We hear a personal word from the Holy Spirit and it changes our lives. Find Love. Lose your life for God’s sake. Give Him your heart. When you have found God, every thing else is just details. (Matthew 10:38-39; 1 Corinthians 13)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11484
7:30 PM on 6/6/2018



P. Schaller

Tonight we have the 8th grade advancement after the message. Tonight I’d like to speak about love. Pastor Love! It’s a good subject, isn’t it, Pastor Love! Great artists in our school, parents, grandparents, young people, artistic ability, athletic ability. In the parking lot, I met the senior class who just came back from Albania and Rome, Italy. They said it was an extraordinary trip. Such a different country. In 1991, there was one traffic light and two cars. I’m exaggerating, but the country has changed. Sometimes poverty does that to people. It makes us humble. I don’t have the power to get a job. It was 80% unemployment when I was there. Guys with black leather jackets waiting to go to Italy to get jobs….sending $100 or $200 back home to parents in Albania. When we have hard times, it’s good to say to be saying to God in our hearts, help me.

Humility is an important part of life, Php 2. We look at God’s humility when he came here as a man and his love.

In Mt. 10, – we’ll move around a little bit before we get settled here. It’s not a long message but heart to heart. This is in my heart.

I have a great quote: “Envy is an unhappy feeling with regard to the good of our neighbor.”

Our neighbor has something good and I have certain feelings about that. When I see they have something I don’t have, I can say in my heart, I wish I had it. I wish I had what they have and even more maybe. I wish they would lose what they got because I am envious. When someone succeeds – do you remember in high school when the valedictorian was awarded their award and you were to clap, and you clapped like this (very little) or with enthusiasm? Amazing when God is with us and we have love in our hearts. We are happy for other people. We are happy for their prosperity, blessing, and progress. We are happy they are healthy and their children are okay. We are happy they have a future. We are not envious but we have AGAPE love. God is love.

P. Ray, I asked him, he reaches the homeless in the woods with a great team of people and has done a great job. Did it ever happen one of these people say you have blankets? You got to give me one. You’re from the church and they gave the blankets out and you’re supposed to give me one. Some of that food in your van is mine. Give me what you owe me. What does he say? Here. This is yours. God loves you.

We are not in this world to correct people of their envying and jealousies and insecurities and fears. We are in this world to know God and when we know God, we are able to love like God. The message is over! You’re happy because it’s short!

Listen, few more things to say about it. “Envy is an unhappy feeling with regard to the good of our neighbor. A desire that he should be stripped of it and we put in possession of it.” He should be stripped of that and I should get it. “And if that does not place, then I have a grudge.” I forgot to copy the second page. I have it in my mind.

Vaunting myself in 1 Cor 13, Vaunteth not itself. This is when you do have something your neighbor doesn’t have. You do have a car and your neighbor doesn’t and you vaunt yourself. It’s like jealousy in reverse. They have a car and you don’t. Vaunting I have one and they don’t have one. This is all childish to us because we found the Holy Spirit as a new way of life. We don’t think like this anymore. We find the Holy Spirit filling us and satisfying us. We are able to love and we enjoy the prosperity and blessing of other people. We have found the very source of life.

Mt 10, he that takes not his cross and follows after me is not worthy of me. I don’t believe that means salvation. He has this nature and we have a different one and we are in the same room. We don’t really meet each other. God is of this nature, love and I’m in the same room as God. We’re not talking. I don’t have the same spirit or mind. I’m not worthy of his company. I’m harboring these jealousies and fears and insecurities as a way of life. I’d like to say very simply if you or I are living in this kind of immaturity we have a great blessing because we have God that lives in us. I can have fellowship with God and the nature of God delivers me from the foolishness of human living.

vs. 39. He that finds his life shall lose it. It’s a tragic thing to lose my life but I lose it every day naturally speaking. One more day gone, one more follicle of hair gone, one more bit of energy is gone. Every day people are losing their life. They that have found love. Love is kind. Big word. How kind God is to let us be here. How kind God is to allow us to live so many years and days without disturbance. Trouble is from our own selves, demons, the fall of man, not from God. God is a good God and loving and patient. In him is light and no darkness. God is love and love is kind. Kind. Kind in spirit, quiet in spirit, sensitive. If God walked in a room with someone suffering he can identify and does so with a lot of kindness. Very patient and not in a hurry. Jesus didn’t run anywhere. He walked and rode a donkey. Love is not proud. Self-centered. The ME world. Me. My life. My ways. My ideas, my opinions, my feelings, my entitlement. I desire. What I desire. Give me the blanket. You came out here in the woods, give me my blanket. Love. God is not proud or self- seeking but he is very powerful. He is very humble and caring. He is very broken. A Christian who has found Christ has found Christ through brokenness by the cross.

I was reading in Amos this piece about partying and the Jewish people in the time of Amos and I have a translation: from Amos 6 he says to them woe to those who live in luxury and expect everyone else to serve them. vs. 3-5 different translation but I want to use it to make the point. Woe to those who live only for the day indifferent to the fate of others. Woe to the playgirls and playboys who think life is a party just for them. Woe to those addicted to feeling good, life without pain. Woe unto them. That wouldn’t go down very well today. Those obsessed with looking good, life without wrinkles. They could not care less about their country going to ruin. He is speaking about the Jews in Israel. You run about doing anything you please. You’ll have sorrow. Chapter 8 he said there is a famine and this got me so moved today. A famine of the word of God. I got to be honest with you. I would be like anyone else in this world. We’d all be following and seeking and searching our way. I heard a personal word from the Holy Spirit that changed my life. I heard a word way up in Maine and I started to listen to God. I decided – I was thinking in the days of hippies I could go to Montana and hitch hike to California or be on a farm and different ideas I had. I want to live my life. This is what I said. Then I found love. Love. That’s what I needed. I didn’t need California. I needed love. God’s love. Not hippie love, human love. I needed the H.S. to love me. I needed the Spirit of God to come into my heart and satisfy me. We were in Maine and it was a different kind of state where I was from. A different way but it didn’t matter to me because I found love. These people loved. These people were after God.

Take up the cross, lose your life vs 39. If he loses his life for my sake. Not for your sake. For his sake. Not for your marriage sake but for his sake. You lose your life for his sake. If we lose our life for God’s sake. God wants our heart. If we give him our heart, he’ll give us his life. If we have his life, we have the H.S. filling us with his love. Then everything is different. Life is different.

I remember walking in Maine in those days. It was in New York also. When I first started to believe in God, I thought, I believe in God! I believe in God! I’m hitch hiking by myself, no church or anything. I believe in God! I was so happy about it. I believe in God! That means everything now. I believe in God! God is real; God hears prayers. God satisfied my heart. God is the issue, the ultimate target, the relationship. God is life. Love. God is love. God is love. We were in South Berwick and went to Finland and the ministry went to Lenox. God is love. What about Lenox? All I know is God is with us and God is love. 800 families moved down here with our guinea pigs in the back seat! Some didn’t make the trip! 800 families and we were in Baltimore. It didn’t matter. We had found God.

All the other things are details. We enjoy God and we are thankful. Love is not proud, not rude, not easily provoked. P. Ray, give me a blanket. Yeah, you are the guy from the church. Give me a blanket and two sandwiches and toothbrushes. To some people you are provoking me. Sure. How many do you need? Three sandwiches. Here’s an extra blanket. Pass it to your neighbor. God is easy to be with. God is the answer for my life. God settles me down in my spirit. God fills me and satisfies me with a meaningful life. When we have love in our hearts, we are able to love others. The nature of God is manifested and we end up with the benefits of love. Love is not self-seeking, not easily angered. If you have any of these happening as a habit or way of life, I’m happy you are here to say God loves you. We love you. You have a future. Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit. Humble yourself before him. Help you through your troubles. Edify you and build you up in Christ. There is no answer out there. We will not find what we are looking for to satisfy us in the creation. No ocean beautiful enough. No star gazing can satisfy you eternally. No human being can meet your need ultimately as a person. You are made for God. Love suffers long. Love rejoices with truth. Thinks no evil. Bears all things. Someone says you have to be realistic. This is it. This is it. It’s amazing. This is in our lives now.

Yes, we have a sin nature. We recognize I’m envious of my neighbor, vaunting myself in public, promoting myself because I’m looking for love. God is saying humble yourself under my mighty hand. Let me touch you. This is not about Greater Grace or Christianity in some narrow view. It’s not about coming to this church or bondage or hang-up in a religious way. Heart to heart, God is real and loves you and we are made for that love. When you have that love in your heart and spirit, it changes your life. You are so thankful. I have found Jesus Christ in a very real way, in a personal way. Love doesn’t envy, boast, behave rudely, or keep a records of wrongs. If you ask me of some people in our church, I don’t want to remember them in any other way. They are a child of God. The blessing of God is in their life and may God bless them more. I wish the best on everyone. Every morning when the sun comes up, God says I love every one of you. I give you food and sunshine and air. I am a God of love and mercy. If you will not seek me, you will not find me. If you don’t want me, you can live life without me. If you die without me, that’s your free will. Your expectation will perish when you dream. Your hopes and dreams will never be satisfied. No more memory of you forever. You are lost and there’s nothing I can do about it. I gave you my Son Jesus Christ as Messiah to believe in him. The way is easy and it is yours. Believe me and trust me.


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