you free. They have not found the root problem that will set you free but have given you a whole truck load of stuff that has not liberated you and set you free.

vs. 14. Okay. That’s pretty heavy duty stuff and worth it to pack that a way in my heart and think about it. Maybe I need a prophet who is going to hit the target. Your problem isn’t with your mother. It’s with forgiving your mother. Your problem is not a problem with drugs or depression behind the drugs but a lack of spiritual and mental occupation with truth. The truth will set you free. You need a high dosage of H.S. Bible impartation that will move you in the Spirit and lead you in faith. It may take some patience and effort on my part. I may not seen God or feel him but I believe he will take care of me. He is the Good Shepherd and I will not lack anything. He has made us; we are his sheep and we have not made ourselves. Why wouldn’t he take care of us if he made us?

Luke 14:25-35, don’t end there and his own life also. There could be someone that hates his father and mother but not his own life. What does this mean? We know God is love. But not this kind of love. But this kind of love. He is love in the deepest meaning. There are no idols with God. I have no idols and idolatry is a problem for me and you. We bring things in our life that become more important than God. It can be my work shop is more important than God. My hobby, my mother, father, future, career, my life is more important than God; my wound, my pain is more important than God.

I met a woman in another country and she was new in our meeting and her daughter had died. I had compassion on her and we had a talk. She was a bit of an older woman. She was very sad by it. I said after a while, when did this happen? Her daughter was 17. She said 27 years ago. I changed completely. I said no, this is wrong. This is wrong. I talked to her. I don’t know if I helped her. That tragedy became her name. Her identity was this tragedy.

In Puerto Rico, the hurricane as tragic as it is, it can’t be my name. If we talked to Job years after, he would be so clean and open and free and loving like God. Job, did you go through this? Yes, but I have been healed of my wound. I have been healed by God. I have found God. This is important to us. There are the people that have the tragedy and wound and it becomes the emblem, the poster child of that thing. They love their father too much or their mother too much or wife and children and brothers and sisters and country and their own life and pain too much. If you are loving your life this way, you cannot be my disciple. When you find God, you find freedom and a new identity. You find yourself living as a world Christian, not a worldly Christian. What is that? When we go evangelize, we always bring a beautiful message. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. That’s true. He has a plan. It’s wonderful but maybe not this way. It’s wonderful in another way. I can’t promise you it will be wonderful it the eyes of the world. It will be glorifying your maker. God loves you but he loves his Son and has a wonderful plan for his Son and that is how the nations will worship him and he will be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are in his plan, not our life. We lose our life to gain another life.

Someone talked to me after service I think Wed. night and we were talking about this subject. They asked me where I have traveled and those kinds of questions. I’ve lived in four countries and maybe been in 60 different countries through the years. In the days as a hippie, it was popular to go to California. I got saved and decided I can’t make those decisions. I wanted God to lead me. I ended up in this church and Bible college, and I said I never made it to California! But I’ve been in many other places in the world. I’m so happy it’s not us that directs our lives but God orders our footsteps.

We must find the secret that is explained here in Lk 14:27. Bearing his cross. There it is. Can you die like he died? Can you lose your life like he did? He was 33 years old, young man, healthy, capable man but had a purpose which was not his own. God led him here. There he died humbled, humiliated, ashamed in the meaning of it. A fool, without anyone there. Not one person supporting him and with all they had in their heart, they couldn’t be there. He died alone and he calls us to carry the cross. Wounded people need to learn the cross. Your wound is incurable. If you come to the cross, it will be cured. Your life is a mess. Absolutely. Guess who messed it up? You did. God allowed it. He bends down and says how are you doing? Can I help you? Are you listening?

I received a call and a person talks for 50 minutes and I put the phone on speaker. Did you want me to say anything? I’m listening. Did you want to ask me any questions? No, I just need you to listen to me.

When it goes on for weeks and months – objective truth and we live in the subjective mind. We’re talking and hurting and living in feeling and Jesus says if you will listen to me, I will lead you in death but you will find life. If you hear me. If you take up the cross, I will guarantee you. I will fill you.

Mk 10:30 if you lose all of this, I will give you 100 fold. Being with relatives sometimes they would say, where are you going next? India. Do you know someone in India? Yes, I do. Where are you going? They’re going to meet me at the airport. Do you know someone in China? Yeah. Ghana, Argentina, Mexico. Sisters, brothers, houses, friends, flowers, and mothers. I hope this isn’t misunderstood. The cross means you are hoping there is three days later a resurrection but when you are on the cross, you are not feeling there is three days later. You only have faith in God. That’s how sometimes we live. I’m sure you are hearing what I’m saying. There is a mystery here. God came to show us God but can’t when we are filled with ourselves. When we keep talking and talking and talking out of our pain and trouble and confusion. God is saying could you come to the end of yourself and be submitted to me and lose your life and hear about your nature and grace and my Spirit will speak to you and fill you and satisfy you.

vs. 28. Ever started something and couldn’t finish it? Turn to your neighbor and give a list of 45 things you started! Have you ever started something and didn’t finish it? Diet! Exercise equipment that is in the garage, the attic and you can fill a warehouse with it. A picture of that guy on the front. I’m going to buy that thing. Languages. Which period of time was that in my life? School, projects. Let me tell you every one of us the things I finish. P. Bob said it was the short list. The long list was things I didn’t finish. Jesus said come to me and learn of me. You’ll find yourself finishing because I’m going to do it. I’m going to put it in your heart and my Holy Spirit is going to do it. He’s going to get it done. You mean I’m part of this and we go into the world with the gospel. There are people in the world and we can almost weep thinking about it. They have a church in China,- it’s so awesome to have a church, to have a pastor, to have a Bible. We have churches in these different countries. 72 different countries and more than 600 churches. One group of people with smiles and they love God. They have the Spirit. No more demons. They have freedom. No more lies and false prophets who have not discovered your iniquity. Who have misled you into more medical men and potions and chanting and mantras and gods and idols that did not deliver me. One of our African pastors said he led a man to the Lord and this man was an idol worshipper. He had a bag of idols. He carried them from Burkina Faso to the Ivory Coast. He told people what this idol will do for you and he did that as a seminar for the idols. He was the teacher. He got in the train to go back to Burkina Faso and realized he left his idols in the Ivory Coast and had to go back to get his idols. That’s when he realized these idols are not a blessing. They are a burden. Our God is not a burden. Our God is not a problem. Our God is not wounding us. Our God is a living God. Our God speaks to us way down where others cannot go. Our God fills us with the H.S. and now we are going to build a tower. I will do it by God’s grace. How will I finish it?

vs. 29 that can happen. See buildings half finished with sumac trees growing out of the foundation. Someone ran out of money. The bank foreclosed, the debts weren’t paid and couldn’t finish it off. It’s even embarrassing.

vs. 30-31. How can I do it?

vs. 32-33. He cannot my disciple. This is what he means. If you live in your wound, you can’t have a ministry. You’ll be talking about the wrong thing. Billy Graham was preaching to a million in Korea and gets a call from his mother. I need you to come home right away. If you love me, you’ll come home. His mom was a godly woman but I’m trying to say something. You have to say no to your mother in that case. We have something from God. God has called us to build a tower and have to finish it through God by the doctrines of God, the thoughts of God, the ways of God, the mission of God, the Son of God. This means we have big boy pants on. We are growing and maturing. We have something going on. We had a new brother and he said I heard about this good church. He said someone at work said if you want to go to a good church go to GG. But I’m not going down there. I’m not even going near that place! I came down and I started to joke with the person. There are people that don’t want it. It’s too expensive. It might cost me my life. I might be a world Christian. When I got my cave. You know what that means? Cave is my home. My secure place. My hiding place.

Luther called it the god of the cave, the family, the god of the clan or the tribe; the god of the marketplace, – that’s the mall. Where I’m buy and selling, could be the New York Stock exchange. The god of the theatre. These things are replacing God. If you have found God, it is a fun, awesome life. The Spirit of God is faithful to honor Christ. The Holy Spirit is saying I am with you in this thing. You can go out of the cave into the world and tell others don’t be afraid. God is love. Tell them God loves them and forgives them. You have a new name. God is the answer for your wound. Life is God’s way. God’s way is life not death, not fear but freedom and joy and peace. This is an awesome mission.

If you lose the salt in vs. 34. Light is really stronger than salt. Salt and light are used for us. Light is really strong. Salt is local. If you put salt on meat, it’s local. Light goes far, miles and miles. Millions of miles. We can see the stars. Salt is local. Your presence at work, your presence in life. You might say I’m not a preacher but I’m a godly man or woman and I am present. That’s enough. We are in this world to be present. Present locally with conviction, with our joy, our heart, our smile, our attitude. We also have light and it goes far away. Paul said to the Thessalonians, your church is heard about in the whole region. We used to say in Budapest, the light of the church in Budapest could be seen in Alaska. They knew about our joy and message and Bible college. They heard about it in the Soviet Union, 11 time zones and the same in Baltimore. If we have this quality of life, there aren’t any wounds. There can be but they are healed. Why couldn’t God heal us of our wounds and past and inner anguish that any of us could have? If we lose the salt, how can it be fixed?

The cross is that salt. I’ll take it up and I’ll have the salt again. The cross will bring the salt back in my life. That salt is pungent. There is something about your thinking that has that bite. There is something there you got. You can be local. A guy at work, a taxi driver, a mom at work, but they are salt.

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