Love righteousness and walk in the light. We are under preparation for what’s to come. Let’s learn to live devotionally in a walk of Faith. (Daniel 12)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11482
11:00 AM on 6/3/2018



P. Schaller

Two parts to our message. I want to teach something maybe you haven’t heard much about it though it is written clearly here. I have a quotation to read. End Times. Many of you know we have been touching on the End Times in our teaching on Sunday morning. God is moving and working in the world. We are in an interesting time in history. We taught about the Rapture. First Christ came as a servant. This is 2018 and one day we will be raptured. Turn to your neighbor and tell them what the Rapture is. What is it? Going home. Being out of here. Believers disappearing. Vanishing. How long does it take? Twinkling of an eye. We’ll be gone.

1 Thes. 4:16-18, it’s written clearly, 1 Cor 15:51. The world will then be without the number of believers that are leaving. What marks a believer? His hair cut? Jewelry, cross, tattoo, behaviors? It may be yes but the fundamental element that marks the believer is he has the Holy Spirit.

When you have the H.S. and believe in Christ, you are sealed with the H.S. in Eph 1:13. The Holy Spirit has anointed you. You are given a new heart and spirit, the New Covenant. We had communion and ate the bread and drank the blood and it is a picture of what a believer is believing. When Jesus died on the cross, it was for me. When he shed his blood, – that was for me. We believe in Christ and the Holy Spirit dwells in us. When we walk with God, the Holy Spirit fills us.

The filling of the Spirit is what makes our life different, Eph 5:18. We are not drunk with wine but filled with the Spirit.

We may quench the Spirit in 1 Thes. 5:19 by my attitude. You get up in the morning and your wife says, good morning! You go, what is good about today? Leave me alone. My attitude is quenching the Spirit.

When I say things that are not edifying, I am grieving the Spirit. Crying, the H.S. is saddened by my words that are destructive, Eph 4:29-30. If I’m not quenching or grieving, I’m living in the light and walking by faith and he is filling me with the Spirit. We said if I have a new suit on and in a room of light and walk in the room, I’m in the light. I see a spot on my sleeve and say there’s a spot on my sleeve and then it’s gone.

If I confess, I confess any sin I know of in my life and he’s faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness, 1 Jn. 1:7-9. We walk in the light. If I’m in the light and have a spot and say no spot, I’m lying. I’m walking in a lie and sinning and in darkness. It deceives me. If I don’t admit my sin, also weakness, personal problems, troubles, am I walking in the light with God? No. Be very transparent and honest with God. You may lie to your wife, your friends, yourself but not with God. He’s our best friend. He knows everything all the time. He will take care of us, forgiving of everything and cleansing of all unrighteousness. This is how we live. I’m sure the pastors when they are under pressure in their personal lives and a house wife and mother and teen – we all have things we are afraid of or ashamed of or have difficulties with but it’s beautiful if I can bring it before God.

Ps 139:23-24, search me Oh God and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Walking in the light of the local assembly. The Rapture has not happened. We are looking at the technology and communications and politics and the New Age movement and the falling away of believers from the apostolic faith as prophesied by Paul, seducing spirits, doctrines of devils, confusion, ideas propagated by the internet, a departure from God. Jesus comes back secretly. He meets us in the air. Parousia, the coming of Christ. Not that every eye sees him. We will see him because we will meet him in the air, – the air below the mountain level and the air above the mountain level. Above mountains and below. Greek word is for air below the mountains. He comes close to the earth and he meets us. We are gathered there and he takes us to heaven. Then the Bema and Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This introduces a period of time that you can imagine if you have been living the last 20 or 10 years on earth. You see how powerful the communications are, how powerful the news networks, how powerful the governments. They can with words influence a whole population as we have seen throughout history.

We are gone and the devil increases, 2 Thes. 2. There is a restraining power on the earth by us and the Holy Spirit and prayers we pray. Our presence on the earth. We can see God at work promoting humility, truth, good works, compassion, and kindness that happens from Spirit-filled people living in the world. When we are gone, our prayers are gone, too. There is a kind of prayer prayed in heaven. There are believers in heaven watching and they are sensitive to what is happening on the earth. Are you sensitive to what is happening on the earth globally? Some may say yes and some say I don’t care. In heaven there is a lot of care for what is happening on earth. We see evil increase in this period called the Tribulation period. It’s divided in half. Three and a half years is a period when the Jewish nation – it hinges on the Jews. If you have any awareness of Israelogy, it is a great study in theology. Israel. The history, the history of Israel in our Bible. The Bible is filled with it. All about it. Israel is primary, very important. In the Tribulation period, evil is vented against the Jewish people. It intensifies in the second 3.5 years.

This is in Da 12:7. There are many elements to the Tribulation period. The point I want to bring out is this 7-year period of trouble intensifies in the second half. Time, times, and a half time refers to 1,260 days.

Then it goes in vs. 8. The end of the Jews being pursued and murdered.

Satan, the Dragon, comes down with wrath in Rev. 12 and attacks Israel. 144,000 Jewish preachers preaching in the world. That’s exciting when people are preaching the gospel in troubled times. The Prophet is saying when will these things end? He’s referring to the end of the Tribulation period.

vs. 9-11. There are 30 more days, 1,290 days.

vs. 12-13. 1,335 days. This is a 75-day difference between the end of the Tribulation and the temple cleansed or destroyed. The abomination of desolation is taken care of and removed and things are put in order. Jesus is coming as the king at the end of the Tribulation and takes 75 days for him to set up what is coming, the millennium reign. It’s 1,000 years of peace on earth.

I have a piece that explains a commentary by a man named John Philipps: “No light is shed on the extra two and a half months that follow. It might be that 30 days will be necessary for completing the mopping up operations against the vast armies that had been deployed by both the east and the west at Megiddo and for bringing an end to all further hostilities worldwide. Also the land of Israel will need to be cleansed of the dead. The temple defiled by the Antichrist will probably be demolished before true worship can be established. Maybe all of these activities will take up the first month.

Then too we learn from other Scriptures the Lord intends to set up his throne in the Valley of Jehoshaphat near Gethsemane and to judge the nations in accordance with the criteria of Mt. 25. Probably it will take the extra month and a half to gather the surviving people of the world from earth’s remotest bounds…to accomplish this. The sheep will be separated from the goats. Swift doom will overtake those who sided with the Antichrist who wore his mark and who cooperated with his anti-Semitic laws. The remnant of the Jews in the redeemed from among the Gentiles will go on into the millennial kingdom, nucleus of the new kingdom. In any case God pronounces them blessed.

The word as usual is plural. It can be rendered in Psalm 1:1. The millennial kingdom will be worth waiting for.” I’ve just been thinking about this and it caught my interest. It’s like when we have a presidential election in the United States, he’s voted in in November and then he’s inaugurated in January. In those few month’s he’s putting his government and cabinet together and getting things set up for when he takes his office. I don’t think Jesus needs the time in one sense because he is God. On the other hand so much confusion and destruction it takes that time to cleanse it and remove the desolation, to clean it up and bring in his millennial reign. I believe we are being prepared for usefulness. God has a relationship with every one of you. God has sent his Spirit into your heart crying, Abba, Father. In your heart you are open to consider these things. We will go to heaven and by the way I want to preach on 7 things on earth that will not be in heaven like tears and the sorrow and pain and death and sin will not be there. 14 things will be there not here on the earth. That’s in the future. Think that heaven is a place and our sisters and brothers are there and fully aware, fully meaning they are spiritually very intelligent.

They are in heaven with God with the mind of Christ and observing the earth, Heb 12 and aware of evil. If you have a can of coke a cola outside in the summer, what is attracted to that can? Bees or hornets or wasps. If you take hamburger and put it on the back patio, raw hamburger? Flies. How do these insects know what is going on? Like demons know what is going on. The first one that recognized Christ was the devil. He knows Christ. He can recognize this. If you are a Spirit- filled person, he is able to recognize you have power with God. When you are living in faith, the spirits recognize it. Even more we are in heaven with glorified bodies and we are aware of what is happening. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. That’s why. We want the kingdom on the earth as it is in heaven. When Lord? The murdered Christians in heaven. The Voice of the Martyrs says 400 Christians a day are murdered for their faith around the world. A lot of martyrs. A lot of people pay a high price for believing in Muslim countries and other places and are mistreated. They are in a body in heaven and saying a prayer. They are saying, how long Lord? They have a time mind, time conscious. When Lord, when? What are they looking for? Righteousness on the earth. How much dishonesty is on the earth? How many tyrants reigning and ruling? How much pain produced by people, intolerance and persecution and evil activity. Even they know this. They want results. We are on the earth and we don’t care about it. That’s the way it is. Lying and cheating and even I’m part of it. No you can’t do that. You are made for something more noble. You are made for the kingdom and God and his ways. His ways are not our ways. We are made for the earth. We open this book and the Spirit is our teacher. We are looking for a better world.

Abraham looked for a city whose builder and maker is God in Heb. 11:15. Jesus said fear not; it’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. When Lord? Now I want you to have the kingdom of God in your heart and in your spirit and mind. There is a day coming. I’m going to use you. There be a man who had five talents and was held accountable for what he did with what he had. I did this and that and I invested it. God says, well done. Be a ruler over ten cities. Where? On the earth. When? In the millennium. There is a kingdom coming. We are going to be here with Christ in the coming kingdom. This is for sure. A servant when he came the first time, then he comes again as a king. Life will be a lot better. If you make it from the Tribulation period, – not you because we are raptured, – but people on earth who survive and enter in and go through all the 75 days, blessed are you if you make it to the 1,335 days. 75 days after the end as he comes back and you go through the sheep and goat judgments. He raises up the Old Testament saints. Their bodies are raised and on the earth in the millennium and the Tribulation saints that died in the Tribulation period will be here with glorified bodies and earthly people that survive this catastrophe of war. They enter into the Millennium in mortal bodies and the prophets said you are a blessed man. You make it into the Millennial where there is no more war and no famine and disease. It isn’t like it used to be and there is peace on earth.

The lion and lamb lie down together in Is. 11 and there will be justice and prosperity and peace and long life, hundreds of years. If you die at 100, those people who survive and repopulate during this time, their longevity of life is hundreds of years as was before the flood. This sounds incredible. It should. Life is incredible. The incredible nature of the natural world. A sperm cell and an egg reproducing millions of times to produce a human being. This world is crazy. Why wouldn’t God have something for us and tell us about it? Why wouldn’t God tell us about a coming kingdom? Why wouldn’t he tell us about the days we are living in today? This is incredible but if you go look for an alternative you have in the scientific world there is no God or if there is a God, not a personal God and not talking to us. “I believe in the force.” It doesn’t make sense to me we would have a God who is not an intelligent, communicating God. When Jesus came, we see he is a communicator and is loving and personal and touches us and affects our lives. It’s exciting. The kingdom of God is coming. Let’s say a few things in closing. What is going on in heaven with our sisters and brothers?

They are like spectators watching us in Heb 12. We are running a race. They are not in an evil world. They are in heaven. They don’t have a sin nature. We do. There is a lot of deception. We are blinded by our pride and unbelief and ignorance. Living the life without a personal God. We are born again and part of the family. We are able to be taught. Teach us your ways God. Not our ways. Last week we said instead of subjective thoughts rooted in myself I want to know objective truth. It helps me be healthy in a subjective way. Truth is releasing me and I’m experiencing the joy. We are liberated in the anointing of God, the Spirit of God. We are free. We are worshippers of God. Believers die and leave their body and are in a body in heaven. We know because they are talking and speaking out. God has an audience of believers in heaven and can talk to them. How long before our blood is avenged? Martyred for the faith, but how long? They are interested in what is going on in earth.

They are connected with it because they are anticipating the coming of Christ on the earth, the kingdom coming on earth and evil put away, Ps 101. I won’t have anything unclean before my eyes. I hate lies. So even more so without the sin nature we long for righteousness to come on the earth. We are longing for it too. If you have been taken advantage of, lied to, cheated or betrayed, we long for righteousness. It is delayed justice. Jesus is crucified but three days later. You may be mistreated but you need to be patient and let God deal with it. You can go to civil court and a judge may rule in your favor but may not. Maybe you get justice or postponed justice or ultimate justice. We are wired for this because we are like God. He is not a liar. We have a spirit of truth in us. When we live in the light and have fellowship, we are edified. The edification of God in our midst where we are built up and encouraged. We are with the righteous ones, God’s people. Imparted righteousness, the Spirit of righteousness, God’s Spirit.

In closing, we are being prepared. If you love righteousness, you will be anointed with fresh oil. That fresh anointing will make you love righteousness and be hungry for it. We live here in a wicked world. When I sin and fail in that and live in my unbelief, I walk in the light. See the spot on my coat and admit it and he cleanses me by his blood and I walk in the light. We are being prepared to reign with him in the millennial reign. We are expecting a good Bema judgment and God’s word to lead us in a life of faith.

Have a devotional life and live by faith in God. Learn to praise God and be thankful in everything. God will use you in the Body of Christ. We have a walk of faith and there is nothing God will withhold from those who walk uprightly.


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